Nails Hypnotized 2

56 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2008-07-31

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Clip One – ( 6:33 ) 8/1/2008
It’s been about a year and a half since the last time I hypnotized Nails. We talk for a bit and then begin the session. I give her a very specific pleasure trigger and use it on her. I ask her how it feels to be hypnotized by me, and she says that it feels awesome. I ask her when she last had an orgasm. She answers today. I ask her how, and she tells me that it was having sex with her boyfriend. I then ask her how she feels about her boyfriend, and she answers that she loves him. I give her suggestions for the next time they have sex together, to amplify their pleasure. I then have her associate her desire for him with her desire for me, for the rest of the session.

Clip Two – ( 2:33 ) 8/2/2008
I give her suggestions to increase her pleasure and also to reinforce her desire to obey my commands. I continue to heat her up, but do not give her release yet.

Clip Three – ( 0:27 ) 8/3/2008
I suggest that she feels that she’s in the sexiest dream that she’s ever been in. Then I suggest that she’s being tickled.

Clip Four – ( 1:56 ) 8/4/2008
I give her an irresistible urge to take off her shirt on my command. I then give her the command. As the arousal builds, I suggest that she has the desire to push all of her curves against me. I then have her do the same with her pants.

Clip Five – ( 2:00 ) 8/5/2008
I continue to enhance the effectiveness of the pleasure suggestion. I increase her pleasure and then suggest that she’s having the best sex of her life, coming from both the front and the rear. I ask her how she feels, and she answers that she’s tired. I ask her how else she feels, and she answers that she feels good. In the midst of all this pleasure I have her take off her panties.

Clip Six – ( 3:03 ) 8/6/2008
Naked and in my arms, I increase the pleasure that she feels. I suggest that her body moves on autopilot, pure instinct, as she gets so close to the biggest orgasm of her life. I give her multiple orgasms, and then let her catch her breath a little before having her cum on my command.

Clip Seven – ( 2:48 ) 8/7/2008
I let her catch her breath for a bit, while I give her suggestions to respond favorable to me. I then suggest that her eyes are closed very tight, and that she can’t open them. As she finds that she can’t open them, I suggest an increase in my influence over her. I then have her orgasm, cum and climax on command. I then notice that my old spanking command seems to still affect her, so I have some fun with it.

Clip Eight – ( 1:21 ) 8/8/2008
On the floor, I have her touch her breast, as I give her thoughts of arousal, and then her pleasure triggers. I suggest that she’s having sex, and then I have her orgasm a few times.

Clip Nine – ( 2:01 ) 8/9/2008
On her hands and knees, I suggest that she’s a puppy dog. Eventually she ends up orgasming at my feet. I wake her up and give her more orgasms when she stands up.

Clip Ten – ( 1:01 ) 8/10/2008
The floor tickles her. I then watch her squirm, as I give her pleasure too. Then some spanks before she cums on command.

Clip Eleven – ( 3:30 ) 8/11/2008
Sitting on the floor, I have her touch her clit. She squeezes her legs together, and I suggest that her knees are powerful magnets pushing apart. I trigger an orgasm, before suggesting that the carpet is tickling her. She jumps on me, and I suggest that I’m slippery. So she jumps on me again, higher, grabbing on to my shoulders. I trigger more orgasms, and then wake her up while she’s in the air.

Clip Twelve – ( 2:03 ) 8/12/2008
The floor tickles her some more, and then the tickling stops. She places her feet back on the floor, however I suggest that she still wants to be close to me, and that she wants to do naughty things with her body. I then suggest that she feels a selfish desire to use my body for her pleasure.

Clip Thirteen – ( 1:23 ) 8/13/2008
I play a hypnotic game with her hands, before triggering another orgasm.

Clip Fourteen – ( 1:33 ) 8/14/2008
I give her some suggestions relating to being a non smoker.

Clip Fifteen – ( 2:14 ) 8/15/2008
I pose her as a mannequin, and cause her to have orgasms while she’s frozen in place.

Clip Sixteen – ( 1:52 ) 8/16/2008
I have her touch her breast with one hand, and her clit with the other. I then suggest that her fingertips are cold as ice cubes. However, they are drawn irresistibly to fondle her intimate spots. I then do the same thing again, only this time her fingertips tickle her.

Clip Seventeen – ( 1:15 ) 8/17/2008
I have her bend over, and suggest that she’s having sex from the rear. I trigger orgasms and it brings her to her knees.

Clip Eighteen – ( 1:32 ) 8/18/2008
I suggest that she is a kitten chasing string.

Clip Nineteen – ( 1:57 ) 8/19/2008
I have her stick out her hands, and suggest that she should try to hold them up. However, using hypnosis, her hands are getting heavier. When they touch the floor, she has an incredible orgasm. Then I make the entire carpet tickle her, but this time I’m not around to jump on.

Clip Twenty – ( 2:23 ) 8/20/2008
I take the number three from her mind, and notice some interesting effects of the suggestion. I use pleasure triggers as I go through her fingers, like I’m counting, but not counting, and I notice a lack of response on the third finger. I take her through them again a second time to confirm this observation. I then take her through this a third time just for good measure. I then continue through the more stereotypical routine as I have her count her fingers. I then give her the number back, and run through the pleasure triggers on her fingers, noticing the effect.

Clip Twenty-One – ( 1:28 ) 8/21/2008
This time I take away the number one. I notice the strange effect that is has on the pleasure triggers. I then ask her to count her vaginas. The math question is an inside joke between me and my camera man. I’m trying to get her to divide by zero, which is an illegal operation. Once we were having dinner, and the waitress was acting in a manner that caused us to suspect that she might be a robot. So we spent the night throwing math at her to try to get her to divide by zero, which we suspected would cause her robot brain to crash and thus prove that she was a robot. This and Ghengis Kahn represent a large amount of our sense of humor. (Ask me about Kindergarten Cop sometime…) I then give her the number one back.

Clip Twenty-Two – ( 3:29 ) 8/22/2008
Mid orgasm I suggest that she no longer has a vagina, but instead has a penis. I have her do things with this for a while, before making everything disappear.

Clip Twenty-Three – ( 1:46 ) 8/23/2008
I trigger some orgasms, and then spank her a bit, and the suggest the floor is tickling her, and she climbs on top of me again. I then trigger more orgasms.

Clip Twenty-Four – ( 2:52 ) 8/24/2008
I use hypnotic suggestion to confuse her on how to put on her clothes.

Clip Twenty-Five – ( 2:39 ) 8/25/2008
She gets dressed properly as we discuss her new ink. I use her various triggers to distract her while she is getting dressed. I then suggest to her that this will be the last time she can press her body close to mine for a while, and she does. I then suggest that she’s having sex.