Mimi Hypnotized 2

73 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2020-11-13

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Chapter 1

I begin Mimi's second session by talking with her about her first session. I then place her in to the trance state and continue questioning her about the experience and it's effects on her. I revisit some of her triggers.

Chapter 2

I have Mimi count to ten. Before she can finish, I interrupt her and ask her how she feels about me sexually. I reward her with rapid pleasure triggers and then have her snap to attention before me. I relax her and deepen her trance, and then remove something from her mind that was distracting her before the session. I tease her pussy through her panties and observe her response, asking her a few questions about how my fingers make her feel.

Chapter 3

I show Mimi my pocket watch, deepening her trance and giving her thoughts to learn and repeat.

Chapter 4

I have Mimi kiss me while hypnotized, and then I give her kiss modifiers.

Chapter 5

I evaluate Mimi's response to each modified kiss trigger by carrying them out and then standing at attention before me and describing what she felt. This provides some insight in to her personality, and I modify her kiss trigger and her pleasure trigger to reflect this.

Chapter 6

I have Mimi drop her panties and step out of them at the snap of my fingers. I leave her side to adjust the camera, and then when I return I pick up her panties to place them out of the way. When I pick up her panties I notice something, and we explore that for a moment. I then adjust her attention command in light with the revelations I had during the examination of her kiss trigger. We then explore this with her. I then have her strip completely naked and stand at attention again. We spend more time exploring and modifying her kiss triggers.

Chapter 7

Mimi finds herself wrapped up around me, so I give her a hump trigger, with the same numeric modifiers as her kiss command. I bring her to a more normal state of mind and explore the effect this trigger has on her. I have her hump my leg for a while and then I mention that I haven't triggered her orgasm yet. We're almost half an hour in to her session. I decide to draw it out even longer, trigger her tickle butt and then her trance. I decide to add a modifier to her tickle butt command as well, and tease her a bit with it.

Chapter 8

I touch her pussy, and ask her questions about it as I do so. She relaxes in to it, then I start giving her rapid fire triggers while I finger her wet pussy. I then use her a blank says trigger, before a series of kiss 9's while I poked at her psychological vulnerability. This drives her wild, and it has an effect on me as well. I give her the stroke command, and then issue her a series of butterscotch triggers, also with numerical modifiers. After, while she kneels on the floor I have her describe what that was like for her. I ask her if she's thought about it outside fo our sessions, and if she's done so while stimulating herself. Her answer causes me to want to use the Butterscotch trigger on her again.

Chapter 9

I have Mimi masturbate, and then I freeze her and give her a new trigger, barnyard, which makes her in to a chicken. I have her continue the self pleasure, interrupting her from time to time. I tease her with her triggers, and then suggest that she'll start making out with me when I bring her out of the trance. I enjoy this, but can resist using her new trigger.

Chapter 10

I give Mimi her butterscotch trigger, then interrupt it with her barnyard trigger. I then have her touch her breasts the way that she enjoys having me touch them. As she plays with her boobies, I have her repeat over and over again, I'm horny for my master. I then have her count backwards, deepening her trance. I leave her looping on a number for a while, before letting her finish her count. After all that, she is still ready to carry out her butterscotch trigger, which I finally allow her to do.

Chapter 11

I use Mimi's barnyard trigger and watch her be the chicken while I change in to my robe. I then return and ask her how she feels. She feels good, but at over 45 minutes in to the session with her arousal hypnotically stimulated over and over again she is still denied the orgasm and she really wants to cum. I have her imagine further denial and incorporate it in to her pleasure command. This heats her up even more, and I use her kiss and embrace and hump triggers. Then I trigger barnyard again before a brief butterscotch trigger.

Chapter 12

I continue to have Mimi in this state of extremely heightened arousal, as she hasn't yet had an orgasm during our session. I suggest in a moment I'm going to wake her up and she will still feel all these things, but she will try to play it cool. However, when I say the word economics, she will immediately start making out with me., then continue on as if nothing happened. I trigger her pleasure a few more times and she is so aroused she rubs her hands over her breasts. I trigger her more while tickling her pussy with my fingers and she starts to whimper. I have her describe what she's feeling. She tells me that she feels good and practically begs to be able to cum. I then bring her to a more normal state of mind and ask her to tell me about what she studied in college. I spend some time enjoying her more normal personality while still having the benefit of the sexual hypnotic control. We get an opportunity o see that Mimi is intelligent, articulate, well spoken and intelligent. These are all attractive traits, and then a surprise barnyard trigger, mid sentence, once again contrasts her triggered and tranced self with her more normal self. I enjoy her with rapid fire triggers, and notice that her ass is facing the camera and give various triggers that affect her there.

Chapter 13

Mimi is entranced, stimulated and in my arms. I suggest that any time I touch her with my hands it causes her subconscious mind to connect with how horny she feels towards me now, after an hour of intense erotic hypnotic foreplay without a single orgasm. I spend some time touching her everywhere. I further suggest that every time she hears my voice her body thinks of how horny it is for me. I then trigger her butterscotch, while teasing in economics.. I have her stand at attention before me and then have her go to the bed with her legs spread at the snap of my fingers. This mindless obedience contrasts with her waking personality, demonstrating the effect this is having on her. I ask her how it would feel if I were to take her right now, and we re-establish consent for that. I then have her masturbate and we see how much of her mantra remains in her mind. It takes a little prompting, but she is able to complete it.

Chapter 14

I finger Mimi's pussy while using her kiss trigger. I have her describe how it feels. I adjust her kiss trigger to make her want more and more. Then I continue fingering her and using her kiss trigger. As I break a kiss trigger, she grabs on to my robe trying to pull me back in. I have her stare in to my eyes and give her suggestions to respond favorably to me. Satisfied at her response to me, I use her barnyard trigger, enjoying the strangeness. of the situation. After I turn off that trigger, I continue to probe her feelings towards me, satisfied that from her point of view it was uninterrupted.

Chapter 15

I bring Mimi to a more normal state of mind. She still has her horniness, but it's in the back of her mind. I'm still playing with her pussy, but she's not paying attention to it. I then have her tell me about something specific about economics.

Chapter 16

I finally reward Mimi with her first orgasm of the session.

Chapter 17

I have Mimi sit cross legged in bed and trigger her orgasms and various triggers. I then suggest that when I touch her elbows she immediately feels sexy towards me and starts making out with me. I enjoy her for a while and then use her barnyard trigger. [End of Session]