Kimmi Hypnotized

56 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2015-07-08

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We meet Kimmi for the first time in this session. Going in to the session, we learn that she’s never been hypnotized before and she’s never seen it done. She’s new to the entire experience. I start the session with eye fixation, moving in to a progressive relaxation exercise. She is responsive and goes in to a trance state.

Progressing in to the session, I give her the normal commands and triggers that I use to cause her to respond favorably and to feel pleasure on command. She’s tranced out and although I’m using commands and triggers to use her to feel pleasure, her response are muted. I lay it on thicker, and while this does get response out of her, the response is very intense and is little confusing and unsettling to her.

I give her my standard series of training in physical response commands: attention, pose, present your breasts, kiss and embrace.

While her responses to verbal commands to feel pleasure are muted, when I use a physical command of raising her arm, this kinesthetic suggestion affects her very strongly. I suggest vibrations, hoping that she has history with vibrators, and as I pursue this, I notice that her arm is vibrating. When I release her harm, it drops heavy and loose with no awareness or resistance.

I have her do a backwards count, and suddenly freeze her as she’s counting back to occupy whatever part of her conscious mind might still be active. I then trigger her pleasure with a kinesthetic suggestion of the raised hand and the suggestion that she will make the sounds of pleasure. This gets a definite response out of her. I continue to give her further instructions to respond to me favorably, and anticipating that there my be boyfriend involved in her mind interfering with the journey I want to take her on, I give suggestions to distance her from that. I ask her when her last orgasm was and she doesn’t have an answer. I continue to stimulate and arouse her via suggestion and then have her continue her counting backwards.

I continue to relax her and deepen her trance state. We reach a deepness, and then I suggest that she’s being tickled. She’s very responsive to this, and at the height of this I switch it to pleasure, on the verge of orgasm, and now she is very responsive and in that state. I trigger her first orgasm via hypnosis and she’s responsive.

She’s weak in the knees and I have her embrace me as she would a lover. I give her a suggestion to imagine that she’s kissing a lover and tell her to show me how she kisses. She then leans in and kisses me without hesitation, both with her lips and$ to explore and reinforce this behavior, occasionally triggering orgasms to match with the commands to kiss. I can see this this is having an effect on her.

I give her the attention command and she responds to it, and then she opens her eyes and unexpectedly snaps out of the trance state. I talk with her for a few moments, trigger an orgasm while she’s in a more waking state. This catches her by surprise. I then have her kiss on command. Her response to that command is automatic. I place her back in to the trance state, and ask her if she considers herself to be sexually submissive. She answers yes. I then ask her if she’s ever been able to be completely submissive to a man, and she says no. I then ask her if she’s fantasized about what this experience might be like, and she says no. I then suggest to her that she remembers having a dream the previous night that sets up a feeling of of being attracted to me based upon her initial anticipation of the experience.

At this point she starts acting a little strange, and it appears to me that we’ve affected her very strongly and now she’s a little overwhelmed. I break the flow a little bit, have her take a seat, and repeat the induction process using my pocket watch to further evaluate her responses and behaviors, and to slow things down while still moving things forward. She continues to be responsive and I give her the suggestion that she should view everything that happens while she’s hypnotized by me as being all in good fun. I continue to reinforce ideas with her hypnotically that cause her to behave favorably to me and this session.

I then have her focus her eyes on a spot on the wall across the room, keeping her in an eyes open state of focus. I give her the kiss command, and she blankly turns, kisses me, and then turns back to the wall. I trigger another orgasm and she responds to the command, however there’s something underneath her response that seems intense. I then suggest that she will look in to my blue eyes and think they are the most beautiful blue eyes in the world while she giggles at a funny joke.

I suggest that she’s being tickled in an eyes open state of focus before dropping her back in to the trance state. I give her more suggestions designed to reinforce the idea that she enjoyed the session and suggesting that at a future time after the session she should fantasize about the session and bring herself to an enjoyable orgasm. I then ask her how often she orgasms, and she says once a month with her boyfriend. I continue to distance the idea of her boyfriend from the hypnotic experience with me. I then trigger another orgasm, while reinforcing her positive response to the pleasure.

I have her remove an article of clothing one at a time at the snap of my fingers. As I have her take off her clothes, I keep reinforcing the idea that she can enjoy the pleasure and the experience and that she doesn’t have to feel any responsibility. I have her describe how she feels, and she answers that she feels weird. While she is responsive to my commands, there does still seem to be obstacles in her mind that I need to overcome to get her to where I want her to be. Before the last article of clothing comes off, I have her march in place a little bit, before using a few other triggers. I continue to to introduce and reinforce ides that would cause her to respond favorably to me and the process.

I then have her embrace me as if she were a model displaying what a couple is like when they are feeling pleasure in each other’s arms. I have her kiss on command and trigger orgasms long with them as she finds her body in this position. I disengage from this with the pose command, and then at the snap of my fingers, she removes her panties.

Once again I can see that she’s confused and a little disoriented. I have her sit down and give her a little time to collect herself. Her body language changes and she covers her breasts with an arm and with her other hand between her legs. She’s a little freaked out so I interact with her little bit in her more waking state to have her calm down a bit.

I turn her in to rag doll and play with her body a little. Her arms and her legs are loose and limp, and I move them around and drop them. I bring her out of the trance state while leaving her body responding this way to me, as well as holding whatever position if I freeze her in to them. I interact with her in this condition for a little bit. I have a conversation with her about her body language. When I ask her what it feels like, she tells me it feels like she’s not in control of her body. I ask her how this makes her feel and she says that it makes her feel scared. I ask her how scared she feels on a scale of one to ten, and she says that it’s a five, that it’s kind of cool but it’s kind of scary. I tell her that is a good thing because while I want her to enjoy herself, the fact that this experience is freaking her out a little bit makes it interesting to the viewer as they can see that she’s clearly responding to hypnotic phenomena.

She’s starting to panic a little, and when she gets panicky she likes to bring her hand up to her chest. However, now her hands are hanging loose, so I have her relax and I place my hand on her chest. Then I continue to reassure her while moving my hand down her chest a little, feeling her breast.

I continue to reinforce the idea that there is a comfortable connection between us being in physical contact. Then I suggest to her that her hands are stuck tightly together. She struggles with them a little, and then I release them. I then start sticking her hands in awkward positions. She comments that this is very weird. Eventually I get her hands stuck on her breasts, and comment that now her hands re doing what I want to be doing. I comment that while she’s hypnotized I could feel her up and she wouldn’t even notice it. She asks, really? I ask her if she wants to try, and she says yes.

I take her back in to the trance state, give her a count backwards, and then explore her body with my hands. She has no awareness of this occurring, and this give me the freedom to explore. I ask her what the last thing she remembers is, and she answers that it was sitting down. I ask her if she remembers what we were talking about, and she draws a blank. I give her a command to become passive and blank and unaware of what she’s experiencing when I give her the freeze command. I enjoy a second feel, and then bring her out of the trance state with her body still taking whatever position I put it in to. I talk with her about the silly positions and I move her through them.

I ask her if she’s enjoying herself, and she says that she’s still a little freaked out. However I can see that she is panicking less, and accepting and getting used to this interaction. I freeze her again and get a good feel of her body while continuing to place ideas in to her mind to cause her to respond favorably to what’s going on. I then rotate her around, which disorients her, and then I do some hypo-spanking with her. She has a strong response to hypno-spanking. I ask her some questions about her past to see if there’s any sort of sexual association in her mind to being spanked, and we get some information about her background that explains some of her responses.

I start to bring the session to a close and have her demonstrate her enjoyment of the session in the form of a really nice embrace. Before we wrap things up I have her change in to some sexy clothing that she brought and take her through some of the commands that I’ve given her.

"This was one of your best sessions. It was interesting how she seemed to be holding back, but you were able to get her to open up. I love when you get them to kiss you. I know you don't do that with everyone and since she had a boyfriend I was surprised you were able to get her to. Great session!"

"As you correctly note in your article, the first half was pretty tedious and close to discouraging, but you deserve credit for patience and for backing off a bit.

The second half was great. A great mix of the traditional stage hypno with the sex... Great hypno confusion and suggestions. She was hot and you were able to make the most of that. Lot's of sleep suggestions, always love the standing asleep naked shots. Yea, it's too bad she wasn't able to push the button a bit more, but the end was entertaining and erotic, without being overbearing, I thought you got the most out of the shoot as you could, hopefully set it up for a return with a bit more sexiness."

"Another great video. You could definitely tell she was a bit freaked out by just how well the suggestions were working on her. She also appeared to have no memory of anything that occurred while she was under. I have to admit this aspect of it was pretty hot even if it made me feel a little guilty. I also enjoyed the blank mind suggestions you threw in occasionally. I'd love to see that incorporated more with other models as well.

Overall, I'm glad you did all you could to ease her apprehension and still make it an enjoyable experience for her.

She certainly is a cutie. I hope when next we see her you'll be able to draw her out even more!"

"This was one of your best sessions. It was interesting how she seemed to be holding back but you were able to get her to open up. I love when you get them to kiss you I know you don't do that with everyone and since she had a boyfriend i was surprised you were able to get her to. Great session."

"Your Kimmi Session was great! I really liked it and the direction of your new sessions.

Please work with Kimmi several more times as I really enjoyed her and your session together.

The untapped innocence and surprise reactions are really what started me with your website.

Good work keep it up!"