Melody Hypnotized

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Melody, at 18, is definitely the girl next door. She has amazing natural breasts that are just wonderful in that college freshman sort of way. She grew up in a small town, but has an innocent and honest intense sexuality to her that is as intense as it is uncomplicated.

We meet Melody and we learn that she's never been hypnotized before. She's excited about having the experience, and she expects that it will feel like being there, but not being there as it happens.

I begin my standard progressive relaxation induction, and she responds very quickly and very easily. I've barely started, and already she's loose in my arms, her eyes fluttering, and she's very relaxed and responsive. I abbreviate the induction, as she's already in a trance state, although I revisit the progressive relaxation exercise from time to time to relax her body completely.

I begin to evaluate her response to suggestions relating to feeling and emotion. I suggest that she feels happy and that she smiles as this feeling increases. This gets a response out of her. I then evaluate her response to sensory hallucination, suggesting that she's being tickled. She's affected, she moves and squirms, however initially she maintains her composure. I continue to give her suggestions and we get more giggling out of her.

I give her the good girl trigger and suggestions that will establish that this is a reward for desired behavior. I then begin to trigger her pleasure. This affects her similarly to the tickles, although a little more so. She's not super vocal, mostly we get surprised gasps of arousal, with the occasional erotic moan.

I give her the attention trigger and have her stand at attention while counting backwards from ten to one, going deeper in to the hypnotic state. She is compliant and I take a closer look at her while she counts down. I resume triggering her pleasure, and notice that she breathes heavier as a result of erotic stimulation, as well as fidgeting with her hands.

I continue to relax her, and deepen her trance by using her sleep now command, which has a very definite response from her as her head drops forward and she drops deeper in to hypnosis. I use her pleasure trigger and she smiles a little and licks her lips.

I ask her a few questions relating to how she feels in response to my hand placement. She has a very positive response to where I am holding her. I continue to suggest arousal, and when I suggest that she feels more turned on than ever before, she nods her head in agreement. I ask her how she feels when I say the word pleasure, and she says good.

I ask her when her last orgasm was, and she tells me that it was a few days ago. I ask her for further details about how this came about. I continue to use her pleasure trigger and it keeps heating her up. As she has just revealed to me that she enjoys fingering herself, I add that sensation to her pleasure trigger. I can see it's really starting to get to her.

Melody is passive and responds to my commands and suggestions very favorably. I suggest that in addition to feeling pleasure at my command, she'll feel it when she feels my hand on her breast. I get her consent to use this trigger on her and get my first feel of her large, natural breast. I ask her how it makes her feel and she answers that it makes her feel horny. I then drop her deeper in to the trance, with my hand still feeling her tit.

I do the balloon test with her and she is responsive to it before I can even finish the suggestion. I continue to stimulate her arousal. I make her a little louder as I use her pleasure trigger. I then ask her what she thinks of when I say pleasure and she answers with a single word, "sex."

I bring her out of the trance for a moment and she responds to a post hypnotic suggestion. I then use one of her triggers and she goes back in to a trance state as she responds. As I do this we see her normal waking personality and mannerisms show for a few moments as a contrast to the way she is while in a trance. I ask her what it feels like to be hypnotized, and she answers, "blank."

I spend time increasing her pleasure, alternating to some tickle suggestions to increase the affect. I give her the tickle butt trigger.

I suggest that she's attracted to me. I then ask her if she considers herself to be sexually submissive. She answers yes. I ask her if her submissiveness has drawn her to having this experience. She answers yes again. I have her take off her clothes. I then fondle her bare breast as I have her describe her fantasy about being hypnotized by me. She tells me that the anticipation was driving her nuts, and that she's pleasured herself fantasizing about being hypnotized.

I move my hand over her belly and she tells me that it causes her to feel excited. I get her consent to touch her anywhere, and as I stroke her pussy I have her repeat and memorize, "touch my pussy, fuck my pussy, Master."

I have Melody stand at attention before me as I give her suggestions that cause her to respond favorably to me. I continue to trigger her pleasure and arousal. I then train her to present her breasts on command.

As she stands there holding her breasts, I use her tickle butt command, training her to have a more pronounced effect. Right now she feels very horny and would normally finger herself. She's not able to at the moment, and I have her tell me if she's ever felt that way in the past.

I give her a trigger to embrace me on command. I enjoy having her pressed against my body in my arms. I then train her to pose on command, then take a close look at her from top to bottom as I continue to trigger her pleasure. I ask her a series of questions relating to my control over her. She answers in a manner that I approve of and I trigger her first hypnotic orgasm.

I explore her hypnotic responsiveness to the orgasm trigger, and then I train her to cum on command. I get a particularly intense response out of her when I trigger her orgasm while she looks in to my eyes.

Now that I am using her orgasm triggers I amplify her embrace command, causing her to desire me more and to essentially try to fuck me through my clothes when she embraces me. I then have her show me how she fucks. While she does so I continue to trigger her pleasure. I then ask her for some of the details of the first time she had sex, which also happened to be the first time she had an orgasm.

I train her to kiss me on command. She kisses very passionately and I continue to amplify the pleasurable sensations that she's having through this experience.

I ask her what part of her body she looks at first when she's naked in the bathroom looking in the mirror. I ask her a few follow up questions based upon the answer. I have her stand with her feet about a foot apart. I stroke her between her legs and ask her what she's thinking. The thoughts from earlier in the session come up in her mind immediately. I trigger her pleasure and orgasms, and then have her kiss me while I finger her, using her pleasure triggers at the same time.

I taker through her triggered positions. I then train her a new position, "offer" where she clasps her hands together and squeezes her breasts between them.

I have her come to a more normal state of mind, with the suggestion that she's really horny and she wants to flirt with me. This has the desired effect. I explore her responsiveness to her orgasm triggers in this state.

I take her back in to the trance, and ask her a few more questions relating to what she's like in terms of her sexuality. As I ask her questions I slowly build her pleasure up. I then have her kiss me on command, and she's very passionate. I ask her on a scale of 1 to 10 how much she enjoys kissing me. She answers that it's a 10. I then suggest that it's now a 20 on the same scale. I use her kiss trigger and see the difference between a 10 and a 20.

I continue to give her suggestions to cause her to respond favorably to me. I then give her a suggestion relating to enjoying my kiss on her neck and ear. She enjoys this, and I stack other pleasure triggers on top of it.

I play around with her orgasm triggers, speeding up her response time to them and her perception of them.

I decide to have a little fun with her, having her jog in place on command and watching her boobies bounce. I trigger an orgasm and then give her breasts a squeeze in each hand.

Next I have her do naked jumping jacks, enjoying the motion of her body. I distract her with her orgasm triggers which makes it difficult for her to continue, but she makes it through.

I have her sit down on a chair, with her legs spread giving an instructional video on how to finger her to an orgasm, complete with a hands on demonstration. I use her various triggers on her while her fingers are working her pussy.

Towards the end of the session, we adjust the orgasm triggers a little more to fine tune her responses. In a final bit of silliness, I stick her hands to various parts of her body. We then wrap up the session.

[ End of Session ]