Lily Hypnotized

94 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2008-02-26

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I begin the hypnotic induction with Lily. She's very responsive, very quickly, so I move in to feelings of pleasure. I rapidly take her through a series of different pleasure metaphors, and temporarily block her orgasm response so that I can take her to intensities of pleasure. I suggest that for the rest of the session, her body is one erogenous zone, and that I control her orgasms.

On the count of three, Lily feels that she's having the best sex of her life. I give her a pleasure trigger, associated to my voice, causing her to feel intensely good every time I say pleasure. I then create a loop in her mind that causes her to feel pleasure as she hears the sounds of her pleasure. i then trigger an orgasm.

I suggest that Lily feels pleasure from a primal place. As she feels this, I have her notice how strange it is that she's being tickled. The tickles go on for a while, and then I suggest that it's her clothes that are tickling her. She rushes to get out of them. The tickles then come back, and then I trigger an orgasm. Then I have her cum on command. Then I trigger a climax.

Still in a climax, I trigger more pleasure. I then have her remember that her whole body is an erogenous zone, so I have her explore it. Then the tickles return, mercilessly. I then relax her and do a hypnotic deepener.

I lead Lily through a progressive relaxation exercise, with an orgasm trigger instead of a relax command.

I talk with Lily for a bit about being hypnotized. While we talk, I give her the Brave New World command, which causes her to subconsciously pose for me when I say the phrase.

I lead Lily through a tour of the different types of orgasms. We then go back to our chat.

When I'm talking to an attractive, naked woman, who feels pleasure, I like to discuss anti-utopitarian literature. We discuss Brave New World. Then we chat a bit more.

I've decided that I've been talking a lot, so I trigger a lot of pleasure and then some orgasms for Lily. I build up to a major orgasm, and then wake her up in the middle of it, and talk about Brave New World a little more.

I give Lily some orgasms to release the erotic tension that I built up in her.

I suggest that I have just told Lilly the funniest joke that she's ever heard, and then I wake her up. She promptly accuses me of being a tease, so I put her back in to the formal trance state. I suggest that she's giggling. She says that she feels drunk. So I suggest that she is drunk, and horny too.

I suggest that Lily can bring herself to orgasm by caressing her breasts. However, there's a forcefield that prevents her from touching her breasts, and it's very frustrating. I let the forcefield disappear, and she gives herself pleasure. Afterwards, she has trouble standing, so I have her do naked jumping jacks, of course.

I introduce Lily to the Flogger of Extreme Ticklishness.

Next, I introduce Lily to the Flogger of Extreme Horniness. I then bring back the Flogger of Extreme Ticklishness. (Note: Yeah, I got it mixed up, it was Kurt Russell in Death Proof.)

i talk with LIly a bit, and then hand her the Flogger of Extreme Horniness and let her use it on herself. After a while I decide to give her the Flogger of Extreme Ticklishness and have her use it on herself as well. I give her a moment of relief when she drops the flogger, then I have her pick it up again. At the end, I give her an orgasm.

I ask Lily how she feels and if she's enjoying the experience. She answers, and we talk a little about what her physical state is. She then compliments me, and I decide to have her cum. As she cums, she looks in to my eyes, and I instruct her to try to figure out what's going on in my head while I make her cum. We then talk for a bit, and have a little Babylon 5 chat. I then trigger an orgasm, and have her look in to my eyes and try to figure out what's going on in my head while she experiences the pleasure.

I decide to stack the deck a little bit, and give Lily suggestions to cause her to respond very favorably to me and my work. However, I do this with a twist, where I engage her critical reasoning, and see if she will choose to accept these suggestions. I then give her a very animalistic feeling that feeds in to the release of a lot of pleasure.

I suggest that Lily feels all the pleasure that her body and mind is capable of feeling. I then suggest that she feels it emotionally and spiritually. I then bust out some language and philosophy from cabalistic high magic, via hypnosis to draw all of the energy of the universe, drawn through her pussy. To a very spectacular finish.

I ask Lily if there's anything more than she would like to experience before we ended the formalized trance process. She doesn't think of anything, so I make the joke that I could always sing Day-O. I then explain how this is an inside joke between me and a circle of my hypnotist friends. She struggles to find her thoughts, so I hold the concept in my hand, and tease her with it a little bit. Then I give it to her, and she feels an incredible sense of satisfaction. I then suggest an orgasm. I then flash back to earlier when I suggested the feeling that her body is one erogenous zone, and I bring her pleasure just by touching her hand. I'm continue to be teasing and playful with her as I trigger more pleasure. This is where the first tape ends.

I freeze lilly in to place, while I go to put a new tape in the camera. Then we continue along where we had left off. We talk a bit about how well we work together, and I mention that I like her because she's smart. She jokingly says, what?, in an airhead sort of way, so I use hypnosis to turn her in to a bimbo temporarily. I have her feel pleasure as a bimbo.

I trigger another orgasm, and she says that it's like an invisible cock, fucking her. I then use hypnotic suggestion to play with her a bit about the cock that's fucking her. I then suggest that the cock that's fucking her is pink, that it's a Hello Kitty cock. The cock disappears, and we talk about the Hello Kitty cock, and this leads to us talking about my Hello Kitty bathroom. She asks if I'm fucking her, and I decide to suggest to her that subconsciously feel that I'm fucking her, while consciously she knows that I'm not. I then talk with her a bit while I watch her squirm. Then a Brave New World trigger, and the feeling that she's being tickled.

We speculate on how many orgasms she's had at this point in our session. I then have her imagine every orgasm that she's had tonight, all at once.

I bring Lily a chair, and on her way sitting down, I give her a suggestion that causes her to feel that the chair bites her when she sits in it.

She responds extremely strongly to the biting chair suggestion. However, it doesn't really fit in with the vibe of the session, so I remove that suggestion, and have her re-interpret the experience as it really was, and not how the suggestion caused her to feel. She says the phrase, fucking chair, at one point, so I switch it to the fucking chair, literally.

I have Lily lift her feet in to the air, and suggest that she can give herself orgasms by rubbing her feet together. She does this, and then I trigger a big toe orgasm. Then an ass orgasm, then a regular orgasm.

I talk with some of Lily's friend's off camera who watched the session. I then ask Lily about how she feels about hypnosis, before triggering another orgasm. We then talked about the hypnotic response to the spank suggestion. This reminded me of another session (with Gothic Heather) that I bring up. I then ask her how she would describe the hypnotic experience, at which I can't really resist triggering more pleasure and orgasms. I then ask her about what she thinks of the reality of me compared to the idea of me. She compliments me and I give her more pleasure, and an orgasm as a compliment in return. I suggest that she has an orgasm as a confident woman who deserves to feel pleasure. I then suggest that she lets the orgasm continue as long as she likes, and we try to see how long we can keep it going. As she continues to orgasm, I talk with her friends some more.

I ask Lily to stand up, and notice to my amusement that she seemed a little shy at her awareness of her nudity. I hypnotize her and cause her to feel comfortable being naked around me. I talk about my origins about being an erotic hypnotist a little, and then trigger an orgasm. I return to the conversation talking about my orgasm based phobia cure. I ask her if there's anything she's afraid of, and she tells me that she's afraid of fear. We explore this and I teach her a technique to deal with it. It's very interesting to watch as she experiences all these different emotions.

"It's been pretty cool to see glimpses of the development your work from the earliest videos to the present. I have to say though, that at this time, Lily is my favorite. She is *adorable*, bright, clearly a strong sexual woman, and most of all I love watching the playful rapport between the two of you. VERY sexy!"