Kimmi Hypnotized 2

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We have Kimmi back in the studio and we begin the session. We touch on the idea that she has a better response when she is made unaware and passive in the experience. Since this bring up issues of consent, we spend time discussing this on camera and we get explicit consent for the type of hypnotic process that I am going to use with her in this session.

In the normal course of my work, I use hypnosis to cause women to be hyper aware of the experience, with occasional reaffirmation of consent. When working with subjects that are aware of the experience, this is never a bad idea and only reaffirms that everyone is in agreement that the experience is good. As such, I use just as much hypnotic technique as necessary to create a pleasurable experience, and to facilitate my exploration of the sexual nature of my subject to whatever degree is appropriate.

Historically, I’ve found that unnecessary memory or awareness manipulation can be unsettling, so I typically avoid it in order to keep the process flowing in a positive manner.

However, Kimmi represents a classic example of a consenting subject that wants to give consent once, go deep and let go of control completely. All she asks is that she can trust the hypnotist to give her an experience that she’ll be okay with and enjoy. In that case, continuous polling of her awareness creates a jarring, unsettling, uncertain unfamiliar experience. In this session I can inform her based on her past experiences that I can do this kind of session with her, and in her history with me she knows that I can have that kind of effect on her. This forms the foundation for informed consent.

Anyone can read a hypnotic script, they are just words. Evaluating a subject’s unique response in real time, and creating a experience that makes sense in an erotic context is another thing entirely. Particularly with people who experience deep trance, you need to be very sensitive to their responses in order to create an experience that contradicts reality, but that they are still able to experience hypnotically, process emotionally and integrate in to their identity and memory.

Because it is the case that Kimmi has the ability to let go and go deep, and because it is necessary in her case to explore her in this kind of hypnotic context, I make the rare decision to render her unaware and giving her memory related suggestions causing her not to remember the specifics of the experience. This is the correct decision and she has a very positive expeirence.

I cannot emphasize this enough, this is an extreme form of erotic hypnosis and should not be done without proper informed consent and a clearly established understanding of the erotic purpose of the session. Additionally, this style shouldn’t be attempted by inexperienced hypnotists, simply because you’re going to have less conscious feedback from the subject to use to guide the experience.

Kim is very responsive to hypnosis, and she goes very easy in to the trance process. I use her posthypnotic trigger to return her to trance, but I take my time deepening her. I notice that her nails have been done, so I suggest that her hand floats up and I get a good tight closeup of how her nails look. She freezes on my command, and when I freeze her I get a little feel of her breast, she has no response. I suggest that she’s a mannequin, and suggest continued passivity. She’s in a state of peace, calm, and relaxation. Her purpose is to be posed, and I put her body in to various poses. It is normal for a mannequin’s clothes to be adjusted, so I open her outfit up a little.

Through this process I keep deepening her trance state and reinforcing suggestions to cause her to respond favorably to what I am doing to her in a passive way. I open the top of her dress, and lift the hem of her skirt taking a peek at her panties.

We’re able to get a real good look close upon her face, and as I continue to condition her in a favorable manner, we can see that she’s experiencing Rapid Eye Movement (REM). Traditionally, I don’t spend a lot of time using creative visualizations with my subjects on the website, specifically because we can’t directly observe what they are imagining. However, on the basis of her responsiveness, I decide to make use of this traditional deepening technique. I have her imagine a staircase and count backwards as she walks down going deeper and deeper. As she does this, I freeze her now and then, and she is passive. I slowly open her legs and her dress more while she’s frozen. When I unfreeze her, she continues without awareness, and I slowly get her more relaxed and deepened and opened.

This gradual approach is slowly taking her deeper and deeper in to the trance state. Sitting on my chair, with her legs open and her dress pulled up a little, showing off her panties, and her breasts slightly revealed, she’s very relaxed and passive and entranced. I introduce the idea that she is at the beach, and she accepts the suggestion. Since it’s too hot to wear a sweater at the beech, we have her take off her extra clothes. She accepts the simple logic and you can see her body remains in a very relaxed, passive and receptive state.

We establish a physical connection between my hand on her back. We establish the emotional connection, that it’s like the hand of a friend. She accepts this and I’m able to contact her without disrupting her trance state. At this point when we look up close at her sleepy and peaceful expression, we can see her generous cleavage spilling out of the top of her open dress. I pull her dress and bra straps down and expose one of her breasts. She starts to get a little startled, but I relax her and deepen her trance state, returning her to a passive state.

I continue the beach metaphor, and suggest that she’s at the beach getting a massage. I continue the contact with her and now we have a very strong kinesthetic connection. I suggest that it is a full service private beach, like a full service spa where she doesn’t have to do anything for herself. I suggest that I’m placing sun tan lotion on her and use hypnotic imagery to have her engage with the beach using her sense of smell.

I experience a minor technical issue with my side camera, so I put her in to a deepening countdown. This flows seamless and serves to slow the tempo of the session, taking her deeper and deeper. I freeze her mid count, and continue her hypnotic conditioning.

I introduce a sense of luxury to the experience. She’s relaxed, and she enjoys being pampered. She doesn’t have to do anything. Her breasts and spilling out of her dress, and she’s sleepy and relaxed. I bring her arms out of her straps. I give her the suggestion that the service is so good that she doesn’t even need to put sun screen on her breasts, they do it for her. I generously apply the sunscreen to her breasts, and she accepts this as being normal and unremarkable.

Continuing in to the process, I now have free access to her upper body and her breasts. She’s in a deep trance and completely accepts the beach massage suggestion. I suggest that some women experience spontaneous orgasm during massage. I continue the contact, relaxing her more and more, integrating the massage with the hypnotic process. She accepts this and is passive, relaxed and open.

My other camera experiences a similar technical glitch, thankfully at a different time. At first I was annoyed by this, but in retrospect, the timing of the deepening holding pattern that I put Kimmi in to while I fix the camera gives the very general erotic suggestion time to sink in, and turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

Kimmi is very relaxed. She is passive, docile, and in a deep hypnotic trance. We have a good connection both physically and mentally. I introduce the idea to her that there’s nothing special or remarkable about what’s happening right now with the metaphor that I’m like a mechanic working on a car.

It’s at this point that i understand her. She’s an attractive woman with a sensuality, but when she perceives sexual attention focused on her it makes her uncomfortable. In the context of complete peace, calm and relaxation, it’s no big deal, so everything makes it through and is accepted. She’s enjoying the experience as long as she doesn’t focus too much on the meta aspect of the experience. The combination of trance, metaphor, depth and trust has created the circumstances where she can let go and enjoy without it plugging in to any negative associations from her past.

This is essentially the key to the consenting subject who wants to experience something but can’t consciously integrate it, but can subconsciously enjoy it. Some women are drawn to hypnosis for this reason. It can be a very powerful experience, but extreme care and caution needs to be exercised with subjects of this type.

I suggest that there’s a little bit of tension caused by her clothes, so I have her stand up and I disrobe her. I reinforce the idea that she doesn’t have to do anything, that she’s being taken care of and worked on.

She’s now sitting in her panties, completely relaxed and passive. I continue to subtly add the developing slow orgasm in to the mix, but downplaying it, and letting it be background. She responds very favorably, so now I give her a clear and direct hypnotic trigger linking the word mechanic to the feeling of just about orgasming. However, I immediately reinforce the metaphor that she’s at a spa and the staff has been trained to ignore women having orgasms during their massages, because it’s such a common and normal occurrence.

She continues to accept the flow of this experience, and I use the trigger. She has a noticeable erotic response. At this point she’s making the sounds of pleasure with no contra indications of discomfort. She’s completely in the moment, and based upon my past observations of her hypnotic responses, I have reason to believe that she is experiencing this reality as I’ve weaved it around her. Even the occasional light tracing of fingers over the panties is accepted as a normal and appropriate occurrence in the context of this situation.

I then share with her a statistic about women having the ability to experience orgasm from non-sexual breast stimulation. We now have her in a state where I am rubbing her breasts, and she accepts this reality as normal. Using the mechanic trigger, she continues to experience erotic buildup, while in the reality of the metaphor her mind is interpreting the interaction as being non-sexual and ordinary.

I indulge in rubbing her breasts, and she’s feeling very good. I have her interpret what she’s experiencing and what’s happening and it’s very clear that she’s enjoying herself. I then drop her in to the trance state. I momentarily forget that in her case my attention command snaps her a little out of the trance. Fortunately, this is not disruptive, and I use this as an opportunity to get her out of her panties and deepen the trance state.

I use her embrace trigger out of curiosity. She’s naked and standing next to me. Her body starts to tremble a little, and I can tell that it’s pushing against the metaphor of reality that is allowing her to have this experience. Even though we have a physical connection, that particular expression of it is disruptive, so I abandon it.

I bring her to the floor and resume the beach metaphor suggesting that she is laying in the sand. I take her in to a deepening, and then freeze her. I user her mechanic trigger and she responds very strongly and sexually on the floor. I have achieved the goal of the process, I can now trigger her orgasms without her experiencing resistance or discomfort.

We enjoy and explore this for a while. Kimmi experiences pleasure and I indulge myself in the experience. We reach a point where the pleasure she’s feeling exceeds her working memory and she loses track of her number. I trigger some special pleasure in that moment, and give her a few positive suggestions.

The session winds down and I play a few silly games with her as we wind down.

Towards the end, when she’s coming back in to her normal self, she’s shy being naked with me and covers herself up. I think this is adorable, and can’t resist suggesting to her that she can’t figure out how to put on her clothes.

I release her from the struggle of her trying to figure out her clothes, and we ease back in to a normal interaction. I lightly comment on her responsiveness during the session in order to thank her and to let her know that she’s done well. She shares a candid moment with me where she expresses that she’s had some disappointments in connecting with other people during sex.

We talk briefly about the special nature of this type of trance structure and activity, and reiterate the idea that in the context of two consenting adults agreeing to have an experience like this, and knowing what they are in for that it is okay. However, starting under other pretenses, such as for therapeutic or professional purposes and then turning it in to something like this, while possible within the mechanics of hypnosis, would most probably be inappropriate.

"Hi Aaron, just watched Kimmi 2. It has just literally blown my socks off!! You weren't exaggerating when you said it was your best of the year so far... I thought that would be a tall order, but my god!!! Thank you for such an awesome video!!"

To which I responded:

"As you can see, I'm definitely not one who is prone to exaggeration. I knew that I had something really special with this session. It just hit all the right notes in all the right ways, and when you compare it to Kimmi 1, you can see the effectiveness of the techniques and strategy that I used to take her to that place. I'm glad you enjoyed it!"

I then received this in reply to my response:

"And can I just add... That with her history for you to make that level of connection with her is to me incredible..... I'm a complete layman of course, but I would imagine that she would have built up a lot of barriers over years.... So to me makes your sessions even more impressive.

I absolutely loved that session... and thought it was incredibly hot. I can also imagine how positive your sessions would be for Kimmi"

"It was hot seeing her get the massage while hypnotized and thinking it was just a normal massage."

"I enjoyed viewing Kimmi Hypnotized 2 because of the hypnotic amnesia she exhibited."