Jill Hypnotized

87 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2007-08-08

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I am talking with Jill about her nails, and as I hold up her hand, I suddenly begin the hypnotic induction process. This is the third time that I’ve hypnotized Jill, so she is already very conditioned to respond to my voice. I take her in to the trance state.

I continue the hypnotic induction, using the progressive relaxation exercise. Since I’ve worked with her before, and she is responsive to me, I use the orgasm trigger in place of the relax command.

I suggest that Jill is being tickled all over, and she starts squirming and laughing. I then suggest that the tickles switch to tickles of sexual pleasure, and she starts squirming and moaning. I increase the intensity and give her both kinds of tickles at the same time. She then falls to the ground and I suggest that she’s having sex, before using her orgasm trigger.

I suggest that she’s in the arms of the sexiest man alive, and that she’s having sex. I then trigger an orgasm. After that, I suggest that she feels incredibly good, and continue to condition her to respond favorably to me.

I suggest that when Jill sits down on the chair, she will be unable to get off it, and that it will cause her butt to feel itchy. I suggest that the itching will continue to grow, and then I leave her alone for a while with no way to find relief as she rubs her butt against the chair. I come back, and tease her with a glass of water, that I immediately take away when she puts it to her lips, and thin increase the itchy sensation, before leaving her alone to it again. Finally, I switch the itchy sensation to a sensation of orgasmic delight, and let her enjoy it for a short while, before dropping her back in to the trance state. I then have her describe what it was like for her, before removing the memory from her mind.

I suggest that Jill feels that she’s having the best oral sex of her life. She feels it, but it’s a bit sedate, so I suggest that at the count of three she’s bee squirming, and moaning, and making a complete fool out of herself with the pleasure, but she won’t care because it will be the best oral sex of her life. This gets quite a response out of her. Now that she’s really in to it, I suggest that she’s forgotten how to orgasm. I reinforce the idea that she really wants to orgasm, but doesn’t know how. I give her a series of options that she tries to bring herself to orgasm, each one sillier than the last. For example, I have her try shaking her hands and her feet (with a good closeup of her feet for our foot fetishists), but that doesn’t bring out the orgasm, it just makes her feel like she’s being tickled. Then I have her hold perfectly still to stop the tickles, but that just makes her feel horny. I finally have her orgasm, with some great closeups, before making her feel like she’s being tickled again (once more with a great closeup of her feet for our foot fetishists.)

Remembering that Jill was feeling naturally thirsty, I decide to reinforce this idea. However, when I hand her the water, she finds that she doesn’t remember how to swallow. Then to make matters worse, her tongue gets stuck in the bottle! Afterwards, I have Jill describe what the experience was like.

I suggest that Jill believes that she’s in a Booty Shaking Contest. Naturally, I throw up all sorts of obstacles while she’s shaking her booty. I then have her keep shaking her booty with no idea why. I talk to her in this state for a bit, and then trigger orgasms and a climax, before taking her back in to the Booty Shaking Contest.

Jill is hypnotized in my arms, and I feel like messing with her. I get an evil idea, and place the command that she will sit down on the chair any time I say to have a seat. I then suggest that two seconds after she sits down on the chair, she’s going to feel that she’s been pinched in the butt and it’s going to make her jump up. I then have her wake up, feeling awake and alert, and laughing because I just told her the funniest joke that she’s ever heard in her life. I then decide to have some fun with the post hypnotic suggestion that I’ve given her.

I’m not done having fun with Jill, not by a long shot. I increase the evilness of the suggestion by adding a strong emotional content to the command, as well as the suggestion that the chair is saying thing to her too. She starts to get really frustrated and upset at the chair.

I decide to flip this around a little bit, and I change the command to her having the same compulsion to sit down when I say to have a seat, however now the chair will be licking her pussy and saying the sweetest things to her. When she sits down she gets a very strange expression on her face. However, this isn’t as entertaining as messing with her, so I throw in the suggestion that whenever I say the word chair, she’s going to feel it pinching her butt again. As she feels the chair giving her pleasure, she starts rubbing her foot in to the carpet. Once again I get a nice close up for our foot fetishists.

With the amount of times that Jill has said the phrase stupid chair, I’ve decided to make a stupid chair, that causes Jill to have her IQ drop when she sits in it. After asking her hard questions, like what’s one plus one, and how old are you, I decide to give her orgasms while she’s sitting in the stupid chair.

I suggest that it’s time for Jill to take a shower, so she takes off her clothes and steps in to the shower. However, a lot of things go wrong in the shower for her.

It’s time for Jill to have a seat, but there’s no chair. I have her go and get the chair, but because of a suggestion that I’ve given her, it weighs very heavy. She then struggles to bring the chair over to where she can sit on it. After all that hard work, her reward is being glued to the chair with it mocking her and pinching her once every ten seconds.

I have Jill become a prim and proper lady while sitting on the chair, and a horny slut when she’s not. I decide to play around with her a bit as both. Finally, I have the prim and proper lady experience multiple orgasms and a climax, and I watch as she struggles to keep it in.

At the snap of my fingers, Jill becomes a cheerleader at the game. While amusing to watch, her high pitched cheerleader voice is a bit creepy. So I place her back in to the trance state, and have her sit down, doing a counting deepening as I switch tapes.

Jill has finished her counting deepening, and I give her suggestions that cause her to feel good, and to respond favorably to my voice.

I do a Hypnodyne Systems segment with Jill. First I set it up so that she believes that she is my secretary, and works with me at Hypnodyne Systems. Tonight we are demonstrating a product prototype to our investors. It is the Hypnodyne Systems Control Collar, Prototype 002.

This is a Hypnodyne Systems clip. We being with identity reassignment, education mode.

This is a Hypnodyne Systems clip. We continue with programable sex slave mode.

This is a Hypnodyne Systems clip. I demonstrate the direct mental access features of the Hypnodyne Systems Control Collar, Prototype 002. After placing her in to a mode that I like, I activate programable sex slave mode in conjunction with the new settings made during direct mental access. I then demonstrate the memory block feature of the Hypnodyne Systems Control Collar, Prototype 002.

I wrap up the Hypnodyne Systems segment, and suggest that Jill is going to put back on her clothes. However, I suggest that she will be unable to put them where they go, and that she will try every way to get them on her body except the correct way. She starts to get frustrated, and I make matters worse by having the chair start to pinch and mock her again. She starts to get aggravated, and then I cause the chair to turn her on. Eventually she abandons her clothes to fuck the chair.

I have Jill ignore her current state of dress, to give a talk on global warming and the environment. Naturally, I decide to suggest that the chair is heckling her. We see her debating skills in action.

I suggest that Jill is in the arms of her lover now. I take away the chair, and suggest that she reward me with pleasure for taking away the chair. I then trigger her biggest orgasm of the night. I then suggest that when I grab her ass, she’s going to climax.

I give Jill back the ability to dress herself. As she starts to do so, I interrupt her and turn her in to a ballerina. She starts to dance, and then I place the chair in the crowd, heckling her. I then have her stand on the tips of her toes, and zoom in real close for our foot fetishists, and then suggest that she’s being tickled, which brings her down to the ground fast. I trigger her trance, and she falls in to an interesting position that I take advantage of by suggesting that her butt itches again.

Jill continues dressing, and the chair continues mocking her. I add fuel to the fire, and then at the snap of my fingers cause Jill to realize that she’s spent the better part of an hour arguing with a chair. I then let her keep the realizing but suggest that she’s arguing with it again. Finally I have her sit on the chair, and suggest that first it pinches her then it spanks her. She gets a strange look on her face when this happens.

I decide to run with the chair spanking her, suggesting that it’s going to be embarrassing and humiliating, and a little sexy too. I decide to have her sit down repeatedly, while she tries to hide the fact that she’s feeling these things. I then take her in to the trance state, and wrap up the session.

[ End of Session ]