Nikko Hypnotized 3

52 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2017-06-11

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We continue the process of hypnotically exploring and conditioning Nikko in her third session.

We begin by discussing our last session together and seeing what ideas, thoughts, desires, feelings and impressions have remained and carried over. I'm pleased with the effect that it has had on her and its interesting to compare what sticks, such as feelings and desires, versus what needs to be re-implemented per session, such as triggers to specific actions.

I place her back in to the trance state and help myself to her breast as I have her tell me about her previous session while hypnotized.

As I continue to arouse her and feel her breasts, her dress starts to slip away. I continue to question her about her emotions and feelings as they relate to me and being hypnotized by me. We find out that she has a very one track mind when it comes to orally pleasuring a man. I have her rub her ass against me to show me how much she desires to do this with me.

I have her kiss me on command, and she does this automatically. I then give her a suggestion relating to how she kisses me.

I continue to arouse and relax her, over and over again, driving up the intensity of her sexual arousal. I then have her count back from 30, to deep her state of trance and relaxation, opening herself further to me. As I arouse her again, I suggest that she would happily desire to have me in any hole she has, and she takes to this idea enthusiastically.

I give her the command to present her breasts. Although we used it extensively in the previous session, she does not remember it. It's interesting because as I retrain her to respond to this trigger, she doesn't show any familiarity with what it previously was.

I trigger her pleasure and tease her pussy, and we can see that this is driving her wild with sexual desire. I have her spread her legs, and with one hand working her pussy and the other one with hold of her tit, I have her repeat her mantra, "touch my pussy, fuck my pussy, Master." I reward this with triggering her first orgasm of the session. I have her kiss me while triggering various other releases of her pleasure.

I give Nikko a suggestion that when I say the word "spank" that she will feel her ass being tickled and it will continue until she turns around and gives her ass a spank.

I spend some time amplifying and intensifying Nikko's pleasure triggers, enjoying the effect that it has on her. When I ask her how she feels, she tells me that she is so horny that she wants to fuck herself, or have me fuck her, or have something fuck her. I continue to tease and stimulate her arousal.

I have her count back from 40 , going deeper with every number. I suggest to her that she wont pay any attention to what I'm doing with her body, but at the end of the count all the sensations from that time will hit her all at once.

I have her stroke her clit and tease it. She's a little quite, so I use her pleasure trigger. As she gets in to it, I use her tickle butt command. I take her through this a few times. Then I have her stroke her clit and suggest that her finger tips feel like ice cubes. Finally I have her stroke herself very quickly in to orgasm. I let her get very close before using her tickle butt command. Then I suggest that she feels that she's being butt fucked.

I establish a numeric baseline on a scale for her pleasure and her tickle butt commands. I gradually increase both to the top of the scale.

I have her walk over to the bed, lay down, spread her legs, and count down from 50 deepening her trance state. While counting, I have her loop on the number six. When I trigger her pleasure, we can see the very physical response we are having in her hips and thighs and the various parts of her female anatomy there, in particular an opening and glistening of pink wetness. At the end of the countdown I have her kiss me as I use her pleasure trigger.

I suggest to Nikko that she is making a instructional video on how to bring her to orgasm using physical touch.

I continue to tease Nikko in bed using her pleasure triggers. This has such a response on her that we actually get a knock on the door from our neighbors, resulting in a quick cut in the video. I continue to condition Nikko to respond favorably to me, and we continue to explore her feelings and mental attitudes about her arousal and sexual desires.

[End Of Session]