Janet Hypnotized

69 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2008-02-10

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I met Janet a year ago at a stage hypnosis performance. She was incredibly responsive as well as being very energetic, enthusiastic and expressive. The the opportunity came along to film her for my website. In this clip, I do a hypnotic induction, that proceeds rapidly, and I move in to suggestions of pleasure. Then I suggest that she feels tickles, which then switch to pleasure. I then build and build to what feels like is going to be an orgasm, but instead drop her in to a deeper trance state.

I give Janet some suggestions causing her to respond favorably to my voice and my words, and then I trigger more pleasure. I then suggest that she wants to take off her shirt, and she does. I then have her feel a thousand tongues licking her between her legs, pleasuring her and then teasing her. I cause her to feel frustrated a little bit, before she feels it right on. I then lift her in the air, and she feels pleasure and bliss, like she’s flying, and I trigger an orgasm and then suggest that she cums.

I suggest that Janet slip out of her bra. I have her strike a pose, and I have her think of a time recently when she’s looked at herself naked in the mirror. I ask her to tell me how she feels. She tells me that she feels hot. I suggest that she feels pleasure as she plays with her breasts. I place the thought in her mind that she likes to show off her breasts. I then suggest that her breasts are being tickled. I then suggest that her arms are straight up in the air, and she can’t move them as she’s being tickled more and more. Then I trigger multiple orgasms before dropping her deeper in to a trance state.

I suggest that Janet feel very good, and that she’s giggling and smiling. Then I trigger more pleasure. I then train her to stand at attention and also to pose on command. I then run her through this training a few times, also having her cum on command. I suggest arousal, and give her the suggestion that my touch on her body and my holding of her in my arms causes her to feel pleasure.

I introduce Janet to the flogger of ticklishness. I then have her describe what it feels like when I say attention or pose. After that, I use the flogger of ticklishness on her. I then have her lift up her skirt and spread her legs and I continue using the flogger of ticklishness on her. I then have her explode in to sexual climax. I then continue using the flogger of ticklishness on her until she begs me to stop.

I introduce Janet to the flogger of extreme horniness. She really likes this one, and it’s not long before she begs me to use it on her. I have her lift up her skirt, but her panties are in her way. I have to admit that I’ve never seen anyone take off their panties as fast as she did, and then I used the flogger on her.

I suggest that being hypnotized by me makes her feel pleasure, a thousand delights. I then use the flogger of extreme horniness on her. I mention that I’ll flog her pussy if she takes of her skirt, and she leaps out of it. The flogging continues. I place the flogger in her hand, but suggest that she can’t move it. She groans in frustration. I then release her and she flogs herself. I then freeze her and watch as she exclaims in frustration. I then allow her to move again. I then trigger an orgasm, and watch as she can hardly stay on her feet. Frozen in place again, I ask her who controls her flogger? After she answers that question, I ask her what that makes me? I then allow her to use the flogger some more. I then freeze her in to position while she is cumming.

I taunt Janet with the flogger of horniness. As I dangle it in front of her, but out of reach, I ask her how she feels about it. I then have her shake her breasts for it, as I use it on her and trigger more pleasure. I then freeze her in to position, and place the flogger of ticklishness in her hand. Upon release, she is forced to use it on herself. However, I give her a few moments before releasing her to contemplate her fate. She doesn’t use it on quite the same places as the other flogger, so I suggest that she use it on her most sensitive places. I then enjoy watching her squirm for a bit. I have her look at me so I can see her frustration, and she cries out that she hates it. So I have her drop the flogger, and then we talk about it a bit as she stands at attention before me. I then place the flogger of horniness in her other hand, but the deal is that she has to use them both. She accepts. I then have her cum on command.

I turn her loose to use both floggers on herself. However, she has to use them on the same spots. I watch as this goes on for a bit, and then I have her experience pleasure. Then I turn her in to a giggling bimbo, and let her use the floggers on herself some more. Normally she’s really smart, but right now she’s just a giggling bimbo using the floggers on herself. I even make it so she likes them both. After letting her use the floggers on herself, I then freeze her and use the floggers a bit. Notice when she turns and bends over that her bottom is red. This isn’t my doing, she was at a play party earlier in the Night.

I suggest that there is a microchip in the piercing in her clit that causes her to feel pleasure at my voice and obey my commands. I then have her present her breast to me and ask me to touch them. She does, and I do. Then I have her embrace me and suggest that she feels she is having sex. I drop her in to a deeper state, and then give her arbitrary commands that I watch her instantly obey. I then remove her voice, and watch the confusion as I use the flogger of extreme horniness on her and cause her to have orgasms. I give her back her voice, and find out that she didn’t like it, because she likes to yell. I suggest that she’s no longer a bimbo and cause her to feel pleasure.

I give Janet the suggestion that any time I say the phrase “Brave New World,” she’s going to feel a strong desire to show off her body and bring my attention to it. She’s not going to consciously realize that she’s doing this, it’s just going to be something that happens automatically. I talk with her a bit as she feels awake and alert. I ask her if she remembers my floggers, and she does not. So I re-introduce her to them. I then run her through a series of triggers and watch how she consciously reacts to them. “When I see a woman, who is naked and having orgasms, and getting that look in her eyes that just says I feel so wonderful, you know what I like to do? I like to talk about anti-utopitarian literature.”

I give Janet some more pleasure, as well as mentioning A Brave New World to her a few more times. I then suggest that she feels pleasures everywhere that skin touches skin. I have the pleasure build and build and build. And then… ice cubes. Ice cubes between her legs. Ice cubes everywhere. I watch her squirm, and then the ice cubes turn to tongues, and she feels pleasure.

I ask Janet if she enjoys anime. She says yes, so I give her tentacle sex. She gets really in to it, and then I switch to ice cubes and watch her sort of shake, and then back to tentacles. I then have her brace herself on the bed, and suggest that she’s being fucked from behind. I have her look up and show me the face that she makes when she’s being fucked good. I then have her look at the floggers that are also on the bed, and let her use them. Then I freeze her.

I turn Janet in to a kitten. She moves like one and gives a meow. Then she’s no longer a kitten. Now she just feels pleasure and lets her hands roam her body. I have her look up as she cums. She melts in to it. Then all of a sudden, ice cubes! Then she’s flopping on the bed! Then tentacles. Then ice cubes. Then tentacles. Then I have her cum.

Frozen in place, I use the Flogger of Ticklishness on Janet’s feet. She begs me to stop, but I torment her a little more. Then I switch to the Flogger of Horniness, which she really likes. The I use the Flogger of Horniness on her feet. I then suggest that if she rubs her feet together that she will cum. She does so.

I have Janet kneel, then I place the Flogger of Ticklishness in her lap. She cries out, “Why?” I then place the Flogger of Horniness in her lap. She likes this much better. Then I suggest that she feels ice cubes, which causes her to squirm. I then drop her in to a deep sleep. I then have her cum. Then I drop her in to a deep trance. Then I trigger ice cubes. Then I trigger tentacles.

I suggest that Janet believes that she is performing oral sex. I then give her suggestions that cause improvements to her technique. I then trigger pleasure from performing oral sex. She looks hot and yet I can’t seem to resist triggering the ice cubes. But then I switch to tentacles.

I have Janet describe what it feels like to be hypnotized. I then continue to ask her questions about her experience, rewarding answers that I especially like with pleasure. I then ask her about each of her other triggers, like the ice cubes and the tentacles.

I suggest that Janet is having sex, and that she is on top. I then give her the other triggers. Then I have her freeze with no voice, while she still feels the triggers.

I suggest that she has to get off the bed, and she rushes off. Now I suggest that she has to do her early morning exercises. First she has to jog in place. Faster, and faster and faster. Then an orgasm by surprise. Next she has to do her naked jumping jacks.

I give Janet suggestions to feel confident of this experience. I then give her suggestions for the next time she has sex as a reward to her, and her boyfriend (who is sitting by the camera, watching the session with a smile on his face).

I dress Janet, although I am baffled at her panties. I turn to look at her boyfriend for help, but he’s just as perplexed as I am. This causes us both to laugh in a sort of male bonding / Dave Attell joke sort of way. I struggle with trying to get her panties on her a little more, before deciding to abandon that for a moment. Then tickles, ice cubes and orgasms. After that, I have her place her panties back on her body. However, in the middle, I freeze her, and have her forget how to place them back on.

I suggest that she gets dressed properly, but I don’t make it easy for her as I use her triggers. Then suddenly I mention A Brave New World to her and am rewarded with her looking incredibly sexy. I enjoy this, and then I cycle her through all over her triggers in rapid succession.

I have Janet tell me how she feels after all that. I then give her some pleasure.

I bring her to her feet. Unfortunately we chop off her head for this clip due to my forgetting to adjust the camera. I give her some suggestions to relax her and let her cool down a bit as I button up her shirt. I use her Brave New World trigger a couple of times as I do this. I then give her lots of orgasms, and then reinforce the suggestion for her and her boyfriend the next time they have sex.

I give her some final suggestions and then suggest that she will wake up laughing uncontrollably because I just told her the funniest joke she’s ever heard. She collapses to the floor howling in laughter. I then give her an orgasm, and watch as her conscious mind tries to keep up with the laughter and the pleasure. She then sits down and I ask her to hold that thought while I change tapes to talk with her a bit about her experience.

We had wrapped up the session, and were going to just talk about it a little bit, when I notice Janet playing with the Flogger of Horniness. I see if it’s still affecting her. I then give her the Brave New World trigger. Her conscious mind seems to be a little confused as to what to do, so I drop her back in to a trance state, and give her a suggestion that the flogger will make her horny, and she will subconsciously use it on herself as we talk about the session.

We continue talking as Janet attempts to explain what she’s feeling, as she continues to subconsciously use the flogger on herself. Then, every time I snap my fingers, she takes off an article of clothing. I ask her if she has any sexual fantasies, and she tells me hers.

Naked and horny and in a hypnotic trance, I take Janet through one of her fantasies. She pleasures herself as she fantasizes about getting caught, and when she’s caught, she orgasms.

We talk a bit, as Janet learns something about herself. Then an orgasm. I ask her about what the strangest part of being hypnotized was. Then I tease her by alternating tentacles with ice cubes as she dresses herself. She really gets a kick out of the tentacles and says that anyone who is in to Hentai would love it.

Janet talks about how amazing it is to be hypnotized. I then give her a narcissistic delight as she makes out with herself. She gets in to it, then I tease her with ice cubes, before having the tentacles make her cum. I then prepare her for a wonderful, earth shaking… ice cubes! I tease her a little bit before giving her an orgasm.

I talk with Janet a bit about the floggers. We get a really wild with the Flogger of Extreme Horniness, as she tit fucks it and rubs it against her pussy.

Janet is giggling for no apparent reason via suggestion. She feels pleasure as I use the Flogger of Extreme Horniness right on her panties.

I give Janet an orgasm that combines all the pleasure that she felt tonight. I then give her an orgasm that feels that way times a million. Then I give her an orgasm that feels that way times a billion. Then we get mathematical as the orgasm becomes asymptotic