Mickey Hypnotized

100 minutes Standard Def 480p (720x480) - Release date: 2004-10-09

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Clip One – ( 3:05 ) 10/12/2004
We meet Mickey, our next hypnotized subject. As we get to know her, we find out that she is going to be auditioning to be an exotic dancer the day after our session, and we keep this in mind as we proceed in to the trance.

Clip Two – ( 4:01 ) 10/13/2004
I begin the induction. Mickey is already very suggestible to my voice, and I touch her forehead and she goes deep. However, we want to take her deeper, so I suggest that she fixes her eyes on my crystal, and I take her in to a very deep trance.

Clip Three – ( 5:22 ) 10/14/2004
Next, I use a progressive relaxation technique to deepen Mickey’s Trance.

Clip Four – ( 5:06 ) 10/15/2004
I wake up Mickey briefly from the induction with no memory of the induction, and then place her in to a deep trance on command. I then suggest that it’s good to jog in place and do jumping jacks, but that she should remove her top so that it doesn’t get sweat on it.

Clip Five – ( 3:26 ) 10/16/2004
In this clip we have a Dutch language lesson, and see how quickly Mickey can do her early morning workout. Snel!

Clip Six – ( 3:47 ) 10/17/2004
Now we help Mickey stretch out and become a little more limber and flexible, as a good exotic dancer should be.

Clip Seven – ( 2:43 ) 10/18/2004
Using sensory hallucination suggestions, Mickey feels gentle kisses up and down her body, turning her on.

Clip Eight – ( 2:23 ) 10/19/2004
I give Mickey the hypnotic trigger that she will have a perfect orgasm, on command.

Clip Nine – ( 5:20 ) 10/20/2004
Now, I use hypnosis to help Mickey understand how to look sexy at will and feel comfortable with her nudity. We then talk a little bit about why I don’t get naked in the videos with my subjects.

Clip Ten – ( 1:36 ) 10/21/2004
I realize that I’m getting “hypnotist voice,” where instead of asking or inviting Mickey to do things, I’m telling her to. As I realize this and point it out with a sense of humor, I decide to go ahead and give her a suggestion that she instantly obey my every command.

Clip Eleven – ( 3:25 ) 10/22/2004
I begin this clip by asking Mickey how she is feeling so far. Then we get her opinion regarding a recent message on one of the hypnosis mailing lists that I’m on. Then we explore a few gender issues.

Clip Twelve – ( 3:00 ) 10/23/2004
We go back to exploring how a woman can go about looking sexy. We use multiple orgasms on command to help her to see what is sexy.

Clip Thirteen – ( 5:45 ) 10/24/2004
Now, to help Mickey with her exotic dancer audition, I suggest that she knows that she’s the worlds best exotic dancer, and that she dance in a deep trance state. We then give her some positive suggestions to help program her subconscious mind to make her a confident and sexy woman who is capable of achieving her goals. We then use a perfect orgasm to reinforce these suggestions.

Clip Fourteen – ( 4:47 ) 10/25/2004
I offer Mickey a special glass of water, and then we talk a bit. After she finds out why this glass of water is special, it’s time to change the tapes for the second half, so I have her count and repeat a suggestion over and over again.

Clip Fifteen – ( 4:59 ) 10/26/2004
Mickey gets turned in to gold with some hypno freezing.

Clip Sixteen – ( 2:51 ) 10/27/2004
Mickey tells us what it felt like to be turned in to gold. Then I use the Midas Touch on her again. I then give her the perfect orgasm while she’s frozen in place.

Clip Seventeen – ( 2:19 ) 10/28/2004
I wake up Mickey and she demonstrates her early morning workout, while I use the Midas Touch.

Clip Eighteen – ( 3:51 ) 10/29/2004
I use a hypno-tickling suggestion on Mickey.

Clip Nineteen – ( 2:04 ) 10/30/2004
I clear out the previous tickling suggestion, and now give her some sensory hallucination “Feel it” commands.

Clip Twenty – ( 5:01 ) 10/31/2004
Using suggestion I now have the “Jedi Mind Trick,” and Mickey has to answer yes to every question I ask her.

Clip Twenty-One – ( 3:15 ) 11/1/2004
This clip begins with Mickey talking about how she feels about giving blowjobs. It moves on to a repeat of the last suggestion, only this time the answer to every question is no. I discover that it’s a lot more fun to ask yes questions than no questions.

Clip Twenty-Two – ( 4:27 ) 11/2/2004
Political play. Mickey becomes a Republican when I say Republican and a Democrat when I say Democrat. This is very interesting, because you can see that both the messages are in her mind, from both the parties, which sort of makes you wonder a little bit about how whether we truly follow politics, or whether we just parrot the messages that we are bombarded with.

Clip Twenty-Three – ( 5:59 ) 11/3/2004
We wrap up the political play, then we talk a bit. Then it’s time to get back to sex and orgasms.

Clip Twenty-Four – ( 8:00 ) 11/4/2004
Starting with a little freeze play, we start to wrap up the session. One of the things that we do in the wrap up is give her some form of defense and resistance to hypnotic suggestion, so that when she accepts a suggestion, she can accept it even more fully.