Kelly Hypnotized

63 minutes Standard Def 480p (720x480) - Release date: 2006-09-28

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Clip One – ( 4:02 ) //
In this clip, I meet Kelly, and ask her if she’s ever been hypnotized before, or seen it done. I then go in to the induction.

Clip Two – ( 3:45 ) //
I continue Kelly’s induction with a progressive relaxation technique.

Clip Three – ( 3:26 ) //
I suggest that Kelly feel different forms of being tickled. We can see that it is affecting her, but at the same time she is in such a deep state of hypnosis that she’s completely zoned out. I then switch to erotic sensations, and we see it take control of her.

Clip Four – ( 4:55 ) //
I suggest that Kelly feels the best oral sex of her life, and that she take off her shirt. She’s responding to the pleasure, but for some reason doesn’t quite take off her shirt. So I deepen her trance state and increase the pleasure she feels.

Clip Five – ( 1:29 ) //
I do a quick stuck hands test with Kelly, and at first it doesn’t seem like it takes hold, but then it does.

Clip Six – ( 6:16 ) //
I suggest that Kelly is going to orgasm on my command, and as she does so, I increase her pleasure, and suggest that she wants to take off her shirt, which she does in a hurry.

Clip Seven – ( 1:47 ) //
I suggest that Kelly smiles, the smile of a horny woman, because that’s what she feels like right now. I then suggest more pleasure to her. Triggering more orgasms.

Clip Eight – ( 4:20 ) //
I give Kelly suggestions that make her feel better about herself and more sexy, as I suggest that her passions and her arousal is released.

Clip Nine – ( 2:46 ) //
I suggest that Kelly take her arm and wrap it around my neck, as she feels weak in the knees and butterflies in her stomach from all the pleasure. I then suggest that she come for me, again and again and again.

Clip Ten – ( 5:37 ) //
I suggest that Kelly stand before me, as I give her thoughts to repeat and believe.

Clip Eleven – ( 2:41 ) //
I ask Kelly questions regarding her experience of being hypnotized.

Clip Twelve – ( 2:14 ) //
I suggest that when Kelly feels my touch, it causes her to tingle and to feel arousal and desire. I suggest that she feels wonderful and that she also feels like the sexiest woman on earth, and that if she takes off her skirt the pleasure will increase.

Clip Thirteen – ( 3:17 ) //
I suggest that Kelly counts backwards from 40 to 1, increasing her arousal while she does so. As she counts, I give her pleasurable suggestions and trigger orgasm. Then at the end I suggest that she take off her panties.

Clip Fourteen – ( 2:12 ) //
I suggest that she feel the air over her most sensitive spot, and then suggest that she’s being tickled and is going to laugh uncontrollably. When this happens, I trigger an orgasm. I see that she is completely open now, and I continue to suggest feelings of pleasure.

Clip Fifteen – ( 2:36 ) //
I take Kelly’s hands above her head, which amplifies her arousal from my earlier suggestions, and get her really turned on.

Clip Sixteen – ( 0:57 ) //
I suggest that all of Kelly’s piercings send waves of pleasure in to her.

Clip Seventeen – ( 4:08 ) //
I suggest that Kelly traces her hands over her body, and everywhere that skin touches skin, she feels pleasure. I suggest that at the count of three, she will be hornier than she’s ever been in her life. I continue to suggest arousal, and eventually her fingers wander to between her legs to pleasure herself.

Clip Eighteen – ( 3:35 ) //
I suggest that Kelly look in to my eyes, still hypnotized, as she associates all the pleasure that she’s felt tonight with my eyes, and then orgasms. Then I give her suggestions to make her feel good about herself, and then she sleeps in my arms.

Clip Nineteen – ( 2:30 ) //
I dress Kelly before bringing her out of a state of hypnosis. [ End of Session ]