Nails Hypnotized

59 minutes Standard Def 480p (720x480) - Release date: 2006-06-09

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Clip One – ( 4:51 ) //
We begin our session by asking Nails if she’s ever been hypnotized before, and then performing the induction. When I command her to sleep, she drops in to a trance, literally.

Clip Two – ( 5:11 ) //
I continue our session by leading Nails through a progressive relaxation exercise.

Clip Three – ( 2:01 ) //
I suggest that nails arms are frozen in the air above her head, and that she can’t move them. I then suggest that she’s being tickled on various parts of her body. The tickles then become erotic and I suggest that she takes off her shirt.

Clip Four – ( 1:43 ) //
I give nails the suggestion that she will always orgasm on my command, and then suggest that she takes off her bra, as she feels more and more pleasure. I then suggest that she caress her breasts as she feels the pleasure.

Clip Five – ( 2:34 ) //
I continue to suggest pleasure to Nails, including gentle kisses up and down her neck.

Clip Six – ( 4:32 ) //
I suggest that Nails takes off her skirt, but I meet with some form of hesitation, so I back up, and suggest that she’s being tickled again. Then the tickles switch to pleasure. Then I analyze her thoughts and replace them with thoughts of pleasure.

Clip Seven – ( 5:39 ) //
This clip starts with a balloon test, however Nails is so responsive to it, that I don’t linger there long. I say sleep now, and she collapses to the ground again. While down there, I suggest that she is being given a full body massage, and that the hands are stroking her most sensitive spots. As we go through this process, I ask her how she feels, and she says that she feels scared. I ask her why, and she says that she doesn’t know, that there’s too many people in the room. So I make this person in her mind go away, and she is transformed. I continue to describe the massage, and she responds even more strongly to it, and when I ask her how she feels a second time, she says that she feels good, right before going wild with pleasure.

Clip Eight – ( 2:07 ) //
As she feels the pleasure, I suggest that Nails wants to take off her skirt. She does so, in a hurry, and I command her to orgasm.

Clip Nine – ( 1:43 ) //
I suggest that Nails is being tickled again, and as she squirms to the feeling of fingers tickling her all over, I command an orgasm. I then relax her back deeply and give her more suggestions to ease her in to a deeper and more relaxed trance.

Clip Ten – ( 2:08 ) //
I suggest that Nails can hear music and that she should dance to it. As she does so, I suggest that she feels pleasure, and then give her the idea that she should dance out of her panties. I continue to suggest pleasure until she can’t dance anymore.

Clip Eleven – ( 2:45 ) //
I prepare Nails for a special orgasm where the sound of her voice feeds back in to her mind to amplify the feelings, causing her to make more noise. I then trigger this orgasm and watch her intense response.

Clip Twelve – ( 4:19 ) //
I ask Nails if she likes girls, and she says yes. I have her imagine being hypnotized with another girl, as her hands roam her body, doing all the things she would like to have done to her in a two girl trance. As she gets in to it, I suggest that she feels that she’s having the best sex of her life. I then give her orgasm after orgasm after orgasm until it seems that she can’t take any more… Then I ease back and let her catch her breath for a second, then the tickling, then the orgasms again!

Clip Thirteen – ( 7:10 ) //
I ask Nails for her thoughts and to describe what all this feels like to her. Then I bring her to her feet, and freeze her hands in the air, and suggest that a tongue is licking her clit, while we still talk. She then says that it feels strange to be controlled, and I literally pull that strangeness from her mind, and then give her even more pleasure.

Clip Fourteen – ( 3:01 ) //
I place Nails in to a meditative state for a short while, and let her catch her breath.
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Clip Fifteen – ( 1:33 ) //
I suggest that Nails play with her candy bracelets, suggesting that everywhere they touch skin it feels good, and to explore those feelings.

Clip Sixteen – ( 0:57 ) //
I give Nails three orgasms at the snap of my fingers. However the orgasms happen a second apart from each other and only last half a second, so she has to pay close attention to catch them. Afterwards I suggest that she’s being tickled again.

Clip Seventeen – ( 6:59 ) //
I now have nails place her clothes back on in preparation for bringing her out of hypnosis. I then give her suggestions that make her feel really happy and elevate her mood. I then give her the last orgasm of the night. I suggest that she’s being tickled, and then on the count of three her eyes open focused on the same spot on her hand that we began the session with. I then suggest that she wakes up hearing the funniest joke ever. I then drop her back in to a trance, give her a little more hypno-tickling, then wake her up again. [End of session]