Jeanne Hypnotized

92 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2011-08-31

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Clip 1
I ask Jeanne if she's ever been hypnotized before, and she tells me that she hasn't. I then ask her if she's ever seen it done before, and she has not. She's fresh and new to hypnosis and I begin the trance induction with her.

Clip 2
I continue the induction process with a progressive relaxation. She gets a little unsteady on her feet as she relaxes, and I move her arm to my shoulder to keep her on her feet. Her eyes open, but I take control of the situation and give her a command to close her eyes and to sleep, continuing the progressive relaxation induction. I then take her through a counting deepened, and give her a post hypnotic suggestion to return her to the trance state on command.

Clip 3
I suggest that she let my voice do her thinking for her and that it feels very good to be hypnotized. I begin to suggest feelings of pleasure. I suggest that the pleasure is like a vibration and she is fascinated by it and fascinated by my voice. I suggest that my voice and the pleasure are the same, and that the sound of my voice will always cause her to feel pleasure. I continue to reinforce these ideas and increase the sensations of the pleasure. I then give her a powerful hypnotic trigger to feel pleasure when I say the word pleasure. I slowly build the sensations of pleasure, and when I feel that she is responding to the trigger, I start to link in feelings of arousal.

Clip 4
Now that she is entranced and utterly focused on my voice, I become more explicit in the description of the pleasure I am suggesting to her. I take complete control of her pleasure and tell her that she's very close to an orgasm and that she can feel it. The effect become quickly pronounced. She starts to express this physically and I suggest that she feels the sensation of the best oral sex of her life. I continue to build up this response and keep her arousal and pleasure simmering inside her. Then I trigger her first hypnotic orgasm, and a few more. The response is dramatic, and I know that I have her now.

Clip 5
I make her permanently multiply orgasmic. I then continue to increase the intensity of her orgasm responses. Then I train her to cum on my command and climax on my command. I continue to reinforce ideas that cause her to respond favorably to me.

Clip 6
I have her stand feet together and hands at her sides, and then for our foot fetishists out there, I point the camera at her feet and suggest that they are being tickled and watch her squirm. Then the only way to stop the tickles is to kick off her shoes.

Clip 7
I surprise her with a sudden orgasm, cum, and climax. Then I suggest that she really enjoys being naked and reinforce this idea. She starts taking off her clothes, and I increase her arousal, and then have her cum continuously while I hold her hand up and watch it have a very powerful effect on her as she cums helplessly.

Clip 8
Hypnotized in her bra and panties, orgasming on my command, I suggest that she feels that she is having sex. I trigger more pleasure, and then I suggest that she wants to take off her bra. She does so and reveals a fantastic pair of breasts. I suggest that her hands float up and the higher they float the hornier she gets. As her hands hang up in the air, it puts her breasts on display very nicely. I continue to trigger her pleasure. I then suggest that her nipples are tingling, and if she shakes her breasts it will cause them to tingle more and she will feel pleasure. Then I have her cum on command.

Clip 9
I relax her for a few moments, deepening the trance and causing her to feel comfortable in my arms. I then trigger more pleasure, upgrading the suggestion, making it even more sexually aggressive. I have her take off her panties, and now she's completely nude, having orgasms on my command. I trigger her pleasure and have her repeat out loud, "I feel pleasure." I reinforce the idea that my voice fascinates her and that it feels good to obey my voice. Of course I also reinforce the idea that it feels good to be hypnotized by me.

Clip 10
Standing before me, I suggest that she feels happy and smiles. Then the smile becomes a giggle and then the giggle becomes laughter as it gets funnier and funnier and funnier and becomes the funniest thing ever. I then give her a hypnotic suggestion that causes her to laugh uncontrollably whenever she hears the phrase "No Mr. Kotter, that's my penguin." I then alternate between this trigger and one of her pleasure triggers.

Clip 11
I train her to have an orgasm in reverse. I then have her open her eyes, entranced, but gazing in to my eyes, captivated and obedient, ready to answer any question I ask of her. I ask her how long it's been since her last orgasm before this hypnosis session and she tells me it's been two weeks. I give her a couple of forward and backward orgasms. I then ask her what it feels like to be hypnotized, and she tells me it feels strange. I distract her with the joke trigger and more pleasure triggers. Amidst the pleasure triggers, I reinforce the idea of my voice being connected to the pleasure in her lit and get her to agree to choose to accept this.

Clip 12
I suggest that her clit is being tickled. I then suggest that the tickles spread everywhere and will continue until she bends over and gives us good cleavage. She does so, and I use her joke trigger, and then rapidly take her back in to a deep trance. I then give her a few seconds to catch her breath. I then give her a series of positive suggestions to cause her to respond favorably to the hypnosis experience and to me specifically. As I take her back in to pleasure, I get feedback from her and see that she is responding favorably to my voice and my touch. I explore this with her a little bit before using her pleasure triggers some more. I make the orgasm incredibly intense, and then drop her in to a deep trance.

Clip 13
I have her sit down on the chair and relax in a deep trance. I do suggest that she's on a pleasurable chair and let her enjoy it while I get her a glass of water. As she feels the pleasure I suggest that she makes the sound of pleasure, and as she hears herself make the sounds of pleasure, she feels more pleasure. I then suggest that she will count to 20 and when she reaches 20 she will have an orgasm.

Clip 14
I give her a glass of water and tell her that as she drinks it, it will turn her on. Then when she finishes the last drink she will have an orgasm. It's my intention to talk to her while she drinks it, but she unexpectedly gulps it down.

Clip 15
I ask her if she has any fantasies, and she says no. So I temporarily make her a foot fetishist for all my foot lovers out there. I place her feet on an elevated stand, and we get a good closeup of them. I give her a suggestion that causes her feel to feel really ticklish when I touch them. I build this up to an intensity, then I turn the tickles in to pleasure and make her feet the most erogenous part of her body. I then make her cum by rubbing her feet together.

Clip 16
She's no longer a foot fetishist, I now make it so the same thing happens with her breasts. As she plays with her breasts and feels pleasure, I suggest that she feels like the sexiest woman who has ever lived. I then take her by the hand and have her orgasm the entire time I hold her hand. I ask her who controls her pleasure, and she answers without hesitation that I do.

Clip 17
I suggest that she will orgasm like someone who has turrets syndrome, expecting to hear a stream of obscenities, but she manages to keep them in. I change tactics, and use her joke trigger, which gets an immediate response, and then I wake her up suddenly and observe her reaction as I use her triggers on her in her usual waking state. I particularly enjoy giving her an orgasm forward and then orgasm in reverse. I then give her the three half second orgasms spaced apart by a second each. I try to get her to cluck like a chicken, but she refuses to speak, so I use the joke trigger on her.

Clip 18
I suggest that she's relaxing on the beach, and she's putting on sun tan lotion. I have her pay extra attention to her breasts, and then have her feel sexual pleasure from that. I trigger her pleasure, and have her keep rubbing in the lotion on her breasts, then I use her joke trigger. Then I give her another glass of orgasm water. Her hands then return to her breasts.

Clip 19
I have her look in to my eyes and go in to a trance, feeling the pleasure I have her stand up. I trigger a sequence of orgasms, each one an additional 10 times stronger than the one before. I notice the sound of her voice seems to be locked up when she orgasms, so I suggest that it should be freed, and it does seem to unlock it a bit. I continue to build the intensity.

Clip 20
I relax her a bit, and give her words and thoughts to repeat and believe. I then continue to connect her to me emotionally. Then I suggest to her that she's under a magical cum spell. I have her take sexy pose after sexy pose while under the magical cum spell. I have her cum that way for a while, until she is brought down to her hands and knees.

Clip 21
Entranced and on her knees, I reinforce the ideas that cause her to respond favorably to me, and I bring the tingles back in all her intimate places. Entrance, I have her look in to my eyes, still hypnotized, as I use her pleasure triggers and release the sexual creature inside her to respond to my commands. I ask her how it felt, and she tells me that it felt amazing, that it felt good to feel this pleasure and be entranced. I reward this with a climax. Then I use her joke trigger and wake her up. I talk with her about what it's like to be under a magical cum spell.

Clip 22
I begin to wrap up the session, but I suggest to her that until she gets dressed, she will subconsciously draw attention to her breasts without consciously realizing what she is doing. I talk with her about the session, and she doesn't remember much about it. I give her an orgasm, and tell her that I basically spent the last hour and a half giving her almost constant orgasms. She looks surprised and asks if it's possible, so I demonstrate to her how it is. She finds that she believes it's possible.

Clip 23
I then tell her about the variations on the orgasm that I took her through and demonstrate. I then entrance her for a while and continue to program her mind.

Clip 24
As she tries to put her bra on, I find that I just can't bear the thought of her covering up such a lovely pair of breasts, so I do some freeze play with her, freezing her and blanking her memory of being frozen every time she tries to place her bra on. Then I get playful and do some mannequin play on her as well, changing her body position.

Clip 25
As I make her cum on command, I am reminded of something, and I ask her if she knows the difference between the types of orgasms a woman can have. I then demonstrate. I freeze her and begin to take off her bra, then unfreeze her and have her finish taking it off. I trigger one of her orgasms in slow motion and have her describe what she feels. She feels a vaginal orgasm. I then give her a clitoral orgasm. Then I do both a the same time and play with her for a bit.

Clip 26
I let her get dressed while I get her another glass of orgasm water. [ End of Session ]