Nails Hypnotized 4

33 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2009-06-06

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Clip One – ( 5:05 ) 06/10/2009
Nails is back for another session and appears naked next to me, while I am in my underwear. I mention that this is the case because we just filmed our first segment for We then move on to a general discussion about nudity, fitness, life after alcohol and so on and so forth. I then go in to a brief overview of my work as a pornographer for the past nearly 10 years, and then bring it back to a little bit more about

Clip Two – ( 8:08 ) 06/11/2009
I take notice of Nails’ physical form, and tell her what I like about it, piece by piece. We talk about what it’s like to be naked, or nearly naked, in front of the camera. I begin the process of hypnotizing Nails, and then I give her a suggestion that she feels incredibly turned on being naked in front of the camera, just like I described it feeling. I then suggest a memory of an arousal that has been building in her for quite some time. I continue building up her pleasure and arousal, bringing her physically closer to me, and then I suggest that she will fall passionately in love with me, but not remember this happening when the session ends.

Clip Three – ( 2:34 ) 06/12/2009
I create a sense of missing my touch, as I go to bring her a chair, but that when she feels my touch again that it will feel very good. I then sit her in to the chair, and link her pleasure to my touch, and suggest that she is making love as she feels my fingers on her body, bringing her to the edge of an orgasm. I ask her if she wants me to touch her breasts, and she does. I then suggest that she remembers that she’s wanted me to touch her breasts all day, and this enhances the feelings. I then suggest that she feels that she’s having incredible sex.

Clip Four – ( 1:28 ) 06/13/2009
I have Nails stand up, and I prepare her to sit down in my lap. After the preparations are made, I have her sit in my lap.

Clip Five – ( 3:32 ) 06/14/2009
I suggest feelings of pleasure as Nails sits in my lap, everything I say to her instantly becomes true. I remind her of this by suggesting that her feet are being tickled. I suggest that she wants to make out with me, and that her physical desire for me grows when she is in my presence. It’s only been a day since her last orgasm, so I suggest that it’s been a year and that she really needs one and that I’m the only one that can give it to her. I heat her up even more and suggest that she’s having hot passionate sex with me.

Clip Six – ( 1:26 ) 06/15/2009
I suggest to Nails that she is in her ultimate fantasy, and then I bring her to orgasm.

Clip Seven – ( 2:04 ) 06/16/2009
I instruct Nails to take my hand and pull it to her breast, and the moment it touches, I trigger another orgasm, then another and another and another. I ask her questions about her current state, and then trigger more orgasms and pleasure. I make the feelings about me that I’ve placed in to her mind a part of her subconscious mind, and trigger more pleasure to reinforce these suggestions.

Clip Eight – ( 3:03 ) 06/17/2009
I trigger more pleasure, and ask her how it feels that she won’t remember this experience. It’s not important that she doesn’t remember it, it’s only important that she feels pleasure from my voice. I then continue to suggest various forms of pleasure and orgasm to her.

Clip Nine – ( 1:24 ) 06/18/2009
I rearrange Nails again, and trigger more pleasure as I hold her securely in my arms. I suggest that we are having sex, and then trigger several orgasms before relaxing her deeply.

Clip Ten – ( 1:31 ) 06/19/2009
I have Nails remember that my touch has magical powers that causes her to instantly feel pleasure. I use this touch and she responds instantly. I then ask her if she wants to feel even more pleasure, and she does. I then give her pleasure that doesn’t stop, until I tell her to relax.

Clip Eleven – ( 2:47 ) 06/20/2009
I suggest a feeling of oneness and togetherness, pure bliss and pure happiness with a positive association. I use the pleasure touch a few times, and then trigger the biggest orgasm, with multiple climaxes. I relax her in my arms for a few moments to allow her to catch her breath and reaffirm the positive feelings, and then I trigger more pleasure.