Kimmi Hypnotized 4

47 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2016-07-29

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It has been a year since our last erotic hypnosis session with Kimmi. She looks great, and it's a real pleasure to have her back in my studio. Before we begin the session, we talk a little about her previous experiences being hypnotized. She's had some time to think about them and reflect upon them and has quite a bit to say. I find her perspective to be interesting, both the positive and the negative aspects of her subjective experience.

We begin the induction process. I then use her trance trigger, and get an immediate response. Over the session I'll explore a little bit to see how much of the triggered infrastructure I placed in her a year ago remains at my command. At any rate, it is very enjoyable to see her slump over when I give her a sleep trigger at the snap of my fingers, showing off her generous cleavage.

I take her hand and raise it up, suggesting that she's being tickled all over as I do so. She responds very well to this suggestion, and it affects her as she squirms and giggles. I deepen her trance a little, and when I let go of her raised arm it just flops down. Naturally I control the movement of her arm to make sure that it doesn't slam in to the chair or anything hard.

Kimmi has historically been very susceptible to my style of hypnosis, and for the most part I know that I can do whatever I want with her. I know that I'm going to have her naked before me soon enough, but I've really enjoyed how she looks in her top, with just the right amount of cleavage. I suggest to her that she just notices that her bra is itchy, and enjoy watching her try to adjust it. I almost feel bad, because she's a total sweetheart, and basically completely helpless to my suggestions. However, I'm really enjoying the show. When she starts scratching her chest, I figure that she's had enough and I release her from the suggestion, dropping her deeper in to the trance. Her head slumps down and i have a few moments to admire how good she looks in her bra.

I suggest to her that she's breathing in laughing gas and that it's making her giggle obliviously to her body and her surroundings. While she is under the influences of this hypno-laughing gas, and with her bra loosely hanging on her breasts, I decide to have a quick feel. I suggest to her that she may have a spontaneous orgasm form it, and she does. However, I know from experience that too much orgasms, too soon, shakes her up, so I back off from that. I give her a suggestion that causes her to wake up long enough to take off her bra, and then when it comes off she drops deep asleep.

I deepen her trance a little and give her suggestions relating to responding favorably to my voice. I suggest feelings of arousal, which seem to have an effect. I trigger an orgasm and get an affect. Her expression indicates that it's almost an unpleasant feeling. So I back off from it again.

I suggest to her that she's holding a balloon. While she responds to that suggestion, I give her some suggestions relating to diminished nightmares and a more positive dream experience. I leave her unable to really do anything about her hand hanging in the air or being topless, and give her conscious mind a chance to have an epiphany relating to these suggestions. While she absorbes these ideas and processes them consciously, she's also a little perplexed at the situation that I've pu her body in to. We talk about this a little bit, but she mentions that she has a thing where she likes to be controlled. These words are barely out of her mouth before I trigger her trance and she slumps over, under my control.

I give her the attention command. That trigger seems to have decayed a little, so I take her step by step to standing before me at attention. I give her suggestions relating to her being under my control. Instead of my normal strategy of linking pleasure to obedience to me, I instead give her suggestions relating to her desire to please me and to make me happy. I caress her breasts, suggesting to her that she knows two things. First, she won't remember me doing this, and that she thinks that's sexy. Second, if I enjoy it, then she's all for it.

I have her stand at attention before me. Then I give her a command to present her breasts, then to pose. I wake her up in this position and her response is adorable. Her hands are basically glued to her breasts. I place her back in to the trance and suggest that her panties are itchy and she wants to take them off. Very quickly she is fully nude. I deepen her trance and have her spread her legs.

I ask her when the last time she used a vibrator for pleasure was. She answers that it was a year ago. I tell her to tell me about the experience. There is an interesting insight in to her sexual nature that I decide to link to a trigger word, desire.

While I am creating this trigger, my phone has an emergency broadcast system warning. It blares loud tones to bring attention to a storm in the desert. Normally I would edit this out, but it's interesting to see a lack of startling or any particular response in Kimmi as this happens. As such, while understandably jarring and unexpected to the viewer, this is an interesting aspect of the hypnotic phenomena and Kimmi's susceptibility to it. After I give Kimmi her desire trigger, I can see that it has a very profound effect on her, immediately causing a response in her.

I decide to use her desire trigger while feeling her breasts and using her kiss trigger. I get a response out of her, but after a little time I feel like I'm staring to lose her. So I bring her out of the trance state and talk with her about the dust storm warning we just got, and that she was completely oblivious to. This serves to distract her. I slip in her desire trigger during the conversation, and it has the appropriate effect on her.

I place her back in to the trance, and use her desire trigger on her in combination with her embrace trigger. I give her a command that her body moves on a sort of sexy autopilot, and that she's in the arms of the sexiest person she can think of. I use her kiss trigger, and get a much more enthusiastic response. I enjoy her in this capacity for a short time, but then I start to lose her again, so I suggest that she's being tickle on her feet. She starts giggling, and I wake her up, then I have her focus on my finger and take her deep.

I take her through a few more cycles of sexual feelings and activities, and then the tickle distraction when I start to lose her. While there is a little resistance, each iteration reduces it.

I recognize that she needs a break, so we spend some time talking at a conscious level. The topic is politics.

I place her back in to the trance, and place a vibrator in her hand. I gently coax her in to using it on herself. She brings herself to orgasm, but it is quite subdued.

Before I bring her out of the trance and she forgets about the vibrator experience, I ask her to tell me about it from her point of view. After using the vibrator I give her the kiss command, and there is a very noticeable increase in enthusiasm on her part to the command.

I have her count backwards from 20 to 1 on the way to coming out of the trance. I distract her with tickles during this process. We bring her out of the trance state and talk a little bit about the conditioning that we did to her tonight.

[End of Session]