Nikko Hypnotized

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My session with Niko begins with us talking about her previous experience being hypnotized as well as some of the sleep issues that she's been having. This conversation gives us a baseline of her personality and her normal waking mannerisms that we can later compare to what she is like in a trance state. I begin the induction process with her by having her fix her eyes on to the palms of her crossed hands and we encounter a phenomenon that I run in to from time to time where she has essentially put herself in to a confusion process. I take a gentle, but authoritative tone and lead her out of the confusion in to the relaxing process of going in to the passive state of trance.

I begin with a progressive relaxation exercise, however she is getting limp in my arms, so very quickly I switch to the balloon test. She responds to it, however seems to catch herself. I quickly switch to suggesting the sensory hallucination of being tickled, which she responds to, and then to the suggestion of pleasure. As I change phenomena, and as she responds to them, she exhibits less of a catching and correcting mechanism, and becomes are more passive subject, experiencing and following my suggestions.

I'm satisfied that I have her in a workable trance state and that she is focused on my voice and responsive to my suggestions. I return to the progressive relaxation exercise, lingering on the focus of all those muscles in her hips and waist area. I then give her a tickle butt command and watch her get giggly on command, before bringing it back to the pleasure. I ask her about her last orgasm, and she tells me about it. I think create associations between the way that she responds to me being equivalent to the way that she responded in her last orgasm. I trigger an orgasm via suggestion, and then switch to a tickle butt. I repeat this process a few times.

I train Nikko to stand at attention on my command. I give her the attention command with the snap of my fingers, and this appears to have her a little confused. I've laid the induction on pretty thick, and she appears a little out of it, and a little lethargic to action. I relax her and bring her in to a relaxed trance, before training her to embrace on command. I ask her how she feels and she answers that she feels horny. I decide to lay it on even thicker, and suggest that when she hears my voice it causes her clit to vibrate. The effects of the pleasure triggers are more pronounced.

It's time to take her shirt off, but I'm not sure how well she'll respond to complex movement. I give her a direct instruction to raise her hands, and then suggest that she feels like she's flying, and while I describe her flying over the city, her shirt flies off her body. I then take off her shirt. As her arms are stretched up I suggest that she's being tickled, and then alternate to pleasure. I then explicitly bring her out of the trance to evaluate her response. There is a noticeable change, so I take her back in to the trance state using her post hypnotic trigger.

I ask her if she identifies herself as being sexually submissive. I then attempt to place the word Master in her mind linked to me. She's kind of out of it, when I ask her what that word is a few seconds later, she doesn't remember it or the meaning of the question. I find this interesting as a feature of her trance state, and move on to explicitly defining a cum on command trigger. She responds to this trigger. I continue to suggest feelings of arousal and horniness.

I give Nikko the suggestion that causes her to respond favorably to my hand on her breast. She responds well to this suggestion, and I tell her that it will feel even better when it's on bare skin, and to take off her bra. She follows this instruction smoothly and without hesitation. I relax her and deepen her trance, while continuing to give her suggestions to respond favorably to me. I then train her to kiss on command. The orgasm that I trigger after having her kiss me as a long lost lover sounds different, more emotional.

I have her think to a time in her life when her breasts felt really sexually sensitive. She finds this moment. I ask her to describe it, but she doesn't know how to. I link this feeling memory to my touch on her boobs and watch her squirm in pleasure. I then suggest to her that she loves it when I play with her boobs and when I make her stand at attention, she's going to pout a little because she wants me to play with her boobs. She does this, and I tease her with a tickle butt command while she's pouting.

I help myself to her boobs, squeezing both at the same time. She's aroused by this, and as I am standing behind her, when I give her a tickle butt command, she rubs up against me while she's giggling. I describe a boob related fantasy, and then trigger an orgasm.

I suggest to her that she is in the shower. I play a joke on her and tell her that the water is suddenly cold, cold cold. I then freeze her in the shower and trigger a few orgasms, these ones affect her especially acutely. I also notice that her training has set in nicely for her attention command. She's still exhibiting a sort of cognitive absence, unable to keep track of counting backwards from 20 to 1, losing the thread before being able to reach 19. The orgasm triggers are hitting her harder now too. I don't mind the cognitive issues as I have a sexy, horny and passive woman at my pleasure.

The earlier lethargy has passed, and she is now more able to respond to simple direct commands. I decide to train her to do a few more things, and give her a trigger to pose on command and present her breasts.

I bring her in to a more waking state and take her through her triggers. Hoever, as she responds to my triggers and follows my voice, she's back in the trance state. I cause her to feel my touch on her body making anywhere I touch an erogenous zone. She moans in pleasure as I move my hand down her chest and over her belly. I then move down to between her legs and have her kiss me on command as I trigger an orgasm. This drives her wild. In this ligher trance she's more able to retain concepts, and I suggest to her that I have Hitachi fingers as I stroker her pussy. I then drop her deeper in to the trance state.

There is a calm peaceful stillness to her deep trance now. I lead her through the embrace command, modifying it affect her more. I then bring up the subject of spankings for pleasure, and this is not really something she's in to. She's got a nice ass, so I have her stand at attention and turn around, triggering pleasure along her ass. I then tell her to have a climax, and she does.

I sit Nikko down and train her to spread her legs on my command. I have her move her hands up and down her thighs, horny and wanting to pleasure herself. I give her a suggestion that causes her to be unable to touch her pussy. She does everything in her power to try to cause some sort of stimulation. I let her touch her pussy again, but I block her orgasm response. She's frustrated, and I offer to help her out. She remembers that I have Hitachi fingers, and I stroke her pussy, triggering an orgasm.

I then have her bring her left foot up over her right knee, as a gift to the foot fetishists out there, triggering an orgasm by touching her toe.

It's nearing the end of the session. She's thirsty and asks for water, gulping down the whole glass. I can tell that she's tired, I've worn her out. I start to give her some positive suggestions for the wrapping up process. I give her a suggestion that when I kiss her on the cheek or the neck, that she'll have a crush on me, with the expectation that the next time I see her it will be normal for me to greet her with a little kiss, like they do in Europe. I then have her hold me tight and show me how she fucks.

Finally I train her to present her breasts on command.