Mimi Hypnotized

66 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2020-10-19

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Chapter 1:

Mimi was referred to me by her friend Olivia, who I have recently hypnotized. Only expecting some sort of adult related naked time, I present Mimi with her options for the night. She's intrigued at the prospect of experiencing erotic hypnosis and is immediately responsive. 8 minutes in from bringing up the subject, she is feeling pleasure on command and has an orgasm trigger.

Chapter 2:

I give the commands to Mimi that causes her to feel like she's about to cum when I grab her breast. She gives me her consent to have this power over her, and I use it. She responds favorable and gives me consent to touch her there whenever I want.

I train Mimi to kiss me on command, and she does so enthusiastically. I refine her various pleasure triggers, and then I relax her as she's quite stimulated. I ask her if there's anywhere on her body that I can't touch, and she says that there isn't. I then tell her that when I rub her through her panties it will feel like there's no cloth in the way. She anticipates this, and then responds to it. I trigger a climax, and as her knees buckle and she is lost in pleasure I trigger her kiss command.

When I touch her cheek she feels very positively about me and flirts with me shamelessly. I bring her out of the trance state and talk about the experience so far with her, and touch her cheek as I do so.

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:

I take Mimi through her recollection of first sexual experiences while I massage her between her legs. I trigger her pleasure and then bring her out of the trance state and discuss where she is now. I then place her back in to the trance.