Jamie Hypnotized

60 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2007-12-27

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Clip One – ( 4:18 ) 12/15/2007
I begin the session with Jamie, by discussing her past exposure to hypnosis. I then lead in to the induction, doing a somewhat physical rapid induction. I then lead in to the idea that my voice causes her to feel pleasure, and that being hypnotized by me is a turn on. I then give her the suggestion that her arm is a lever that increases her pleasure, and I lift it above her head and watch her respond. Since she was so responsive in the session I did with her over the telephone, before deciding to travel out to see her, I moved very quickly to a triggered orgasm response. I then suggest that any time she hears me say the word pleasure, that it’s a magical word that causes her to tingle everywhere.

Clip Two – ( 2:31 ) 12/16/2007
Much to my chagrin, I noticed after we had already begun the process, that her heater was on and making a lot of noise. It reminded me of filming conditions in my friend’s bondage dungeon in Montreal during the cold winter months, and how that wouldn’t be good for the audio track. So I have her turn it off. I watch her then cary out the task without a single word in the trance state. I reward her with pleasure. I then have her describe how she feels. After she answers, I intensify the feelings. In the midst of pleasure, I drop down in to a deep trance state, and reinforce some ideas, and then I have her count backwards, going even deeper. As she counts, I suggest that she forgets her numbers.

Clip Three – ( 3:40 ) 12/17/2007
I suggest that she feels a tongue licking her pussy, and then I send her on a mission to find it. As she looks for it, I trigger and orgasm, and then freeze her in to place. I then trigger an orgasm while she is frozen in to place and can’t move. Then I ask her a few questions, before triggering more pleasure. I give her a suggestion that causes her to feel pleasure at my touch, before posing her some more.

Clip Four – ( 4:36 ) 12/18/2007
I give her some suggestions that cause her to respond very favorably to my words. I then give her a suggestion that my use of the word hypnosis will cause her to feel turned on and instill her with a desire to have me notice her. However, I neglect to tell her that she will act like she’s awake, so I see little outward expression from her as she answers all my questions. I then have her embrace me, and she does, although it feels a bit robotic. I then give her suggestions designed to instill a stronger connection.

Clip Five – ( 3:13 ) 12/19/2007
I lead Jamie through a progressive relaxation exercise, with a good close up on her feet when we get to that part.

Clip Six – ( 2:39 ) 12/20/2007
I suggest that the carpet is tickling her feet, and watch her dance around. The tickles spread until finally it’s her dress tickling her, and she needs to get it off. I watch her squirm and dance to the tickles, and then suggest that the tickles move to her panties and that she really likes it.

Clip Seven – ( 4:46 ) 12/21/2007
Jamie is on her knees, and I give her a few suggestions to reinforce the process, before suggesting that she is having the best sex of her life. As she experiences this, I suggest that she’s having sex with the sound of my voice, and that it’s the sound of my voice that makes her feel like she’s having sex. I deny her release, and keep building the sensations. I have her try to bring herself off by touching herself, but she can’t. I have her describe how it feels. Then I suggest that her clit is vibrating… fast, then slow, then fast again. I then send a tingling feeling through her body, and when we get to her ass, I discover that it’s really sensitive, so I tease her via suggestion.

Clip Eight – ( 3:56 ) 12/22/2007
I give Jamie suggestions that causes her to further respond favorably to my voice. I then suggest a connection that she feels with me. As she feels pleasure, I suggest that she forgets her past orgasms, and I lead her through her first orgasm.

Clip Nine – ( 4:30 ) 12/23/2007
Jamie leans back in to my arms, and I trigger another orgasm. In the middle of it, I freeze her in to place. I give her a suggestion that causes her to respond with pleasure when I say the words, good girl to her. I then have her get up to her feet for her early morning workout. I have her jog in place naked, having her go faster, and faster, and faster, and then I trigger an orgasm. After that, the naked jumping jacks. I drop her back in to a deep trance state, and when I place my hand on her chest, I can feel her heart beating quickly from the exercise. So I have her relax as I feel it slow down back to a relaxed pace. I then make her limp and loose in my arms.

Clip Ten – ( 1:55 ) 12/24/2007
I start Jamie’s hands moving in a circle around each other. I then have her try to stop her hands.

Clip Eleven – ( 3:04 ) 12/25/2007
At the snap of my fingers Jamie gives me a passionate hug. I then suggest that she feels that she’s having sex. I pull away, leaving her with a suggestion that fixes her to the spot and fills her with a desire to have me near. I tease her with this for a while. Then I pick her up and give her orgasms while she’s in the air.

Clip Twelve – ( 3:28 ) 12/26/2007
Back on the ground, I ask her how it felt to be in the air. I then have her tell me her secret fantasy. She says that it’s to have sex in public. Using hypnosis, I lead her through her fantasy.

Clip Thirteen – ( 2:50 ) 12/27/2007
I suggest to Jamie that I’ve just told her the funniest joke she’s ever heard. I then suggest to Jamie that I’ve just told her an even funnier joke. Then I suggest that I’ve just told her a sexy story. Then I suggest to her that I’ve told her something that would cause her to totally fall for me. I watch her responses. I then trigger all three emotions at the same time, followed by some pleasure. I then drop her deep in to the trance state, and suggest that all those emotions go deep in to her subconscious mind.

Clip Fourteen – ( 1:31 ) 12/28/2007
I suggest that the right side of Jamie’s face and body feels horny and the left side feels like it’s just heard the funniest joke. I watch her split response. I then trigger an orgasm. After that I suggest that she’s in the shower and she feels horny. I notice that she moves quickly when she gets excited, so I put her in to slow motion. After that I decide to put her in to fast forward.

Clip Fifteen – ( 3:20 ) 12/29/2007
As an extension of my previous observation, I decide to take her hands and move her along her body, training her to caress herself slowly and fluidly, as opposed to the rapid jerky motions that I’ve seen her exhibit. I then bring her pleasure as she feels responds slowly and gently. Then I make it fast and intense again, and watch her responses.

Clip Sixteen – ( 5:30 ) 12/30/2007
I ask Jamie a few questions, and then go through a process of waking her up, and then dropping her back in to a trance state, and then waking her up with a different response. I then have her forget being hypnotized, and then I wake her up and watch as she wonders why she’s naked.

Clip Seventeen – ( 4:04 ) 12/31/2007
[End of Session]