Nicole Hypnotized 2

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Chapter 1

I begin our second session with Nicole with a discussion of our previous session. We touch base with her and establish that she was happy with the experience and was okay with everything that happened. We also have a discussion about sex and establish consent to go that direction if it makes sense to do so.

Chapter 2

I begin the session with a pleasure trigger. There appears to be little external response. I use the trance trigger and the embrace and kiss triggers. Nicole is responsive to both, and it appears that she's internalized this behavior towards me. I deepen her trance state. I touch her and trigger pleasure with increasing intensity. This is affecting her, but not as pronounced as our previous session. I trigger her tickle butt and then have her stand at attention. She is responsive to both.

Chapter 3

I begin to pull Nicole's clothes up over her breasts. I touch her bare breasts and see she's getting turned on. I modify her pleasure trigger and then use her embrace and kiss triggers. This brings her out and increases her arousal and responsiveness. I begin to take down her pants, triggering tickle butt while I do so..

Chapter 4

I ask Nicole to tell me about her last orgasm as I touch her between her legs. She stands before me, top up and pants down as I deepen her trance and trigger her pleasure. I have her focus her attention on her clit, getting more aroused and then trigger an orgasm. I'm pleased with her response and then use her fuck cum trigger and am once again pleased with the intensity triggered.

Chapter 5

Nicole is starting to get horny and melty in my arms. I ask her what happed when I made her orgasm. I then suggest that with every orgasm she becomes more attracted to me, and feels a desire to serve and please me. I ask her what happens to her mentally when I make her orgasm.

Chapter 6

I trigger Nicole with an orgasm and immediately with her butterscotch command. I continue to give her suggestions as she carries out the command. I'm pleased with her technique and reward her with her fuck cum trigger. I then attach a number to it and trigger butterscotch 10. She gives a a few strokes and while she does so I trigger a few orgasms.

Chapter 7

I bring Nicole back to her feet and give her an embrace 10 trigger. At the snap of my fingers I suggest that she's going to try to fuck me through my clothes. I then ask how she feels. I suggest that she feels very good, elated, that she's done right. Then I reward her with a few orgasms, then a districting tickle butt trigger.

Chapter 8

I bring Nicole to a more normal state of mind and ask how she feels, she nods her head, smiles and tells me that she feels really good. I trigger her orgasms and pleasure. I then relate to her a sexual experience from the previous night with another subject, and how it related to my enjoying her. I then trigger her backgasm and see the intensity of the response, however she seemed to be recovering her composure quicker. So I trigger a few more backgasms and then a kiss command.

Chapter 9

I ask her if she can imagine sex while I'm trigger her orgasms and completely under my control in that way. I then ask her if she thinks she would enjoy that. I ask her if that's an experience that she's curious about and would like to have at least once. I then trigger pleasure and backgasms. Then at the snap of my fingers to strip naked and stand at attention. I trigger pleasure as she does so. Then I trigger embrace 10 and a few more backgasms.

Chapter 10

I lead Nicole over to the bed. I relax and deepen her trance state. I have her begin masturbating and tell her that there's a word for me in her mind and ask her what it is. I'm pleased with her answer. I then give her a mantra and let her spend some time repeating it. I ask her a few questions to determine if she's ready for sex. I then trigger more arousal.

Chapter 11

I suggest that she's not going to be able to orgasm until I tell her to, and then have her stimulate herself and get herself really really horny. I trigger her pleasure. I then ask her if she thought about me while masturbating and to tell me about the last time she did so. I then suggest that she believes she's back in that moment having the same feelings. I then have her tell me what she's thinking about, and we gain insight in to one of the things I did with her that affected her very profoundly.

Chapter 12

I have Nicole pull me in to her and then immediately trigger an orgasm. I have her describe how she feels and then trigger a kiss and an embrace 10. She's no longer trying to fuck me through my clothes, so i suggest that future embrace 10 triggers will cause her to feel what she's feeling now. I bring her to a more normal state of mind and use some of her pleasure triggers. I then talk with her about the orgasm denial that she described a few minutes before. I talk with her about it while I fuck her and this turns her on, at one point she instantly becomes super wet and takes me deeper in to herself. I then have her look in to my eyes and trigger a backgasm while we are fucking.

Chapter 13

We seem to have found a path in to one of her kinks with denial and playful frustration. I use this insight to drive her wild, triggering kiss 10 over and over while holding her down and keeping her unable to get to me. I then trigger orgasms, and then tickle butt while I continue to have sex with her. I then place her back in a nice and relaxing trance and give her suggestions to respond favorably to me. Once again this gets a physical response of more wetness and deeper access. I then have her describe how she feels. We revisit that idea of begging for an orgasm and this ties back in to the structure of her kink. I then suggest to her that she's going to beg shamelessly for an orgasm. I deny her requests and then tease her with a blank says triggers and having her describe what she wants. I ask her to tell me how it compares with other sex that she has had, and then her body shows me. I link this back to her pleasure trigger.

Chapter 14

I place her back in to the trance and relax her deeply. I trigger a few post coitus orgasms then kiss 10. I bring her to a more normal state of mind and talk with her, providing her with some light post sex stimulation.

Chapter 15

I give Nicole masturbatory fuel to keep her looking forward to our next session. [ End of Session ]