Kimmi Hypnotized 1.5

19 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2015-07-11

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This is the previously unaired second session with Kimmi.

I start an eye fixation induction, however, she's still responsive to triggers from the previous session so I take her in to the trance state that way. I spend some time deepening her trance state and relaxing her. I then take her through the balloon test. With her hands floating over her head, I suggest that she's being tickled on her belly. She's responsive to this and I switch the tickles to pleasure.

I give her suggestions to cause her to respond favorably to my voice, and then I use her kiss trigger from the previous session. She automatically responds by kissing me. I give her a hypnotic fantasy of being with her boyfriend. At the snap of my fingers she acts out this fantasy with me, wrapping her arms around my neck and head and kissing me.

As she kisses me I suggest that she feels more pleasure. Her outward response is muted and not as expressive as I would prefer. I trigger an orgasm and she has one. I then suggest that she's having sex with her boyfriend. She is becoming shy and reserved, so I drop her back in to a deep trance.

I raise her hand suggesting tickles as I do so. Then at the top of the ticklishness I trigger another orgasm. I then have her open her eyes, still in a trance, and believe that she is about to take a shower. I tell her to take off her clothes when I count to three. I play a joke on her and suggest that the water suddenly becomes ice cold. I then give her a freeze command, and she is frozen unaware. I run a quick feel of her breast before unfreezing her and she continues washing her breasts. As her hands move down, I have her fantasize about her boyfriend while she touches herself between the legs. Then I suggest to her that she feels the shower head massaging her to an orgasm.

After her hypno-shower I relax her and give her suggestions relating to her responding favorably to my touch. I then give her a trigger to cause her to bark like a dog when I give her nipple a little tap. I use this trigger while she's in the trance state.

I then bring her out of the trance state, and she's immediately surprised by her nudity. This seems to affect her very strongly. As she covers herself, I give her a command to drop her hands. They fall loose, and then I use her nipple barking trigger. The situation is absurd, and I can't help but laugh a little.

I use a spanking trigger from the previous session on her timed with the nipple barking trigger. This combination seems to weird her out a little bit, and we can see that she's powerless to resist what she's experiencing.

I notice this and ask her how it feels. She tells me that it feels frustrating because it's happening, but "she's not doing it." I give her conflicting commands to try not to bark, and she's literally holding it in with her hand.

The video ends at this point. While it had been interesting, I didn't feel during the filming of the session that it would make sense to explore any further. I spent some time on my own afterwards reviewing the session and thinking about it, and eventually came up with some ideas that I pursued with her in our third session together (Kimmi 2), which fit in a little better with her psychology as a hypnotic subject.