Nikko Hypnotized 2

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Nikko returns for another erotic hypnosis session about half a year after the first time I hypnotized her. I use my pocket watch to do an eye fixation induction with her. She easily goes back in to a hypnotic trance for me, and lays back on the bed. As I deepen her trance state, I begin to trigger her arousal, and she melts in to it.

I test her responsiveness to the "tickle butt" suggestion that I gave to her previously. She instantly responds to it in the expected manner. I then test her continued responsiveness to my touch on her breast. I place my hand on her and ask her how it feels. She tells me that it feels good, that it feels like pleasure.

In her normal state of consciousness she does not have much to say about the previous session. However, now that she's back in the trance state, I ask her about the previous session, and she has more recollection. I ask her how she feels when I say pleasure, and she squirms in the bed a little and tells me that she feels like she wants to cum.

I do a fractionalization exercise with her, waking her up and triggering her trance repeatedly, interspersed with her other triggers. As she's on the bed, when I wake her up she starts to sit up, and then I trigger her trance and she just drops back down to the bed.

Nikko is laying back on the bed in a trance, and I ask her to tell me about the first sexual fantasy that she had after our previous session. She tells me about an experience that she had with two men, giving oral to one while she was being taken from the rear.

After hearing about fantasy about her previous sexual experience, I give her a trigger that causes her to relive it briefly when I say "buttfuck." When I use this trigger on her, she gets on her hands and knees with her ass in the air, and she gets back in to that moment. Between her pleasure triggers, "tickle butt," and the new "buttfuck" trigger, I have her bouncing around all over the bed.

I have her present her breasts for me, from a kneeling position on the bed, while triggering her pleasure. Her tits spill out of the top of her sundress.

I suggest to her that it was ironic that we had our session today, because she can remember having a very sexy dream the night before about giving me a really good blowjob. I then suggest that she's having that dream now. She's grinding against the bed, rubbing her legs together, thinking about sucking me off. I then have her mime in the air how she would do it.

I give her a trigger relating to sucking on my cock. I let it sink in a bit, and then I ask her if there's any doubt in her mind whether or not she would go down on me on my command. She answers with a clearly, directly and immediately that there isn't any doubt. I then ask her if she thinks I would want her to suck my cock on command. She answers that "yes, I would want her to, and that she really wants to."

This answer gives me an idea, and I continue to amplify this want, craving and desire until she knows that she wants to do it more than I want to have it, establishing a power dynamic on top of everything else. She continues to get more and more aroused through this process, in addition to additional arousal using her pleasure trigger.

I give her a hypnotic command and compulsion that reinforces her desire to give me a blow job and refresh it every time she opens her eyes and looks at me. I then have her do so without bringing her out of the trance, and we can see it in her expression how much of an effect this is all having on her.

I repeat this process a few times and she is pretty much begging and pleading at this point to fulfill this desire. I think this is adorable, and tell her so, then triggering her "tickle butt."

I instruct her to take off her dress, but she moves very slowly. I encourage an increase in her speed of disrobing with multiple "tickle butt" triggers that will only end when the dress comes off. She then very quickly pulls her dress off over her head.

I have her count backwards from 25, going deeper in to hypnosis. While she counts she does not pay attention to my feeling up her body. When she finishes counting all the sensations come upon her at once.

I bring her out of the trance state and ask her how she feels. She answers, "dizzy, sleepy, confused." I ask her what she is confused about and she answers, "everything."

I mention to her that in January I did a 45 minute long arousal increase and tease without letting her have the orgasmic release. I let her know that I'm about to do that to her.

On a scale of 1 to 100 she mentions that she feels at an 80. It takes a few moments to explain, but the 80 on her old scale is now a 1 on the new scale of 1 to 100.

I have her describe to me the first really enjoyable blow job she has ever given. She then recounts an experience with her ex-boyfriend.

I continue to trigger her pleasure and then relax her.

I give her a suggestion to make animal noises when I tap her shoulder. We go through a series of different animals as I continue to increase the intensity of and trigger her pleasure.

We encounter a moment of trance logic as she has trouble reconciling a suggestion to count only using bear sounds, then overcoming the dilemma posed when I say that bears can't count.

I continue to process of using her various triggers to ramp up her arousal. I then have her tell me about the first time that she used a Hitachi. I continue the arousal increase. Then I have her tell me about the last time she caught someone staring at her breasts out in public. At this point I've ramped her pleasure up to a 20. I ask her what she's thinking, and she affirms that she very clearly is focused on her desire to give me a blow job right now.

The intensity of what she feels with my pleasure trigger at this point causes her to twist and turn in bed. I have her tell me about a time other than now or the last time that I hypnotized her, and she really wanted to have an orgasm. She tells me about an experience where she was with a guy who was holding her down and physically stimulating her without letting her have an orgasm. She then told me that it was so intense that her pussy just ached. She compares it with guys getting blue balls, she gets blue pussy. I then suggest to her that my touch on her body immediately gives her blue pussy. I then use this sensation of the blue pussy to get her to think about having me fill all of her holes.

I let all the pent up hormones evaporate, that she'll feel chill. Then she will open her eyes and look at me and all the hormones and desire will flood back in to her.

I play around with her perception of time as it relates to the pleasure triggers. I relax her for a moment, then I trigger another animal sound of the chipmunk as I tap her shoulder. I think this is adorable, so I alternate the chipmunk with her "tickle butt" before raising her pleasure to a 40. I then have her tell me about her pleasurable experience with a woman. As she tells it, she was 19 and this was the first time she orgasmed with another person.

I bring her pleasure trigger in to the 50's and let her squirm in pleasure a bit before tapping her shoulder and saying monkey, then gorilla. By 56 on the pleasure scale, she's thrashing around in bed saying, "oh my god, oh my god."

I continue to trigger her pleasure, while at the same time feeling her breast. I ask her what she's thinking and she is consumed with her need to have an orgasm. I ask her who decides when she can orgasm, and she answers that I do. She also answers that I am in control of her mind and her body.

At a level of 69 she giggles as she responds because of the number. In the 70's she is in quite the disheveled state, I trigger her "buttfuck" command and she's calling out a confused what even as her body gets in to the position. Despite all this activity and frustrated sexual energy, I use her sleep command and she's immediately relaxed and tranced out.

I stick her hands to her breasts tight, and then trigger her pleasure. I give her the mantra of "touch my pussy, fuck my pussy, Master." I then stroke right above her panties as she cycles this thought through her mind. I continue increasing her pleasure, and then have her look me in the eyes and say her mantra again. When she completes the sentence I trigger her pleasure to a 90.

I close in the 90's and I ask her what she would say being hypnotized by me feels like. She answers that it feels invigorating and arousing.

I then ask her on a scale of 1 to 10, how likely would she be to put out right now. She looks at me with a very strange look and says, "Put Out? Oh my god I would totally fuck anything."

Fifty four minutes in to the session after an extended arousal and orgasm denial I trigger her orgasms.

[ End of Session ]