Maryanne Hypnotized

72 minutes Standard Def 480p (720x480) - Release date: 2004-03-02

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Clip One – ( 1:50 ) 3/1/2004
In this clip, we meet Maryanne, who fate seems to have brought to us. She was going door to door selling, and she met my photographer, and a short while later decided to experience erotic hypnosis in front of a camera for all of you out there to see. The two beeps initially are there to protect her privacy. You see, I am actually meeting her for the first time, as my staff did the recruitment and the screening process. We find out that she’s shy and nervous, but is ready and willing to experience this phenomenon. I begin with my usual chit-chat, but quickly find that not only is her nervousness infectious back to me, but also that the chit-chat really isn’t helping to calm her down. So I decide to be the stereotypical authoritarian hypnotist figure for her, and I pull out my brand new crystal that I just bought for our sessions, and begin the hypnotic induction.

Clip Two – ( 5:00 ) 3/2/2004
I use a sparkling crystal to perform the hypnotic induction on Maryanne.

Clip Three – ( 5:55 ) 3/3/2004
I go through the deepening exercises with Maryanne, and have her create a calm and peaceful place in her mind. I then lead her through a progressive relaxation exercise.

Clip Four – ( 2:03 ) 3/4/2004
We finish the progressive relaxation deepening exercise, taking Maryanne in to a deeper trance state.

Clip Five – ( 3:40 ) 3/5/2004
We now do a trance depth test on Maryanne, and suggest balloons tied to her wrists. She responds perfectly, so I now give her the posthypnotic trance trigger suggestion. Look closely at her eyes, every time I reinforce the “red balloon” command her eyes show the depth of her trance.

Clip Six – ( 3:39 ) 3/6/2004
I now bring Maryanne out of the trance state for a few moments. We talk a little, and then I trigger her trance again. She’s very responsive to the post hypnotic trance key suggestion. We then position her in to place, and prepare her for the next trance depth test.

Clip Seven – ( 1:57 ) 3/7/2004
We now have Maryanne hold her arms out to her sides, to where they become stiff and rigid like oak wood. We have her try to bend her arms, but she can’t.

Clip Eight – ( 3:49 ) 3/8/2004
We now bring Maryanne out of the trance state for a few moments, and talk with her about what hypnosis is. Then we trigger her post hypnotic suggestion again, and take her back in to the trance state, asking her a few questions.

Clip Nine – ( 2:23 ) 3/9/2004
We suggest to Maryanne that she feels hot, and that her shirt is uncomfortable. Without giving it any thought, she takes it off, and feels much better.

Clip Ten – ( 3:03 ) 3/10/2004
We begin where we left off, asking Maryanne where her favorite place to be kissed is. She’s shy, and has a hard time bringing herself to speak it, so we find out indirectly. Naturally it’s where all women liked to be kissed… So we suggest that she takes off an article of clothes to make it easier for the kisses to get to her favorite place to be kissed, and she takes off her pants.

Clip Eleven – ( 2:15 ) 3/11/2004
The kisses get better and better, and Maryanne becomes more and more aroused. We suggest that it’s perfectly natural for her to take off her bra when she’s that aroused. After she does so, we suggest that her hands should roam her body in all of it’s most sensitive places. As she becomes more and more turned on, we give her a post hypnotic suggestion that she will feel as aroused as she does right now whenever I say “Turn On.”

Clip Twelve – ( 2:04 ) 3/12/2004
Now we suggest that her hands pull off the piece of clothing keeping the kisses from her special button, that makes her feel good. We now ask her under hypnosis what it feels like when she becomes more and more aroused, and she’s so turned on and at the same time shy, that she can barely bring herself to say it.

Clip Thirteen – ( 4:11 ) 3/13/2004
Now I have Maryanne think of the best sex she’s ever had. This leads to her feeling the best orgasm of her life, on command.

Clip Fourteen – ( 4:27 ) 3/14/2004
I give Maryanne the suggestion that when I wake her up, she will feel that she had experienced something amazing, but she won’t be able to quite figure out what it was. I then have her put back on her clothes, and wake her up, without her realizing that she had just been naked and had an orgasm in my arms. All the while, I’ve given her the subconscious impression that my voice causes her pleasure.

Clip Fifteen – ( 5:38 ) 3/15/2004
Now I bring Maryanne out of the trance state, and we talk a bit. An hour has passed, however to her it only feels like 15 minutes. We then talk about how she thinks it will feel to be naked. She doesn’t realize that she has just finished being naked an more. So she tells us that she thinks it will be embarrassing. We then continue to find out a little more about her, as we discuss her attitude about the beach, including nude beaches, which sets the stage for later.

Clip Sixteen – ( 2:53 ) 3/16/2004
After a short break to change the tapes, I have Maryanne watch my crystal again, and she goes in to a deep trance for me. In that relaxed and suggestible state, I ask her some questions.

Clip Seventeen – ( 3:11 ) 3/17/2004
When I snap my fingers, you’re eyes will open. You’ll be awake. You’ll remember what you experienced. And you will feel, instantly, powerfully and deeply attracted to and in love with me.

Clip Eighteen – ( 4:44 ) 3/18/2004
On the nude beach, and caught by her best friend. In this clip I give Maryanne the impression that she’s on a nude beach and is going to get naked. On the way to the water, there’s a special treat for our foot fetishist visitors. Then she’s caught naked by her best friend!

Clip Nineteen – ( 2:14 ) 3/19/2004
I now suggest Maryanne through her last hypnotic orgasm for the session.

Clip Twenty – ( 2:12 ) 3/20/2004
Naked and awake. Maryanne finally gets to be out of a trance state and naked at the same time, for the first time during this session.

Clip Twenty-One – ( 4:01 ) 3/21/2004
In this clip, we give Maryanne some confidence building suggestions, and then bring her out of the trance as she gets dressed.