Mickey Hypnotized 2

53 minutes Standard Def 480p (720x480) - Release date: 2004-10-24

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Clip One – ( 6:41 ) 11/20/2004
I begin the second session with a temple rub technique, then we use a crystal to take away all Mickey’s thoughts, fears, concerns, worries, and doubts. I then trigger an orgasm response, and take her deep in to the trance, deep in to pleasure and relaxation.

Clip Two – ( 4:11 ) 11/21/2004
I continue to prepare Mickey for some very powerful and belief altering suggestions. In the process I keep her in a state of constant pleasure and arousal, and reinforce her obedience, trust and belief in my words. I also have her take off her shirt.

Clip Three – ( 5:56 ) 11/22/2004
Using erotic hypnosis, I place the idea in Mickey’s mind that her nudity is a source of power. I also suggest that she has no need to wear her bra right now. I use pleasure and suggestion and conditioning to reinforce this idea deep in to her mind.

Clip Four – ( 2:22 ) 11/23/2004
Mickey’s conditioning to make her more comfortable being fully nude continues, as I freeze her in to place, and place suggestions in to her mind. I then suggest that she doesn’t need her pants anymore. I unfreeze her, and allow her to touch her body as she repeats and internalizes my suggestions.

Clip Five – ( 2:15 ) 11/24/2004
I add suggestions of arousal to provide positive reinforcement to Mickey’s suggestions, she’s enjoying herself a great deal at this point, however, I delay the orgasm response.

Clip Six – ( 6:55 ) 11/25/2004
Frozen in place in the midst of self pleasure, I suggest to Mickey that in a moment she will open her eyes, and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that something inside her has changed. For the rest of her life, being naked with never make her feel uncomfortable or vulnerable again. I then take her to a nude beach in her mind, and show her all the shy people that she is not one of anymore. The reward for accepting these ideas deep in to her mind, is the most ultimate orgasm in her life.

Clip Seven – ( 5:28 ) 11/26/2004
As I reinforce the positive suggestions with pleasurable positive reinforcement, I ask Mickey, in a trance, if she likes to touch herself. She says yes, and we explore that in greater detail.

Clip Eight – ( 2:18 ) 11/27/2004
We continue with the self pleasure and the positive reinforcement.

Clip Nine – ( 3:02 ) 11/28/2004
We now explore Mickey’s fears about how being a stripper will affect her life, as she becomes what she’s afraid of.

Clip Ten – ( 5:24 ) 11/29/2004
We now deconstruct Mickey’s fears about what she might become as an exotic dancer, one at a time.

Clip Eleven – ( 3:27 ) 11/30/2004
Starting the clip off with an orgasm on command, we notice the change in Mickey’s attitudes when I ask her to dance for me.

Clip Twelve – ( 4:03 ) 12/1/2004
I now have Mickey tell me what it felt like to be the type of person that she was afraid she the stripper that she didn’t want to be. End of Set.