Kathy Hypnotized

82 minutes Standard Def 480p (720x480) - Release date: 2002-11-18

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Chapter 1
In this clip, we meet Kathy, a tall blonde who has been unintentionally hypnotized before at a hypnotist show at the local fair. She tells us about the experience.

Chapter 2
I begin Kathy’s induction by using an eye fixation technique and my pocket watch. I repeat suggestions of peace and relaxation until she falls in to my arms.

Chapter 3
I continue Kathy’s induction using the balloon test, a creative visualization that causes her arms to float up high in the air and to draw her back to her feet.

Chapter 4
I continue Kathy’s induction by suggesting relaxation, at one point suggesting that she feels like she’s been given a week long massage. I then move in to a progressive relaxation technique. Afterwards, I continue with suggestions that she feels good. I end Kathy’s induction by having her count down form 30 to 1, going deeper with every number.

Chapter 5
Now that Kathy is in a deep state of hypnosis, I suggest to her that she wants to get ready for the Hawaii Tricathalon. The first step in this is to take off her clothes and take a shower. She does this right before me without hesitation. After that, it’s time to stretch and to do her early morning exercises, jumping jacks and jogging in place.

Chapter 6
Kathy is now ready for the Hawaii Tricathalon, in it are three events, the Hoola-Hoop competition, the jogging in place competition, and finally the high diving competition. Naturally she wins, and gives her victory speech.

Chapter 7
After all the activity of the competition, I relax Kathy and deepen her trance.

Chapter 8
I suggest that Kathy is being tickled, and watch her squirm and giggle in response. I then suggest that she feels tickles from different places, including her nipples. Finally I suggest that she’s being tickled between her legs. I then suggest that she feels gentle kisses all over her body. Then I suggest that she feels the best oral sex between her legs. All these sexy feelings lead to the sensation that she’s having the best sex of her life. I bring her to the edge of an orgasm, but I don’t take her to orgasm, and I give her a post hypnotic suggestion that any time I say the phrase, “sexy stockings,” for the rest of the night she’s going to feel on the edge of an orgasm. I then calm down her feelings for a few moments, before saying “sexy stockings,” and driving her wild again.

Chapter 9
I give Kathy a post hypnotic suggestion to take her back in to hypnosis at my command, and then wake her up to talk with her a bit. Naturally I find every chance to use the words “sexy stockings,” that I can.

Chapter 10
Now that Kathy is completely turned on, I hypnotize Kathy to have the largest orgasm of her life. I then continue to trigger hypnotic orgasms on command, including the relaxed orgasm.

Chapter 11
I give Kathy a post hypnotic suggestion to make life a little more interesting for her and her boyfriend for the next seven days.

Chapter 12
I’m very happy with Kathy’s suggestibility, and I reward her with another orgasm. I then make it ten times stronger, then one hundred times stronger.

Chapter 13
I bring Kathy out of the trance state for a few moments to talk with her. Before doing so, I suggest that she feels orgasmic. While taking to her, I make it a point to drop in a few “sexy stockings.”

Chapter 14
I hypnotize Kathy in to being a chicken. Then a kitten and also a puppy dog. After that I turn Kathy in to a Parrot, and talk about hypnosis for a little bit. It’s so funny, that I have to take a break to regain my composure, before resuming the Parrot. After that I decide to turn her in to a billy goat, to unexpected consequences.

Chapter 15
With the snap of my fingers, Kathy becomes The Great Zorbina, a female enchantress that enslaves men using her mystical powers. I then proceed to interview her.

Chapter 16
With another snap of my fingers, Kathy believes that I am a vampire and that she’s just some chick that I met at a night club who wants to be turned in to a vampire. She then offers herself to me while I go on about my dark existence.

Chapter 17
Shortly after I hypnotized Kathy to believe that I was a Vampire, I asked her to put her clothes back on. However, I suggested to her that she would have trouble doing so. We also talk a little bit more about her previous hypnosis experience. This clip takes place at the end of the first tape of the session, with a brief jump due to source tape difficulties.

Chapter 18
After a break, I talk to Kathy about her experiences with meditation. I also talk with her about how the experience has been for her in this session. She mentions that it’s like being drunk. This gives me an idea, and I take her back in to the trance state.

Chapter 19
Using the power of suggestion, I make Kathy feel drunk. I talk with her a little bit, playing with her perception of how drunk she feels.

Chapter 20
I suggest to Kathy that she is auditioning to be a dancer at a new night club.

Chapter 21
I suggest to Kathy that she will remember the experience of being hypnotized by me, and then I wake her up and talk with her a bit. Then I surprise her by dropping her in to a deep trance, and wake her up with no memory of being hypnotized. I convince her that I’ve hypnotized her with commands that cause her to feel horny.

Chapter 22
I talk with Kathy, causing her to get hornier and hornier every time I say “sexy stockings.” She knows that I have the power to cause her to orgasm, when I say “orgasm now.” I dangle this in front of her for a while, and then I finish the session with another huge orgasm. [End of Session]