Kimmi Hypnotized 3

63 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2015-09-09

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We begin the session with a short talk, discussing the specific nature of how we are doing erotic hypnosis with Kimmi. She’s a little nervous, but we set the expectation that we are going to blank her out and give her the best experience possible. She consents, and I use her trance trigger to begin the session.

We slowly ease in to the process. I ask her a number of questions about her feelings about our previous sessions, and about her sexuality. She’s responding to me very favorably. I place my hands on her shoulders and ask her how it feels. She continues to respond favorably.

I take her through a creative visualization exercise as we deepen her trance. I have her count backwards, not paying attention to anything but that vision. While she does that I start to pull the top of her dress down. I freeze her and test her mechanic trigger from the previous session. We get a little response, but it is muted. I give her some suggestions to continue this metaphor, but am uncertain as to it’s effects on her. I freeze her again and use her pleasure triggers. Once again, we get a response, but it is muted. I continue pulling down her top until her breasts are out. I ask her about where she is at and she answers that she’s in the field of flowers. She’s passive and relaxed.

First I have her stand, continuing the process of bring out her breasts. I reinforce her obedience to me, then I have her kneel on the ground, topless. She continues to do this passively. I give her suggestions to prepare her to be my puppy, “Princess.”

I place a pink collar on her and have her do puppy dog tricks. I have her shake, and beg, and follow. I have her play dead, roll over, sit and speak. Then I place a leash on her and walk her. Then I take out her squeaky toy and play fetch with her.

I finish playing with her as “Princess,” my puppy, and she is collapsed on the ground. I suggest that her hands are lighter than air and they are floating up, returning her to her feet. In a short time, she floats back up to her feet, and the balloons stretch her out in a very pleasing way, placing her breasts on display.

We go back in to the beach and massage metaphor, however it doesn’t seem to have the same effect as last time. I take her through another deepening exercise as she lays on my floor. Then I give her the suggestion that she’s in the bath, and that leads in to an experience of self pleasure.

As she starts to touch herself between her legs, I take away her ability to orgasm for now. I ease her deeper and deeper in to her self pleasuring experience, and every now and again I freeze her to adjust what she is thinking and feeling and specifically doing. Little by little, I see her getting absorbed the experience, until she finds her self repeating over and over again, “please let me cum.” I use her pleasure triggers, and under these conditions, see that they have a greater effect on her.

We get a very good and intimate look at her from every angle, as she goes more and more turned on. We see the effects of this arousal on her as she gets more intense in her masturbation, and I’m in control over this, starting and stopping her mid stroke at my whim. Finally she’s in the heat of the moment, and I have her squeeze her boobies as she touches herself intensely. I then trigger her orgasm when it counts. She goes wild.

I keep her focused on masturbating, while I enjoy giving her breasts a little squeeze. I use her pleasure triggers, while I enjoy squeezing her breasts, while her fingers are working her pussy, she moans in pleasure.

I freeze her mid pleasure, and then have her count backwards from 30 to 1, not paying any attention to her body until she reaches one, at which point she feels everything that has been building up in a very powerful orgasm. While I wait for her to finish counting, I give her breast a little squeeze again.

Suddenly, by surprise I suggest that her feet are being tickled, then I make her tickle her own belly. She’s helplessly laughing on the floor, then I trigger a surprise orgasm. While she recovers from this I make her tickle herself again, like she’s tickling someone else, but it’s her self. Then at the snap of my fingers I have her pleasure herself the way that she was tickling herself. Then I trigger another orgasm. We get a very good look at her pussy and she that she’s very horny and loose.

I restore her orgasm to her normal ability and let her enjoy herself, observing how she uses her fingers when she’s this way.

I get a good look at her, and take her through a total body progressive relaxation exercise to shift her out of the sexy place and take her to a calm and relaxed place.

While still in a trance, we dress her, and bring her out of the trance, laying on the floor but fully clothed. Her memory is blanked out and there’s not really the passage of time. I give her a post hypnotic suggestion to go and wash her hands, since she’s had her fingers buried in her pussy for the last 20 minutes. She then returns and we talk for a few moments while wrapping up the session. [ end of session ]