Melenia and Allison Hypnotized

58 minutes Standard Def 480p (720x480) - Release date: 2001-11-02

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This was the first time I hypnotized two girls at once for one of my erotic hypnosis videos. I begin the eye fixation induction of Melenia and Allison using my pocket watch. The induction goes well, and I have the girls relax and focus on my words. I suggest that they are drawn to each other physically. As they get closer, I have them snuggle together, and notice that the other smells really good. I suggest that with the wonderful smell and with the wonderful feelings, that they will want to feel skin touching their lips, and that they want to kiss all the skin that they can. I let this go on for a few moments. I notice Melenia’s eyes open up for a moment when Allison starts to kiss her, so I bring the girls out of the trance state to talk with them about how their feeling before continuing the session. First, however, I give them a post hypnotic trigger, “snuggle,” that will place them back in to the trance for me.

After talking with both Melenia and Allison off camera, they both assure me that they feel comfortable and would like to continue. I continue the session by deepening their trance state by having them focus their eyes on the candle. As they relax more and more, I have them trace their fingers along each other’s body.

I suggest arousal in Melenia and Allison, as they notice the warmth and how the other one smells, and it’s the most sexy thing they can smell. They move closer to each other. I have them open their eyes and look in to each other’s eyes, feeling the attraction. I have them kiss each other, and then trigger an orgasm. After that I have them kiss some more. I place them back in to the trance state, and have them relax and drift to my voice. Then I have them rise to their feet, and I suggest that they see their dream lover before them. I have them embrace their dream lover, and they start to kiss, feeling the passion heat up. I then give them the suggestion that they want to get each other out of their shirts. They continue to kiss and make out, and then I place them back in to the trance state and have them take off their pants.

I suggest that they feel even more comfortable with no more clothing in the way (although they are still wearing most of their underwear). I have them turn to face each other eager to feel their touch on each other’s bodies. I have them let their fingers roam gently all over. I then have them go in to a trance in each other’s arms, completely relaxed. I take them deeper and deeper, and have them reflect the deepening that they feel in the other. I deepen their trance and set them down on the couch.

I suggest that the girls are going to go in to their own private fantasy. At the first tap of their hands, their mind moves to the most erotic fantasy they can think of, then at the second tap they experience it. I suggest that they continue to feel more and more pleasure, and then the best oral sex of their lives.

I suggest that they feel that their feet are being tickled. Then I suggest that their breasts feel ticklish. I use this suggestion to get Melenia out of her bra. I then suggest that the tickling becomes sexual, erotic, which unfortunately removes the motivation for Melenia to get out of her bra. At the snap of my fingers, I have them open their eyes, knowing that the person next to them is tickling them, so they need to tickle them back. As they tickle each other, Melenia continues falling out of her bra.

I suggest that Melenia and Allison are having the best kiss that they’ve ever felt. I then have them realize that at the snap of my fingers the best kiss they ever felt came from the person next to them and they are going to kiss again. I then put them deeper in to the trance mid kiss. I then suggest that they are being tickled again, before bringing them out of the trance state for a few moments.

I instruct Melenia to tell Allison to do something. Melenia tells Allison to massage her back. I then place Melenia back into hypnosis, and increase her feelings of pleasure from the massage. I then have Allison give a command to Melenia, and she tells her to kiss her breasts. While she does this, I trigger an orgasm, with every touch of her tongue to her nipple making the orgasm better. I then make it Melenia’s turn again, and and she tells Allison to massage her breasts. I suggest an increase in the intensity of the experience, and trigger another orgasm. Then I have them kiss.

Now I turn Melenia and Allison in to living mannequins, and I pose them as I see fit.

I have them in a trance, and they are relaxed and leaning in close to each other for a kiss. I have them kiss and massage each other’s breasts as they do so. I then tell them to kiss each other’s breasts as they take off the other girl’s panties. When both their panties are off, I trigger an orgasm.

I suggest that at the snap of my fingers, that they are going to see me as the cutest guy that they know, however they can’t leave the couch. I suggest that the cutest guy in the world is going to ask them about fantasies, and that they will tell him.

I have Melenia and Allison snuggle back in to the couch, and in to the trance, and suggest that they touch and kiss each other. I then suggest that they work each other up to the ultimate orgasm. I can see that they are getting in to it, but are still a little shy and reserved, so I keep giving suggestions that make them more bold, eventually suggesting that they spread their legs and feel the best oral sex of their lives, while they keep kissing each other. As they pay more attention to the sensation in their pussies, they start to lose interest in kissing, so I give them suggestions that bring them back to the kissing. I then have them count, kiss, and count all the way up to 10, with 10 triggering the most powerful orgasm they can have.

I bring the girls out of the trance state immediately after their last orgasm and ask them how they feel. I then trigger an orgasm and watch as they grind their pussies in the air. I have them kiss, and then wake them up again mid kiss. [End of Session]