Jill Hypnoslave 2

55 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2007-06-03

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I talk with Jill briefly about her last session, and then begin the hypnotic induction. As part of the induction, I suggest that her eyes are shut tight and she can’t open them. She then sinks in to my arms. I use one of her slave triggers that I gave her, and she stands at attention. I then suggest pleasure and arousal. I then use another of her slave triggers and she poses for me. I reinforce the idea that being hypnotized by me brings her pleasure, and then I use her third slave trigger and she kneels before me.

I suggest that Jill will feel arousal and lust and will be drawn to me. However, she won’t realize that we’ve started the session yet. I ask her if there’s anything that she wants to experience, and she says that she’s a blank slate. We talk about orgasms, and she mentions that her boyfriend has been out of town and that she hasn’t had an orgasm in a week. She then goes on to mention that she doesn’t orgasm without her boyfriend. I then drop her deep back in to a trance state, and increase her sense of pleasure and arousal. I then suggest that she embrace me as she would a lover, and then feel that she’s having sex.

I continue to build her arousal, then command her to stand at attention. I refresh her mind with various ideas of me as her Master, and then reward her with an orgasm. I stretch the duration of her orgasm, and lead her to the cross and chain her to it as the orgasm continues building in intensity. I then use suggestion to make her cum and then climax.

Jill’s in a hypnotic trance, her mind is blank, and she’s chained to the cross. I then suggest that as I take off her clothes, it’s the biggest turn on. I reinforce it with her orgasm trigger. I have her describe how it feels in perfect details. I then have her count backwards, taking her deeper in to hypnosis. As she counts, I freeze her, locking her mind in the moment, and take off more of her clothes. I then have her finish counting as I remove the last of her clothes. I give her a pleasure trigger, and suggest that she feels a thousand tongues licking her all over her body. I then have her cum on command.

My HypnoSlave Jill’s arms are securely bound to the cross, but her legs are still loose so that I can watch her squirm in frustration. I suggest to her that she has a very intense desire to pleasure herself. However, she can’t, because she is restrained. I continue to suggest feelings of arousal and desire and she becomes increasingly horny, but she is powerless to act on it. She’s frustrated and annoyed that she’s not free to pleasure herself and I watch her squirm.

I then suggest to her that my touch will bring her incredible pleasure and that she will be very grateful to me. I fondle her breasts and trigger an orgasm and watch her relax in to submission.

I release Jill from her bondage to the cross. I then have her cum on command. As she begins to slump to the ground, I use her attention slave trigger. Then I use her pose slave trigger. I then have her imagine a fantasy with another woman, another HypnoSlave, as I prepare her for a future session.

After leading Jill through that girl on girl fantasy, I have her embrace me as she would a lover, and I trigger lots of pleasure and orgasms. I then have her pose, and I suggest that my touch brings her pleasure. After that, I use her attention slave trigger, and as she stands before me, I ask her when the last time that she had a cigarette was. She indicates that it’s been so long that she can’t remember. I am satisfied that the non-smoker suggestions that I gave her in our previous session has taken hold, and I reward her with a 30 second orgasm.

Jill is kneeling on the floor, and I trigger pleasure, before dropping her in to a deeper trance state. I recall that she said earlier that she can’t bring herself to orgasm alone. I ask her about this, and she indicates that she prefers this, so I leave it alone. I then trigger a climax. I then suggest that she is next to someone that she is very attracted to, and that she is going to have sex with him. It starts off slow, and she can feel herself getting wet. Then out of nowhere, it gets fast, and every single thrust is right in to her G-spot. I continue to build up the tension, as she gets more in to it, and right before I give her the trigger to cum, I instead drop her back in to a deep trance.

I use Jill’s attention slave trigger, and she leaps to her feet. I then deepen her trance state a little. After that I decide to spontaneously trigger emotions in her. First, I cause her to laugh, spontaneously. Then I cause her to cry, spontaneously. Then I cause her to feel sexual arousal spontaneously. After that I see what happens when I cause her to feel all three simultaneously.

I suggest that every sense that Jill can perceive me with, instinctively causes her to feel raw sexual desire, at an animal level. I take her through her slave triggers, as I have her cum on command. I then use physical suggestion to increase her pleasure, as I trace up her arm with my finger.

Suddenly, Jill feels her feet being tickled. She collapses to the floor, then I suggest that her nipples are being tickled. The tickling stops, then starts again, twice as strong as before, everywhere. The tickles stop, and then I suggest that her hands roam her body. I rewind her mind to how she felt when she was strapped to the cross and wanted to pleasure herself. She does so immediately. Then I freeze her, and reposition her hands, to frustrate her. I then release her hands, and use her triggers to cum, orgasm and climax.

I ask Jill how it feels to be my HypnoSlave. She says that she feels confused and conflicted. I suggest to her that while she is my HypnoSlave, it feels perfectly normal, and then she feels free. I reward her with pleasure. I reinforce the idea that she deserves to feel this good, and trigger the slowest orgasm that she’s ever had in her life. While Jill is still in her slow orgasm, and I suggest that she feels like dancing to it.

I make Jill’s body stiff and rigid through suggestion. I then reinforce this suggestion, and start to get her use to staying stiff and rigid regardless of how I move her body. I ask her how she feels, and she says that she feels helpless. I’m reasonably convinced that she is properly stiff and rigid both mentally and physically, and then I cause her mind to go blank. I reinforce the idea a little more, while attempting to signal my cameraman my intentions, so he can properly film the scene. Then I bring out my sawhorses. I lift her in to the air and suspend her between the two. After, I give her an intense orgasm, and find out that she has no memory of being suspended between the two sawhorses.

I reinforce the idea of associating pleasure with being under my control with a second HypnoSlave. I then have her pleasure build up to the biggest orgasm of the night. I then give her suggestions to wrap up the session. I then have her embrace me when she leaves the trance state, with her subconscious mind telling me how much she is looking forward to being with a second HypnoSlave under my command in how she embraces me. [ End of Session ]