Madison Hypnotized

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Madison Hypnotized complete session.

Chapter 1:

Before we start the session, we see Madison's initial response to the idea of being hypnotized. Her guard immediately goes up and we can see that the idea has affected her. I talk with her a bit, and we have compliance and cooperation, but we now I wonder if she will be resistant, and if so to what degree.

Chapter 2:

I begin the hypnotic induction with a progressive relaxation exercise.

Chapter 3:

I do the balloon test with Madison to evaluate the nature of her hypnotic responsiveness. She seems to be lethargic, so I give her an orgasm trigger and she's sleepy and responsive. I suggest that she's being tickled and we get a response. I spend some time drawing her out more.

Chapter 4:

I give Madison a trigger for standing at attention on command. I then give her a good girl trigger for positive reinforcement. I then give her a ticklebutt command. I cycle through a few different command, and then I do a hand drop test which she is very responsive to.

Chapter 5:

I give her a trigger to respond favorably to my touching her breasts, and gain her consent to do so. She responds favorably. I then give her an embrace trigger. She's lethargic and sort of just collapses against me. I then have her cum on command and give her a climax trigger. I use her embrace trigger and get more of a response out of her. I then give her a trigger to respond favorably to me when I touch her cheek.

Chapter 6:

I give Madison a trigger to return her to the trance state, and then bring her out of it for a few moments. I ask her how she feels and then asks her what it feels like to be hypnotized. I evaluate her responsiveness to various triggers in a more waking state.

Chapter 7:

I give Madison the a blank says trigger and we watch her unironically make animal noises.

Chapter 8:

I have Madison tell me about the first time she had an orgasm.

Chapter 9:

I have Madison tell me about the first time she used a vibrator.

Chapter 10:

I have Madison take off her dress at the snap of my fingers. However, all the active behaviors that she has been engaging in has lead her away from a state of passive compliance. I notice this, and begin to work to put her back in to a more passive mode. We then explore whether or not she enjoys being spanked for pleasure.

Chapter 11:

I have Madison do a backwards count to deepen her trance state, and then freeze her mid count. I use various triggers on her while she is in this frozen condition and observe her response. I decide to see what I can put in to her subconscious to help the process along. I then have her repeat some things out loud to see if I can further seed her subconscious. I give her the a blank says trigger unexpectedly and we see that she's trying to engage her triggers cognitively as opposed to stimulus response. As I've been flooding her with things, she's unable to keep up cognitively and we start to find a crack in her defenses.

Chapter 12:

I suggest that anywhere that my skin touches her skin feels like an erogenous zone. I unfreeze her and she resumes counting. I use various triggers make this a little more difficult for her, flooding her ability to keep up cognitively. I lay on the need to finish counting very heavy, and we see in the storm of triggers and commands that I'm using to confuse her and move her in all directions at once, she has latched on to this one completely and fully, needing that completion that I have been frustrating.

Chapter 13:

I bring Madison to a more waking state of mind and have her describe her mental state to me. I place her back in to the trance state, and ask her about what it was like to count backwards. I take her back in to the flow, and am satisfied with her responsiveness. I give her the backgasm trigger and evaluate it's effect on her. I then ask her about the last time she masturbated. This brings up some interesting information, which I use to create her buzz buzz trigger. This seems to have an effect on her, so I repeatedly use the two new triggers while using her physical arousal trigger. This seems to take her to a much deeper state of arousal than I had her at before.

Chapter 14:

Based on the success of the backgasm and buzz buzz triggers, I update Madison's pleasure trigger drawing off those. Something very interesting happens when I ask her if she understands, as she shakes her head no. I use her updated pleasure trigger and it has a much more profound effect on her and then she starts shaking her head yes. This is an interesting moment because now we've established that her subconscious is listening and responding in a way that goes beyond what she can consciously understand and manage. Her consciousness is still a factor, but her attention can be focused and directed. We also notice that her personality does seem to have the trait of an immediate response, whether it is what she means or not, followed by a short lag where her mind is still chewing on it, second guessing, and then another response follows. These mechanisms along with our ability to flood and overload her working memory to consciously lose track of what she thinks she should be doing provide a pretty robust framework to reliably create our effects. When I give her instructions on how we're going to proceed in to taking off her panties, she anticipates the command as opposed to being triggered by the command. She follows this up by being conversational. While we have compliance with the instruction, and a naked girl, it's clear that I'm going to have to re-deepen her trance state.

Chapter 15:

Since Madison is naked, and more or less in a waking state this is as good of time as any to get consent for the rest of her body. There's a slight limitation that seems to be linked to the earlier revelation, but aside from that I can pretty much put my hands wherever I'd like. I give her instructions to brace herself so she doesn't fall. This leads to a comic moment. I then gently stroker around her pussy, progressively ramping up her pleasure step by step. Her body language and the change in her noises indicate a positive change. Eventually she mentally appears to be much more suggestible and her brain seems to temporarily be turned to mush.

Chapter 16:

I speak with Madison, and we talk about her stubborn nature wanting to resist suggestion. As she wants to talk about that, I interrupt it with triggers, and then take her back in to the trance state to co-opt her stubborn nature.

Chapter 17:

Sleepy and relaxed, I spend some time tinkering with her embrace command.

Chapter 18:

I use my trigger to have Madison cum on command and am satisfied with the response. I then have her say thank you master each time I use that trigger.

Chapter 19:

I have Madison pleasure herself while she counts backwards.

Chapter 20:

I take Madison through a progressive relaxation exercise again, spaced out with pleasure triggers.

Chapter 21:

Madison feels her feet being tickled as I raise her hand. We revisit how her expectations coming in to the session match with what she experienced.

Chapter 22:

I have Madison count backwards while not paying attention to her pussy as I stroke her pussy lips.

Chapter 23:

We revisit the idea of Madison's will, and with the squeeze of her hand, she transfers her will to me.

Chapter 24:

I have Madison jog in place and do naked jumping jacks.

Chapter 25:

Everywhere I touch Madison becomes super ticklish. Then I have her cum on command. I ask her if she feels any stress or tension in her mind and body. I then ask her if her answer is normal for her. I begin to wrap up the session by giving her suggestions to respond favorably to me and by asking questions about how my various actions make her feel.

Chapter 26:

Madison is my hypnotized mannequin.

Chapter 27:

I dress Madison and we finish the session.