Harley Greens Hypnotized

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We meet Harley and learn that she’s never been hypnotized before, and aside from watching a few videos, has never seen anything relating to hypnosis. I explain to her a little bit about what we are here to do and how we are going to proceed. We establish that she’s in a good physical and mental place to begin.

We begin the trance process with eye fixation and progressive relaxation. She enters in to a hypnotic state easily. She relaxes in my arms, her lips opening in an expression of passive, captivated focus. Her breasts gently rise and fall as I guide her breathing, deepening her state of trance and relaxation.

I take her through the balloon test. I observe that her imagination is deep inside her mind and theres a distance between that imagination and her body. Although she is very colorful and painted, her imagination and her feelings are introverted. She’s passive and relaxed, so I engage her kinesthetically. We build the bridge between her imagination and feelings and her outer body and sensations. Sometimes women who feel things very strongly create this separation based upon a belief that they need to tone down their outward expression. In hypnosis we can tap in to this and reestablish this connection, while influencing it.

I have her count backwards to go deeper and ask her to do it out loud. She’s silent, but counting. It’s entirely possible that she is so relaxed that she might think that she’s counting out loud but it’s not making it outside of her internal mind and world. I interrupt her counting and ask her questions, and it confirms my speculation that she is counting. I give her additional suggestions to continue to draw her out a little and start to mix in suggestions of pleasure. I ask her how long it’s been since her last orgasm, and she reveals that it’s been a while. I begin to suspect that there’s may be pent up desire waiting to be released.

I gently probe her imagination and her erotic responses via hypnosis. I move things slowly and gently, but deliberately in to her pleasure. When we do the first orgasm via hypnosis, she is very relaxed, like a tension has been lifted and released. She melts in to it and we have a connection deep inside of her. I ask her if she can feel it, and she dreamily nods her head with a blissful expression on her lips. I ask her if she likes it, and she nods again the same way.

I begin to train her to express the pleasure that she’s feeling. I work on our kinesthetic connection, drawing awareness to where my hand touches her body. I suggest that when I remove my hand, she misses it a little bit, and when she feels it again that it will trigger a strong erotic response. She accepts the suggestion and responds well to it. This pleases me, as I also enjoy a kinesthetic experience with my hypnosis. With this connection established, I embellish it a little. This draws more of a response out of her, and I ask her if she’s okay with it. Her body language and her nod in the affirmative signals to me that I am correctly interpreting her.

I test this kinesthetic trigger, and her response to it is unmistakable pleasure. I gently question her about her enjoyment of what she is experiencing. While a nod and visible and measurable signs of pleasure and enjoyment are encouraging, we need a spoken affirmation of her enjoyment and endorsement of what we are doing. Her voice is tiny, barely a whisper, but there is such intensity in it. She appears to be strongly affected. It is clear that she enjoys physical interaction, and sensing her quietness and her fragility and the intensity that is deep inside her, I ask her if there’s anywhere that’s off limits. Awash in pleasure she hesitates, and I can tell that she can answer in many ways and isn’t sure which way to answer. There can be many reasons for this, and I don’t know what they are, so I continue to gently explore her.

There is now uncertainty. We have an understanding that we are in an erotic context, but we do not know the limitations of that context, and direct questioning doesn’t yield a clear answer. In a normal social encounter, you would stop until such time you were given a clear answer. However, we are already in a structured erotic context. We have now reached the point where a decision will need to be made that will determine the limits of the exploration. This moment is crucial and must be handled with absolute care.

The subject is willing and has consented to having an experience that involves her going through the hypnotic process, in an erotic context. Although this was explained and made clear, until one has experienced it for themselves, it is a mystery as to how it will be. In many ways this sense of virginity seems like physical virginity and parallels it. However, since there is no prior experience with the concept of erotic hypnosis virginity (nor is there any previous conditioning relating to it), it is for her unexplored territory with no preconceptions, a blank slate. Of course in the way that it doesn’t resemble physical virginity is the fact that there is an already established adult woman who already has a sexual history, both physically and in her own internal fantasy world. When I say that my style of erotic hypnosis is an exploration, this is one of the things that I am exploring.

Since she has responded favorably, and has confirmed enjoyment of physical triggers, I propose an experiment to see if she can be okay with physical triggers and interactions involving her breasts. We have a build up and several steps to see if there’s any warnings that this might not be well received. Then I suggest to her that under the right circumstances women can be orgasmic from breast stimulation alone, even while fully clothed. She is curious about whether this is possible, and consents to the experiment and I proceed.

In preparation for the experiment, I perform the kinesthetic trigger in a neutral place, and then move to slightly less neutral places. She continues to respond favorably. I then place my hand on her left breast and she very noticeably experiences physical pleasure. She’s lost in the moment, but I engage her consciousness to ask her how she feels in the moment. She has difficulty articulating it, she says her mind is blank. I ask her if she enjoys the sensation, and she gives a very clear affirmation of yes in both word and body language. We now have a clear connection to her erotic pleasure, and a sense of what degree of physical interaction is required to engage her in an erotic context. Sexually, she is involved in a relationship in her personal life. However, she’s willing to explore erotic hypnosis phenomena. I now have a clear sense of context as to how I can explore her and how I can exhibit her through the variety of erotic hypnosis phenomena that I know. Additionally, I’ve slowed down and clarified the process, giving her time to adjust in the moment and to be able to know for herself that she’s okay. Everything settles in to an equilibrium now as we have passed the critical point and we now have the beginning of a structure to add the hypnotic effects. I ask for her permission to have this power over her and she consents.

I now have a connection to her secret sensual nature. I now have a reasonable idea of how I can play with her in an erotic hypnosis context that meets my three conditions for a professional session: the subject enjoys it both in the moment and after the fact, I enjoy it and the viewers enjoy it. I breathe a sigh of relief because now I can just relax and have fun.

It’s time to suggest something a little open ended to see if it will trigger a response. I suggest that she’s dancing to a little bit of music. I wait to see if this triggers movement, but it does not. I suspect the suggestion lacks sufficient directness to trigger a response, or perhaps she’s imagining it in her mind.

Since subtle and open ended did not achieve a result, I select a more structured command. I train her to stand at attention. It is specific and she responds well to it. Now I know the best structure and tone to use with her. She enjoys being told what to do with certainty, and she wants a break from her responsibilities. She wants to enjoy a fantasy. I provide this to her and ask her if she’s okay with it, and she is.

Aroused and hypnotized, still wearing all her clothes, I train her to cum on command. She responds well to it. Then I suggest that she’s being tickled and she starts giggling. I mix it with the arousal and the pleasure and a physical squeeze of the breast. It’s all very real to her and we have access to her submissive sexual nature.

I suggest to her that she’s getting ready to take a shower and that it would be silly to wear her clothes in the shower because then they would get wet. She slowly takes off her clothes, and I interrupt her, triggering pleasure, easing her in to her nudity.

When she’s topless before me I use her attention trigger. Her body language shows that she’s receptive to me and focused on my voice, I amplify the pleasure that she feel from obeying the command. I notice that her nipples immediately perk up on my command. I build anticipation and then localize her orgasm in her nipple as I cup her right breast. As she’s trying to take off her panties, I surprise her with pleasure and she gets excited.

Naked and horny and hypnotized I ask her how she feels, and she answers that she feels “very deliciously good.” We confirm that she’s comfortable with what I’m doing with her and she dreamily does so. Now she’s naked and in a dream like state. I suggest that she’s in the shower. As a little prank I suggest that the water is cold, cold, cold, cold, and she flinches in surprise. We recover from the harmless prank and I have her sensually touch herself in the shower. She’s a little vague with it, so I take control of her hands and suggest that they are going to get more aggressive. From how she’s touching herself I can see that she’s very shy and gentle with her body. This helps me to further understand her.

I change the flow of the fantasy, and we touch back to an earlier discussion that we had socially before the session. She had mentioned that she really enjoyed anime (Japanese Animation). Since I share this interest with her, I use this to shape her fantasy. I suggest to her that she’s a helpless girl in the shower and there’s tentacles slowly moving up her legs. This engages her fantasies and now we have a direct connection in to the content of her personal sexuality. I use hypnotic imagery and sensory hallucinations to take her through a scene where she is living an anime girl’s dream, an erotic hypnosis hentai tentacle sex fantasy.

She responds very well to this, and we amplify the pleasure that she’s feeling. It’s very intense and she’s literally thrashing and panting and moaning through the experience. I bring her in to a normal state of consciousness for a moment and she’s giggling the entire time.

I trigger her orgasm in her conscious state of mind for the first time.

I take her lightly back in to the trance state and have her embrace me as she would a lover. I trigger her pleasure as she looks in to my eyes. I take her through a sensual and erotic rollercoaster of feelings and then have her stand at attention in an excited and lucid state. She looks beautiful and happy and thrilled.

I can see that she’s in an open and receptive state and is able to appreciate and enjoy a compliment. I immediately give her a complement, because she is in fact a very lovely and beautiful woman in the midst of erotic passion, a state that I find women to be at their most beautiful. In this moment we appreciate and enjoy each other’s presence.

I mention to her that I noticed that she’s got a vivid imagination. Normally I don’t do things involving imagination when filming my videos because you can’t directly observe imaginations. I like to show phenomena that has clearly measurable effects. However, her responses to her imagination are very pronounced, so in this case we can observe and enjoy them.

Now I’m engaging her imagination hypnotically while she’s in a conscious state, I continue her hentai fantasy in a form of waking hypnosis. I create a climax trigger.

I consider my next step for a moment, and realize that she’s a delightful person having a good time, so I bring her to her conscious state and interact with her as her normal self.

I get an idea and have her stand at attention before me. Then I have her stand on one leg. I trigger her orgasm, and she’s unable to support herself. I brace her and keep her from falling, but the effect is very strong. She looks very beautiful and I tell her so. I then add that compliment in to the orgasm.

I have her march in place before triggering an orgasm, then I have her do jumping jacks before triggering an orgasm. She’s wild and all over the place as this happens. I trigger pleasure and in the midst of it, flirt with her a little. She melts in my arms awash in orgasmic pleasure.

I give her a command that causes her to spank herself, and when she spanks herself she cums. She seems to enjoy hearing that command. Things get a little fun and crazy with some spanking and orgasms.

I relax her and give her some positive suggestions, and then take her back in to pleasure.

I suggest that when I tap her nipples, she will feel pleasure and bark like a dog. We play with her nipples and her breasts a little bit. While we are doing this, I share with her my interest in women’s breasts, and how I feel about it. She’s having a good time and feels good. And we find a compatibility in the sense that I enjoy her breasts and she enjoys pleasure at the stimulation of her breasts.

She’s starting to get relaxed and loose, and it’s time to start winding down the session. So I give her a silly little tickle butt and she giggles and squirms a bit. She’s leaning against me, arms stretched wide, feels like she’s being tickled, off balance, and completely vulnerable, and I trigger another orgasm. She squeals in delight. I again suggest that she’s having sex and I give her suggestions that she enjoys it. Now she’s in the flow and she’s very enthusiastic and having a good time.

We have reached a climax and she is all smiles and giggles. I have her stand at attention and bring out my pocket watch, relaxing her backing to the trance. I relax her and calm her down. I have her look at my lips, wanting to kiss them. I tease her and have her lean in, but instead I trigger an orgasm and wake her up. I thank her for her generosity and we kiss each other on the cheeks. A surprise climax, and then my photographer asks me to use her spank command one more time so that we can capture it with a high speed camera. I reward her with more pleasure as the encore and thank her for coming out to see me. [ end of session ]

"Thanks for making all these great videos. Among your recent sessions, I like Harley's most. I find it really easy for me as viewer to connect to her emotions."

"I enjoyed Harley Hypnotized a lot. It was quite fascinating to watch the process, as well as being a fun and sexy thing to watch in general."