Nails Hypnotized 5

61 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2009-10-29

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Clip One – ( 3:54 ) 11/01/2009
I begin the hypnotic process with Nails. I suggest arousal and the feelings of having sex.

Clip Two – ( 3:35 ) 11/02/2009
Nails recently had some knee issues, so I place her on a chair and continue the hypnotic process. I add more effects to the pleasure command that I’ve placed in her mind.

Clip Three – ( 5:10 ) 11/03/2009
I suggest that everywhere I touch, brings her pleasure and makes her tingle, that I’ve taken complete control. I then suggest that she’s on the edge of cumming, and I watch the response. I then begin to take off her clothing, starting with her top, before suggesting sensations on her clit.

Clip Four – ( 2:50 ) 11/04/2009
I have Nails think of the most aroused she’s even been, and then suggest that being under my control arouses her more than that. I continue to build up the sexual feelings in her.

Clip Five – ( 3:14 ) 11/05/2009
Nails offends me with her obnoxious burping, so I punish her with the sensations that I know she doesn’t like to feel. We then resume the feelings of sex. I then suggest that she’s on the verge of the biggest orgasm of her life, but she can’t have it with her pants on her body.

Clip Six – ( 4:57 ) 11/06/2009
We take an brief inventory of all the physical injuries that Nails has as the moment. I sprinkle some orgasms in to this discussion. Then I give her a trigger that causes her to orgasm in a body part when I give it a little squeeze.

Clip Seven – ( 5:14 ) 11/07/2009
I create a power of distraction over her mind just by holding up on finger. I explore the effects this has on her.

Clip Eight – ( 2:52 ) 11/08/2009
Starting with the suggestion that there is a vibrator in her ass, which she doesn’t like too much, I switch it to a feeling of it being somewhere else. I then distract her while triggering orgasms, and experimenting with her attention, before finally having the chair tickle her.

Clip Nine – ( 5:26 ) 11/09/2009
I’m feeling sadistic, so I take a pillow and link it to all sorts unpleasant sensations. She tries to avoid the effects by looking away, but I just capture her eyes and pull her in.

Clip Ten – ( 1:51 ) 11/10/2009
I make Nails use the pillow on herself. I also comment on the general state of her health.

Clip Eleven – ( 5:11 ) 11/11/2009
I remove the negative effects of the pillow and link it to her clit. I start with pleasure, but quickly decide that tossing the pillow around makes for a more amusing response. I alternate between pleasure and the alternative.

Clip Twelve – ( 5:15 ) 11/12/2009
I continue to manipulate her vagina through it’s connection to the pillows. Alternating between pleasure and torment.

Clip Thirteen – ( 6:04 ) 11/13/2009
I dream up even more ways of teasing Nails with the pillows. However, every time I give her a pleasure option, she thinks it’s weird, so I have to go back to tormenting her. I notice the effect when the pillow falls on the ground, so I explore that for a while, eventually making her thrown the pillows down herself.

Clip Fourteen – ( 5:36 ) 11/14/2009
Nails tells me that the pillows don’t amuse her, so I give her a suggestion that changes that. We play with them a little more before I let her off the hook, give her a few more orgasms, and then wrap up the session.