Kitten Toxicated Hypnotized

103 minutes Standard Def 480p (720x480) - Release date: 2006-02-22

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Clip One – ( 3:51 ) 2/24/2006
In this clip we meet Kitten Toxicated, an adorable candy raver girl. I talk about the session with her a bit, and see that she’s a little skeptical and a little nervous, but also ernest about being hypnotized. I see early on that she’s responsive, and the induction proceeds quickly.

Clip Two – ( 3:03 ) 2/25/2006
I continue to do a guided imagery deepening exercise with Kitten. I use beach images.

Clip Three – ( 5:47 ) 2/26/2006
I continue the deepening process, and start to suggest the sensation of pleasure to Kitten.

Clip Four – ( 6:34 ) 2/27/2006
I continue to suggest the sensations of pleasure, and now I start to use hypnotic language to promote external response. Some progress is made, however, either she is completely internalizing everything, or I’ve pushed ahead too soon with the advanced stuff.

Clip Five – ( 5:36 ) 2/28/2006
I decide to pull back a bit, and go in to a progressive relaxation exercise, to continue to test her degree and type of responsiveness to my commands, and to ease back on the pace.

Clip Six – ( 6:03 ) 3/1/2006
Now I give her more suggestions, and small things to do, and she gets more used to carrying out my instructions. I see her responsiveness increase.

Clip Seven – ( 4:46 ) 3/2/2006
I begin by suggestion that Kitten feels that she is being tickled, and I notice a bit of a lack of response. This is in contrast with the responsiveness that she was exhibiting before. When I wake her up, I see that she’s experiencing a bit of a conflict, and probably a little bit of sensory overload too. So I ease the sensations back to baseline, and restore her to a state of peace and relaxation. Sometimes, when you have a responsive subject who doesn’t necessarily externally display what they are feeling, a hypnotist might increase the sensations to try to observe the result. This can occasionally lead to a bit of an overload. If that is encountered, then it is useful to return things to baseline, and then, as we’ll see in the next clip, engage in dialog with the subject in a trance state.

Clip Eight – ( 6:12 ) 3/3/2006
I engage in dialog with Kitten in the trance state, and sort out her feelings and reactions. I begin by asking her if she is hypnotized right now. She clearly is, however her mind doesn’t quite realize that it is, so that is resulting in a degree of confusion. This is also an indication that I proceeded a little too quickly, without the small steps that are sometimes necessary for the subject to get used to the fact that they are in a trance state. As we explore that, we find the source of the conflict and her discomfort. There is a part of her that is resisting, and that resistance stems from fear. So I give her a mechanism to address that fear, and things go smoothly after that.

Clip Nine – ( 3:14 ) 3/4/2006
I now suggest hypno-tickling to Kitten, and she responds much more clearly this time. I then suggest that her legs feel silky against each other, and that it feels good to rub them together, that it feels sexy, and that it turns her on. Then we go back to even more hypno-tickling. I then suggest that all the tickles turn to pleasure, all over her body.

Clip Ten – ( 3:54 ) 3/5/2006
Feeling pleasure all over her body, I suggest that everywhere Kitten feels skin against skin, she feels pleasure. I also have her repeat out loud and believe, “I feel pleasure,” and every time she does so, it grows. I give her powerful suggestions to repeat, that affect her. She resists the suggestion a little to feel horny, but at the same time doesn’t use her out, so I give her a little encouragement with more hypno-tickling, and when she accepts the suggestion, it affects her profoundly.

Clip Eleven – ( 2:39 ) 3/6/2006
I now take a pause to ask her, in a trance state, how she feels. She answers, in a sleepy voice, that she feels relaxed and excited. She trails off a little bit, and I probe deeper in to what she didn’t say. She says in a sleepy voice, “It’s just… it works.” I ask her if it’s pleasurable and if it’s enjoyable, and she says yes to both. I then ask her if she wants to continue to be hypnotized to feel pleasure. She says yes, and now we have her belief and commitment to the experience.

Clip Twelve – ( 5:28 ) 3/7/2006
Back on her feet, I reinforce her feelings of pleasure and curiosity for the experience. I then suggest that she feels that she’s being kissed. I then suggest that she feels like she’s in a fairy tale, a magical fairy tale where she feels arousal and she feels loved and she feels all the most wonderful emotions. I give her the idea that she is experiencing magical pleasure beyond anything she has ever thought possible before.

Clip Thirteen – ( 2:31 ) 3/8/2006
I now have her repeat over and over again, that she feels pleasure, each one faster and stronger and more intense. I then suggest that when I lover her to the couch, she’s going to feel so comfortable that she’s going to take her shirt off so she can feel more pleasure.

Clip Fourteen – ( 3:21 ) 3/9/2006
After a brief camera pause as we change the tape, we return to find Kitten in a state of arousal. I ask her how she feels and get an interesting answer. This allows us to take the session in a very interesting direction, and to fully unleash her passion and arousal.

Clip Fifteen – ( 2:36 ) 3/10/2006
I suggest that Kitten takes off her bra, so that she can feel even more pleasure. I ask her how she feels, and she says, “Hot and bothered.” I suggest that she feels pleasure everywhere that she rubs her candy.

Clip Sixteen – ( 2:07 ) 3/11/2006
We continue the exploration of the mental space that she’s in, while continuing to suggest her pleasure.

Clip Seventeen – ( 3:14 ) 3/12/2006
I prepare to get up for a bit to get some water for us, and to give her a chance to explore her body and her enhanced feelings. She hesitates, and I ask her to explain why. She tells me that she’s afraid that it will never be as good after. I explain to her that it’s a myth, and that any good experience only serves to make all other experiences better too, if you have the right frame of mind. I explain the mechanics of this experience caused by suggestion versus the mechanics of a similar experience caused by chemical suggestion to Kitten.

Clip Eighteen – ( 3:00 ) 3/15/2006
I suggest to Kitten to feel pleasure without fear, doubt, or hesitation. Using this experience to increase the quality of all her experiences. I then suggest that she explore the sensation of candy on skin and of skin on skin. I suggest that she is a beautiful pink flower, and she smiles and says that she want’s to be a beautiful pink princess. So I drop her deeply in to trance, and freeze her in place, and suggest that she’s a beautiful pink princess, in her fairy tale. I also suggest that she takes off her skirt.

Clip Nineteen – ( 2:16 ) 3/16/2006
I place Kitten deep in to a trance, as she leans back against me. I continue to suggest an increase in her pleasure. I continue to put sexy and positive ideas in to her mind.

Clip Twenty – ( 4:14 ) 3/17/2006
When I count to three, Kitten is under a sexy spell, that makes it possible for her to feel more pleasure than any woman who has ever lived. I ask her if she’s ready for the orgasm, and she says no. She wants to feel it building more and more. So I place her on the edge of the orgasm, with the orgasm being under my control. She gets incredibly in to it, and we melt in to each other. I then suggest that she feels the best sex of her life. Eventually she needs a break, and we stop.

Clip Twenty-One – ( 7:31 ) 3/18/2006
In the afterglow of the pleasure, I describe and demonstrate the relaxed orgasm with Kitten. At one point I freeze her in a moment of pleasure, and increase that pleasure while she’s frozen in that moment.

Clip Twenty-Two – ( 6:44 ) 3/19/2006
I now suggest that Kitten feels the best hypothetical sex of her life. I suggest a knight for the princess. She’s under a magical love spell with her knight, and it’s time to orgasm. I trigger her orgasms until she is completely worn out.

Clip Twenty-Three – ( 3:22 ) 3/20/2006
We star to cool down from the session. I mention my Thousand Orgasms project, and we take some pictures. Kitten asks what time it is, and discovers that hours have passed.

Clip Twenty-Four – ( 5:09 ) 3/21/2006
We wrap up the session. End of Session.