Kelly Hypnotized 2

61 minutes Standard Def 480p (720x480) - Release date: 2006-12-09

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Clip One – ( 2:20 ) //
I talk with Kelly before beginning the session and we reflect upon her prior hypnotic experiences with me. At this point she’s done the Kelly 1 session, and also the Brittany, Nails, and Kelly HypnoSlave session.

Clip Two – ( 5:57 ) //
I begin the session with the hypnotic induction. Initially I instruct Kelly to do what we’ve done in the past. However, I rapidly alter the flow of what we’re doing, and use a previous trance trigger to accelerate the process. I continue to deepen her trance state, as I suggest that she feels pleasure, arousal, and horny. I suggest that her mind is blank, and that my words are her thoughts.

Clip Three – ( 3:17 ) //
I suggest that she feels tongues licking her pussy, and that everywhere that skin touches skin feels good. I then suggest that as I take off her shirt, she’s going to feel more horny. Half way through taking off her shirt, I ask her to tell me how she feels.

Clip Four – ( 2:52 ) //
I suggest that my voice is the voice of her fantasies, and that she feels even more pleasure and arousal. I then continue to suggest physical sensations of pleasure and the best sex of her life, building almost to an orgasm. Then I deepen her trance state, without triggering an orgasm.

Clip Five – ( 2:18 ) //
I give Kelly some thoughts to repeat and believe, a technique which seems to be very effective with her. After giving her the thought that she feels horny right now, I give her a pleasure suggestion and it gets quite a response from her. I focus on anchoring this intensity to the spoken trigger. I suggest that she feels a raw and powerful sexual need.

Clip Six – ( 7:24 ) //
I suggest that Kelly take off the rest of her clothes. She is then naked, and in my arms. I suggest more pleasure. I then ask her when the last time she had an orgasm. I then continue to ask her questions about her sexuality. Once I know where she’s coming from, I suggest more arousal. I give her suggestions connecting her emotions with me, and further arousing her. Then I suggest that she looks in to my eyes and orgasms.

Clip Seven – ( 3:12 ) //
I continue to give Kelly orgasms, including one that knocks her off her feet. In the midst of pleasure, I suggest that she pinch her nipples.

Clip Eight – ( 5:07 ) //
I suggest that Kelly visualizes herself on a big white fluffy cloud. I have her concentrate on that image while I get a chair for her to sit down on. I suggest that when she sits on this chair it will feel like the chair is having sex with her. I then wake her up and talk with her while she sits on the chair.

Clip Nine – ( 3:21 ) //
I continue to suggest that Kelly feels horny and aroused, and that she should spread her legs and touch herself while she imagines the other girls doing erotic things to her. This then leads to orgasms.

Clip Ten – ( 2:34 ) //
I suggest that Kelly will take my hand and place it on her body as she feels pleasure. I then briefly cause her to feel tickled, before having her look in to my eyes and having an orgasm.

Clip Eleven – ( 2:30 ) //
I ask Kelly what it felt like to be my HypnoSlave. Afterwards I reward her with pleasure. I then have it stop abruptly. I suggest more pleasure and then again have it stop abruptly. I cause her to reach for the pleasure and to hold on to it as much as she can before it stops again.

Clip Twelve – ( 2:28 ) //
I deepen Kelly’s trance, as I take her in my arms.

Clip Thirteen – ( 3:30 ) //
I suggest that Kelly fantasizes about being my HypnoSlave, about her and the other slaves pleasing each other and pleasing their master. As she does this I suggest that she let her hands roam her body, and then I suggest that she orgasms.

Clip Fourteen – ( 2:47 ) //
As I’ve built all these feelings of pleasure and attraction in Kelly’s mind, I suggest that when I touch her nipple it will cause her to have an amazing orgasm. I do this a few times, causing her to feel a lot of pleasure. I then ask her how it feels, and she says wonderful, so I take this opportunity to feel her breast as she continues to feel all the pleasure that she’s always deserved. I then suggest to her that her body will move as if it were making love.

Clip Fifteen – ( 3:49 ) //
I ask Kelly to nod her head if she’s ever used a vibrator before. She does so. I then suggest that at the count of three she will feel the vibrator. I bring her closer to orgasm, and then freeze her, interrupting the suggestion. I suggest even more pleasure, building up while she’s frozen, to be released when I unfreeze her.

Clip Sixteen – ( 7:26 ) //
I dress Kelly and give her the final pleasure of the session before bringing her out of the trance state. [ End of Session ]