Jean Hypnotized

60 minutes Standard Def 480p (720x480) - Release date: 2006-06-11

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Clip One – ( 3:54 ) //
I begin the session with Jean by asking her if she’s ever been hypnotized before. She tells me that she hasn’t. So I instruct her to place her hands on top of mine, and focus her eyes in to her palm, and then start the hypnotic induction.

Clip Two – ( 5:34 ) //
I continue Jean’s induction with a progressive relaxation exercise. In the process, I also give her a post hypnotic trigger to return to a state of hypnosis on my command.

Clip Three – ( 4:03 ) //
I suggest that Jean feels that she’s being given a massage. I continue to suggest that the massage is becoming erotic. Then I suggest that she is being tickled.

Clip Four – ( 3:53 ) //
I suggest to Jean that she would feel even more pleasure if she took off her pants. She takes this literally and starts to take off her pants, but doesn’t do anything about her shoes. After a while we get her shoes and her pants off. I continue to suggest sensations of pleasure, in the form of gentle kisses all over her body and oral sex. Then I suggest that the pleasure will come out in the sound of her moaning.

Clip Five – ( 4:11 ) //
I suggest that when I count to three, Jean is going to feel both a tongue licking her clit and also the best sex of her life. I continue to put the concept of pleasure in to her mind, as I have her repeat the word. This builds up to an orgasm.

Clip Six – ( 2:42 ) //
I suggest that Jean take off her panties, and she does. I then suggest that she notices the air flow over her pussy, and that it makes her feel sexy. I suggest that being hypnotized and in the arms of the hypnotist is every woman’s sexiest fantasy. Then I suggest that she feels her pussy being licked more. I block her orgasm response a little and then continue the build up.

Clip Seven – ( 3:45 ) //
I ask Jean if she knows what it feels like to roll, and she nods her head yes, so I suggest that she feels that way now. I continue to suggest physical sensations and arousal, and that she should place her arms around my neck. I then continue to link the sound of my voice with the sensation of pleasure and arousal and horniness in her mind.

Clip Eight – ( 5:51 ) //
I continue to suggest sensations of arousal to Jean, linked with my voice. Then I suggest that she dances sexily, and as she does this to take off her top. I suggest that she feels pleasure, everywhere where skin touches skin, as she continues to dance. I then suggest that she take her hand and move my hand on her body to where it feels good.

Clip Nine – ( 4:53 ) //
I suggest to Jean that she’s going to do her early morning work out, and start jogging in place. She responds to this, but you can see her fighting the suggestion, so I let her stop, and relax her deeply again, suggesting pleasure, and that her hands should roam her body.

Clip Ten – ( 2:13 ) //
I suggest that Jean is being tickled.

Clip Eleven – ( 5:07 ) //
I suggest that Jean is on the beach, and I relax her in to a deeper trance with this metaphor. I then suggest that a sexy fantasy fills her mind while she is on the beach. I suggest that she whispers her fantasy, and she fights it at first, but then she says, “slavery.”

Clip Twelve – ( 5:08 ) //
I suggest that Jean will tell me what she feels when I say the word pleasure. I then continue get as much of what she’s thinking out in to the open as I continue to suggest erotic feelings. Eventually, I found out that she likes to be bitten. I try to explore further, but I don’t make a whole lot more progress.

Clip Thirteen – ( 5:37 ) //
Now I start handing Jean her clothes, to put them back on. I continue to give her suggestions of pleasure as she gets dressed.

Clip Fourteen – ( 3:36 ) //
Jean finishes dressing and we wrap up the session.