Nikko Hypnotized 4

42 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2017-07-25

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I begin my fourth session with Nikko using an eye fixation induction.

Nikko is conditioned to respond to me. I arouse her, but she gets a bit loud and excited, so I clear her mind and drop her deep as she gets worked up. As I feel her breast, she gets very excited and she tells me that she feels like she wants to cum.

I have her tell me how my touch on her breasts make her feel, and how she feels about being hypnotized by me. She gets so loud so fast, and I trigger her trance and make her docile and relaxed. I can turn her on and off like a switch, and do so. I have her thank her Master, and trigger an orgasm. I pull her boobs out, and establish a docile dominance over her.

I ask her if she's been fantasizing about me, and she tells me that she's been dreaming about me hypnotizing her and making her cum over and over again, that this is the reason why she reached out to me. I finger her through her panties and remind her of her mantra.

I reinforce her good girl command and her desire to seek my approval. I cycle through her various pleasure triggers, only allowing her to focus on them briefly before relaxing her. Then I use her tickle butt trigger.

I have her stand before me, relaxed and blank, reaffirming suggestions for her to respond favorably to me.

I have Nikko get on the bench, and I lead her through a hypnotic fantasy where she is on display in front of a room full of people and given laughing gas. I take off her panties, and suggest more laughing gas and rub her exposed pussy.

I have her count backwards, not paying attention to what is happening to her pussy. I suggest the feelings will all build up. I then freeze her on a number with the laughing gas suggestion. I tease her a bit and then let her finish counting and feel the feelings between her legs.

I bring her out of the trance state and trigger her cumming and orgasming on command. I then place her back in to the trance and have her count back and deepen her trance.

She feels satisfied and tired, but I want her to feel horny, so I suggest that she feels horny. She asks for permission to touch herself. I tell her that I will give her permission shortly, but first I want to grow that desire. I run my hands over her breasts and body while I build this desire within her.

I tease her arousal and block her ability to touch herself. I ask her how she feels about it and she tells me that she doesn't like it. I ask her why, and she tells me that she's not used to it. I suggest that when I snap my fingers she will discover that she has a fetish for it that she just discovered. I snap my fingers and it immediately changes her mind. I continue to arouse and tease her, knowing that I have her under my control.

I have her masturbate on my command, and suggest that she enjoys it.

I take her through a sequence where I makes her instantly horny, and then drain her horniness away, reinforcing that I can turn her on and off like a switch.

I slow things down with an orgasm punctuated progressive relaxation exercise.

I feel that she is relaxed and focused and responsive to my suggestions, so I give her a number of suggestions to respond favorably to me, punctuated with pleasure and then distracted with tickle butt.

I have her masturbate, requiring permission to have an orgasm. I allow her to bring herself there and drop a tickle butt on her at the perfect moment.