Melody Hypnotized 2

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We begin our second session with Melody by discussing her recollections of the first session.

She doesn't really recall a whole lot, but has a very positive impression of the experience and has been looking forward to another session.

I take her in to the trance state with an eye fixation induction using my pocket watch. I use her post hypnotic trance trigger at the end of the induction and it remains effective on her.

I have her tell me how long it's been since her last orgasm, and to describe the circumstances around it.

Melody is in a hypnotic trance laying on a very comfortable bed. We get a very close look at her.

I ask her how long it's been since her last orgasm prior to that, and she answers that it's been a long time. I suggest that she feels the way that she does when she's gone a long time without an orgasm.

I feel up her breasts and ask how she feels. She answers that she feels horny. I continue to explore how my touch and voice makes her feel and am satisfied that she continues to respond favorably as established in our previous session.

I set up numerical scales relating to intensity and go through her various pleasure triggers, calibrating the effects to whatever number she is feeling, and then increasing the intensity of each of them. We see an increase in responsiveness as we step her up in intensity.

I ask her if she's ever had a sexual experience with a woman. She answers no. I ask her if she's ever wanted to and she answers yes. I ask her if she's desired it from a specific individual and she answers yes. I have her go in to detail, and then I make use of this existing fantasy infrastructure to enhance her arousal triggers.

I ask her about her feelings towards orally pleasuring a man, and about her previous experiences doing that.

I rub her pussy through her shorts while I take her through a fantasy where someone she's thought about sexually is licking her pussy.

I suggest her continued favorable response to me, and then we reaffirm my control over various aspects of her.

I have her remove her shorts at the snap of my fingers. Naked from the waist down, I stroke her pussy. I ask her what she is thinking, and she is thinking of the fantasy I put in to her mind. I remind her subconscious that it knows it's my fingers touching her there, and she repeats the mantra I placed in her mind in the previous session without needing to be reminded of it.

I train her to have a vocal response to the trigger that causes her to cum on command. This elicits and even more pronounced response from her as I combine the increased activity from the cum command with the continuing stimulation caused by her hypnotically experiencing an pre-existing sexual fantasy that has meaning to her.

I have Melody bring her knees up high as her legs are spread. Her pussy is wide open and I finger her.

I have her spend more time thinking about the first really good blow job that she's ever given. I have her tell me about this experience. I then start fingering her and linking these ideas to me. We can hear her getting sopping wet as she talking about how it would make her feel to orally pleasure me on command. I then give her a trigger to stroke me on command which she enthusiastically accepts.

Melody takes off her bra and shirt at my command. She is now completely naked, laying back on the bed. I have her count down from 30 as a deepening exercise. Mid count, I freeze her and have her cum on command.

I bring her out of the trance state and use her triggers on her and observe the effect it has on her.

I feel up her tits and have her tell me about the first time that she used a vibrator. I have her relive the sensation via a trigger.

I give her suggestions to cause my pleasure triggers to affect her more strongly when she's not in the trance state. I bring her out of the trance state and we see the increased effect these triggers have on her in the waking state.

We revisit her "tickle butt" trigger and I increase it's intensity.

We evaluate the intensity of the effect of my hand on her breast, and increase it. I then take her through a fractionalization exercise spaced with various triggers.

I have Melody sing the alphabet song while she's in a very exposed position while I go wash my hands. I then have her stand at attention before me.

I have Melody embrace me on command, and I give her a command to feel a strong sexual desire towards me when I tell her to look in to my eyes.

As I feel her breasts and rub her ass, I ask her to describe how she is feeling. She tells me that she feels very good, very sexual, and that I am the object of those desires. I rewards this with pleasure triggers and then have her stroke me.

I give her a trigger to rub her ass against me in a way that feels good. I then stand behind her and take both of her breasts in my hand and use that trigger.

I give her a trigger that causes her to make animal noises with complete seriousness. I then see how many animal noises she knows.

I have Melody sit on the edge of the bed, and then use her kiss command.

I have her tell me about her submissive nature and the origins of it. I then give her a trigger pertinent to those origins.

Now it's time to place my slave collar on Melody. I have her pose and hold the position while I collar her. We explore this level of submission and what it feels like and means to her.

We explore the difference between orgasming and cumming, and variations on sensation and location. I then stack on a number of pleasure triggers in rapid fire with the enhanced effect of wearing my collar.

I have Melody hold her breasts in offering to me and keep her in this position while I use her pleasure triggers on her.

I re-induce her while she is in this condition, and take her through the full orgasm now progressive relaxation exercise. I give her more suggestions to cause her to respond favorably to me.

At the snap of my fingers I suggest that she goes deeper in to hypnosis and that she has just felt me enter her and that she's having the time of her life.

I trigger her trance and she tumbles face first and ass up on to the bed. I suggest pleasure and arousal and have her pull her ass cheek to the side. I then give her a trigger that causes her to spank her own ass on command.

I take her one more time through fantasy and pleasure as I finger her from behind.

Finally, as we begin to wrap up the session, I have her describe to me the circumstances from the first time that she masturbated.