Nicole Hypnotized

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Chapter 1

I begin our erotic hypnosis session with Nicole. She's come it to my studio as a referral from a previous subject. She knows that she'll be getting naked and having an erotic experience, but in terms of her own expectations, she doesn't have any idea what's going to be happening. I let her know that we're going to be doing erotic hypnosis and I talk with her a little about what that entails. We discuss some of the ground rules regarding consent and the structure of how we're going to establish that.

Chapter 2

I begin the hypnotic induction process with Nicole using a standard progressive relaxation exercise. She's receptive and responsive. She relaxes and gets loose and wobbly. I begin to suggest the building of arousal, and give her a pleasure trigger. I continue the induction process and when I get to her hips and her waist area, I see all the subtle signs of her responsiveness to the small erotic suggestions I've given her. I go for the orgasm and trigger it. The response is very physical. I immediately progress this to the tactile pleasure trigger when I touch her breast, and she is immediately receptive. I trigger another orgasm and her response continues to be intense. I suggest that when I kiss her earlobe she will feel the best oral sex of her life and respond to it vocally.

Chapter 3

I train Nicole to stand at attention on my command, then I give her a post hypnotic trigger to return to the trance state. I suggest to her that my voice is pleasure, and then I trigger her orgasm. I suggest that deep between her legs, she obeys me. I ask her who controls her mind and who controls her body, and she answer that I do. I then suggest that when I snap my fingers she will open her eyes and turn to me and see me in a new light and fall in love with me. I snap my fingers and her response is immediate. I talk with her while triggering her pleasure and orgasms. I ask her a series of questions relating to how she feels about what I'm doing with her. Her responses match her body language in her receptivity of what is happening. I then give her a suggestion to respond favorably to me. I then have her stand back at attention, listening to my words.

Chapter 4

I deepen her trance state, and then ask her if she would carry out a kiss command. She indicates that she would. I give her a kiss trigger, suggesting that she would kiss me with all her passion. I use this trigger, and once again the response is immediate and very intense. I bring her in to a more working state of mind and we talk a bit about the vagueness of the expectations leading in to the studio, more to the point I ask her if she would have believed me if I would have told her that I would have hypnotized her to have orgasms on command. She answers, no, and I trigger another orgasm. I then ask her if she was glad that she trusted me and she answers yes. I reward her with a sequence of orgasm and kiss triggers. As she kisses and paws me, I trigger her trance, and she stops to listen to me.

Chapter 5

I give Nicole a tickle butt trigger. I trigger her, and then use her kiss command. I alternate between the two for a short time and then trigger an orgasm.

Chapter 6

I give Nicole a tactile trigger to respond extremely favorably to me whenever I touch her cheek. I suggest that she will feel that I'm the most sexy and attractive guy she's ever met and that she loves being with me. I then touch her cheek and use her kiss command. I have her lift her hands above her head. I ask her how she feels, and she answers that she can feel me undressing her. I ask her how it feels and she answers that it feels very good. I ask her how my touch feels through her clothes, and she tells me that it kinda tickles. I ask her if she feels vulnerable, if it feels good, and if she trusts me, she answers yes to all three. I ask her if there's anywhere I can't touch her and she shakes her head no. I then suggest that when I touch her through her jeans it will feel like I'm touching her directly between her legs. I do so and she's very responsive. I then use her kiss trigger. She's really in to it, and then I trigger her tickle butt and tease her for a while.

Chapter 7

I give Nicole her climax trigger. I use this trigger.

Chapter 8

I suggest that Nicole will take off her shirt and drop it to the side the next time I snap my fingers. I trigger an orgasm and then snap my fingers. She removes her top, and I give her suggestions to cause her to respond favorably to me, continuing to arouse her.

Chapter 9

When I say the word begin, I have Nicole tell me every detail she can remember from her very first orgasm. She relates it to me, and then the next orgasm I trigger is a replay of her very first one. It is distinctly different. I use her kiss trigger and then have her describe how she feels.

Chapter 10

I tease her with a tickle butt command, then trigger that first orgasm again., associating that feeling with me. I ask her questions to verify this and am satisfied with the result. I then suggest that when I trigger her orgasms on command it will always be that first orgasm feeling, and that the next one will be 10 times more intense.

Chapter 11

I have Nicole stand at attention and count down as a deepening exercise. I give her a freeze trigger, effectively making her my mannequin in that state. Mid count I freeze her, pose her, and feel her up. The I pose her some more and kiss her. I unfreeze her and she is completely blank. I trigger an orgasm, and I have her hold me tight, suggesting to her that I"m literally a pussy magnet. I trigger multiple orgasms and she is lost in pleasure. I then freeze her mid orgasm and pose her differently. I then trigger multiple rapid orgasms while she's frozen. I then wake her up continuing the rapid orgasms. I trigger multiple kiss commands without letting her reach me. She chases me with a growing need to kiss me. When she almost reaches me, I freeze her, move behind her, continue using her kiss trigger. I finally let her kiss me. Then I trigger her climax.

Chapter 12

I have Nicole stand at attention and then bring her to a more normal state of mind. I ask her how she feels. It is clear how much this experience is affecting her. I review the various things we've trained in to her and see her enthusiastic reception of it all. I ask her if there's anything that I could have told her on the way over to prepare her for the reality that she's existing in now and she tells me that she can't think of any way I could have. I reward her with an orgasm.

Chapter 13

I give Nicole an embrace trigger. When I use that trigger she wraps herself around me like a long lost lover and she's happy to see me. I use her trigger and then trigger an orgasm. I use her kiss trigger, trigger another orgasm, and use her embrace command again. I have her cum on command and then kiss.

Chapter 14

Suddenly I use Nicole's tickle butt trigger. I decide to modify it by adding a reach around to tickle her pussy, in addition to the ticklishness on her ass. I trigger her modified tickle butt, and then have her kiss me, before her next orgasm.

Chapter 15

I have Nicole tell me about the very first time someone else gave her an orgasm. She does so. I then give her a new trigger, fuck cum, to have that orgasm instantly. I use this trigger to the desired effect. I then have her tell me how that experience made her feel towards her boyfriend at the time. She does so, and I incorporate that in to her trigger. I then trigger her fuck cum, and then trigger her kiss while it is in progress. I let the kiss and the feelings ride out, and once she settles down, I use her normal orgasm trigger and then her kiss command again.

Chapter 16

I explain butterscotch to Nicole. I ask Nicole to nod her head if she could imagine that. I then have her nod her head if she would enjoy that. I trigger her fuck cum, and then place the trigger in to her mind. I have her embrace and then cum on command. I continue to build the future anticipation of carrying out that command. I ask her if she trusts me sexually, and if she trusts that I can tell what she enjoys. I ask if she gives me blanket consent to do as I please, and when she does I reward her with rapid cum triggers. I ask her if she enjoys touching me, and then I her how it makes her feel. I reinforce these feelings. Then I trigger an orgasm, after orgasm, increasing the intensity. I trigger her horny little tickle butt and then suggest that she wants to take off her bra. When she does so the tickle butt stops and I trigger an orgasm.

Chapter 17

I bring Nicole to a more normal state of mind and talk with her. I mention that I've hypnotized her out of her bra and then have her give me her thoughts. She tells me that she's surprised. I trigger her pleasure and then ask her if she would recommend the experience. I imagine her in bed with all the girls I hypnotize and then trigger a few orgasms. I have her take off her shoes. I make a reference to the butterscotch trigger without using the trigger and ask her if she would be okay with it, and ask for her consent. I then have her take off her pants, although I throw in a few monkey wrenches whlle she does so.

Chapter 18

Nicole stands before me at attention, wearing only her panties. I walk up to her and place my hand on her cheek, suggesting that she loves following my orders, that every time I give her a command it sexually excites her and arouses her. I ask her if she considers herself to be sexually submissive. I rub her pussy over her panties and ask her if she's ever had a master before. I give her the mantra, touch my pussy, fuck my pussy, master. I then place my hand inside her panties and stroke her pussy while she repeats her mantra. I trigger an orgasm and have her continue. I then have her stand at attention before me and tell her that there is a word for me in her mind and ask her what it is. She's deeply entranced and we see confusion cross her face and her lips start to move, searching her subconscious to carry out the instruction. She then says butterscotch, which tells me a great deal about what's happening inside her mind. As entertaining and insightful as this is, this is not what I expected, and i laugh a little. I reward her with an orgasm. I mention to her that she's anticipating me saying that word, and she smiles and nods her head enthusiastically. I have her tell me how the thought of me saying that word makes her feel and she smiles again and answers.

Chapter 19

I let Nicole know that in a moment she's going to feel my slick, gloved fingers on her pussy. As I stroke her lubricated pussy, I suggest that she realizes that her word for me in her mind is master. I then have her repeat her mantra. I ask her how she feels, and she tells me that she really wants to orgasm. I tell her that in a moment she's going to take off her panties, and then I ask her what will happen when she takes off her panties. She pleads with me that I'll fuck her. I'm pleased with this behavior, and ask her if I have her consent to fuck her. I then tease her and have her imagine that desire doubling and doubling while I finger her slick pussy. I continue to tease her and lead her to ask for her orgasm. I keep teasing her and then give her a tickle butt trigger.

Chapter 20

Every woman has a trick to get herself off. I bring a chair over and have Nicole sit down in it so that she can show me hers. Before I turn her loose, I finger her while I review her thoughts about me. I train her to respond to my touch on her g-spot. We return to her desire to have an orgasm, and I ask her who decides when she gets to have an orgasm, and if she's ever been in that position before. I ask her what its like. She's never had to go without before. She tells me that it makes it harder to resist, and I ask her what she's trying to resist, and she tells me that she wants to beg for it. Even after begging for it, I deny her the release, instead giving her a tickle butt trigger and dropping her in to a passive trance state.

Chapter 21

Nicole really, really wants to have an orgasm, but I suggest that she accepts that I have control over her orgasm. I ask her how this makes her feel, and she tells me that she feels excited. We take a really good look at her pussy, which looks fantastic. As we look close up, I have her take her fingers and demonstrate everything she knows about getting herself horny. I have her describe it as if she were making a sex educational video for young women and it's her duty to give them good information. I suggest that she's still in the moment, that she's super horny, but that she's describing it almost clinically.

Chapter 22

Now I have Nicole describe her special trick for getting herself off.

Chapter 23

I bring Nicole back to her feet and reposition her. I suggest that she wants to finger herself but her hands are frozen to her sides. I suggest that anytime she feels my skin on her skin, she feels this horny and she remembers that I control her pleasure.

Chapter 24

I modify Nicole's embrace command with embrace 5, where she feels as horny as she feels now and she just wants to hump me shamelessly through my clothes, that she's just pure want. This has a huge effect on her. I modify her kiss command to include kiss 5 the same way. I'm pleased with the result. Combining the two stacks very nicely. I bring her to a more normal state of mind and ask her how she feels. I then tell her that I'm going to trigger behavior and after she carries out that behavior I want her to explain what she felt just happened.

Chapter 25

I have Nicole stand at attention and count down from 20 as a deepening exercise. As she does so, I take a close look at her up and down. We're zoomed in on her hips and waist and thighs when I trigger her pleasure and when I trigger her tickle butt, and we see in great detail the immediate physical response down there.

Chapter 26

I give Nicole the a blank says suggestion and amuse myself as she makes animal noises in between her other triggers. When we get to the sound that an animal makes, she doesn't have an answer, and her mind tosses something out to fulfill the command. She comes to a more normal state of mind and I continue to play with her using this trigger, occasionally distracting her with pleasure triggers.

Chapter 27

This is my style of erotic hypnosis, with the goal of creating the most pleasure and arousal possible. I talk and trigger her with a few of her triggers.

Chapter 28

When I say the word begin she's going to march in place, not moving backwards, not moving forwards. I have her march faster and faster and then trigger a surprise orgasm. I have her embrace 5, kiss 5 and then cum a few times. I do it again, but this time with jumping jacks. I wake her up in to a flurry of orgasms and fuck cums concluding with a kiss 5.

Chapter 29

I give Nicole a backgasm trigger. This has a profound effect on her, and briefly overwhelms her. I have her try to describe what's happening to her. I then alternate between backgasm and her other orgasmic triggers, and then a kiss 5. I ask her what she thoughts about it, she had no words, could only nod breathlessly. I explain to her that I developed this technique while doing my stage shows. I then talk about the different versions of herself and that I enjoy interacting with each of them.

Chapter 30

I can see that Nicole is starting to get exhausted from the session, so I start to slow things down. We talk about how strange it is for her. We then look back at her responsiveness over the session. I have her think back to her firsts for the session.

Chapter 31

I have her count down from 30, repeating I'm hypnotized I'm relaxed between each number.

Chapter 32

I suggest that she's not going to pay attention to her pussy. I finger her with lubricated fingers and have her tell me in great detail about her last trip to the grocery store.

Chapter 33

I repeat the last only this time Nicole fingers herself.

Chapter 34

We conclude the session.