Harley Greens Hypnotized 2

53 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2015-09-23

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I meet with Harley for a second session. Having learned that she is a reserved girl with a secret passion and an introvert’s rich sense of fantasy, I am prepared to explore that aspect of her in our second session. We begin the process of placing her in to the trance state while she is in a seated position. I lift her hand and have her focus her eyes ion it. While doing so, I notice the details of her nail polish and makeup.

We go through a nice and slow progressive relaxation exercise, easing away all the stresses and tensions. Letting go. Knowing her preferences, I introduce the idea in to her mind of thinking of me as Sensei. In a dreamy voice I have her response to me, “hai sensei.” I give her suggestions that connect us deeper, and then I ask her when the last time she had an orgasm was. She smiles and says that it was the last time she saw me.

I begin to trigger and stimulate her pleasure. I ask her a few questions relating to her previous experience with me. However, this time I decide to temporarily block the orgasm release in order to stimulate her arousal to a greater degree than she normally experiences. I tease her a bit and increase her arousal. I ask her if there is a word in her mind that she’s linked with me. She says that it’s Master.

I continue to stimulate her fantasies and imagination, while reinforcing the hypnotic connection between us. I continue the progressive relaxation exercise with her, sprinkling in pleasure now and again. I continue letting her hand over control to me, as I turn her on and relax her.

I continue to explore her responses to suggestion. It appears indirect suggestion has less of an effect on her, but she is highly responsive to direct suggestion. I give her a command to spread her legs wide on command, and they obeys.

I continue to increase her pleasure and arousal through suggestion, and I bring her back in to her hentai tentacle fantasy.

I continue to stimulate her arousal and her sexual feelings, then I introduce her to the idea that she is a college student in front of the classroom, being exposed for all to see. Using hypnotic suggestion and imagery I suggest to her that it’s the first day of class and she’s been hypnotized and made to be all horny in front of the class.

She wants to be a good girl for sensei, and I tell her that we are going to do an experiment to see how quickly she can take off her skirt. She has to do her best, and when I give her the command she take off her skirt very quickly.

I continue to build her in to the fantasy of being spread open and placed on display in front of the whole class. I then have her begin to trace her fingers along her thighs. The shy girl is now placed on display with her legs spread open wide and everyone is watching her trying to pleasure herself through her panties. I keep increasing the intensity until she’s begging for the release of the pleasure. She’s so quiet and soft spoken, but I draw it out of her.

I bring her in to a frenzy, and she rips off her panties as fast as she can, and then enthusiastically pleasures herself, while maintaining the fantasy of being in front of the whole class and under control. She responds to this and it excites her. I have her forget that I blocked her orgasm, so that she’ll try as hard as she can to have one, even though she can’t. This affects her strongly, and then I relax her.

At the snap my fingers she sits in the chair, prim and proper half naked, fantasizing that she’s in front of the class with everyone looking at her. I ask her if she likes vibrators, and she says that she does. I weave a fantasy around the vibrator and give it to her to use it on herself.

I play a game with her using a vibrator, and she has to sing the alphabet song, but she has a hard time completing it as I through a few hypnotic monkey wrenches in to the works. It’s very amusing to see her responses as the mechanisms of hypnosis and the vibrator take her to the limits of what her mind and her body can handle. Then I make the vibrator ticklish.

I take a moment to place her back in to the trance state, and to restore her naked in front of the class fantasy. However, now she’s in trouble and we have to punish her. She bends over the chair and spreads her legs, and we can see her exposed. I ask her how she feels and she says that she feels humiliated, but she enjoys the sensation. I tease her and stimulate her pleasure and trigger orgasms.

I attempt doing some hypno-spanking with her, but she is very literal, and since I’m not actually spanking her, she doesn’t interpret the command. So I adjust the suggestions that I give to her, and we enjoy the view of her ass and her pussy from behind.

I use her spank command from the last session and have her spank herself, and then trigger orgasms and we can watch all the muscles between her legs twitch and respond to my command. Then I suggest that she’s being tickled, and we see the affect that has on her.

She is sitting on the chair with her hands behind her head and her legs spread wide. I place a slave collar on her and this amplifies the effects of her trance. I have her orgasm like a slave. She keeps her sounds in, but I explain to her that since I am her Master, her sounds belong to me and I want to hear them, and she gets loud.

I bring her in to a state like her normal waking state and play with her triggers in that context. At one point the orgasms become so intense that I have to remind her to breathe so that she can keep feeling them. Then I explore changing the speed of her orgasms.