Olivia Hypnotized

63 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2020-10-06

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Chapter One:

We begin our first session with Olivia. She is a new recruit who has come in to my studio to film some adult material. However, we haven't specified exactly what we will be filming, just that there will be options. I give her the option of doing erotic hypnosis, and she's excited at the prospect. I manage to get the camera going just in time to capture that excitement. I start by asking her if she's ever been hypnotized before or if she's seen it done. She has some previous exposure to it and I ask her to tell me about it. I tell her about how erotic hypnosis is different from what she may have seen in a stage hypnosis show.

Chapter Two:

I do the balloon test with Olivia and she is responsive to it. In the middle of the balloon test, I suggest to her that she's being tickled, and this has a strong response on her. I then have the tickles switch to pleasure. I then count backwards from 10 to 1 and trigger an orgasm. I use her orgasm trigger, amplifying her response, and then I put her off her guard with a tickle butt trigger.

Chapter Three:

I deepen her trance state and suggest that she responds very strongly to my touch. I suggest that as I touch her face it feels as good as if I were stroking her clit. Then I trigger her orgasm. I suggest the idea to her that she would enjoy my touching of her clit, and I ask her questions as to whether she would give me the consent to do so. She answers positively, so I move towards creating a physical pleasure trigger when I touch her breast.

Chapter Four:

I continue to suggest and reinforce a favorable response to me. I train her to stand at attention on my command. I have her stand at attention before me and then remove her clothes. I feel up her naked breasts as she stands at attention. I then train her to embrace me as she would a long lost lover, on command. Then I train her to cum on command. I have her show me how she fucks.

Chapter Five:

I ask her if she enjoys being spanked for pleasure and we talk about her answer a bit. I give her suggestions relating to my touch on her ass bringing a unique kind of pleasure. I then have her verbally answer that my voice is pleasure.

Chapter Six:

I bring Olivia out of the trance state for a moment and ask her how she feels and what it feels like. I ask her if she considers herself to be sexually submissive, and we tap in to that aspect of her, altering the characteristics of her triggered orgasm.

Chapter Seven:

Standing before me at attention, I have Olivia tell me about her very first orgasm. I then have her orgasm the same way at the pinch of her nipple. Then I trigger multiple orgasms of different types all at the same time. I then have her orgasm in my embrace, bringing her closer and closer to me with each orgasm. I then have her respond favorably to the feeling of my lips on her body.

Chapter Eight:

I hypnotically feed her fantasies of what could happen with her being hypnotized while I hypnotize other women. I tell her about the butterscotch command. She accepts it very readily and when I say that word again she starts to move towards carrying out that command. Now isn't the right time, so I stop her, but we see that she is ready to go. We then establish her future readiness and consent to respond to a butterscotch command. I finger her pussy a little bit, then I have her count back from 40 as I go to the camera and we take a good look at her. I freeze her mid count and give her suggestions that cause her to respond favorably to me. I suggest to her that she finds my fingers irresistible when I touch her pussy. She quickly gets very wet.

Chapter Nine:

I ask Olivia about her gender preferences. We talk a little based on that while I trigger her pleasure and orgasm. I then give her a kiss trigger. I have her show me how she fucks again, holding nothing back and showing me how she feels with her body. I then suggest that I give off a pheromone that triggers a raw animal level sexual attraction.

Chapter Ten:

On the count of three, she opens her eyes up and laughs because I just told her the funniest joke she's ever heard. I distract her with pleasure and orgasm. We talk a little about her thoughts of the experience, then I trigger pleasure and a kiss. I have her stand at attention and tell me about her masturbutory behavior. I finger her pussy and give her pleasure, slipping in some favorable suggestions along the way.

Chapter Eleven:

We increase the intensity of Olivia's pleasure command. She is now completely and fully responsive. I place the idea, "anything you want, Master," in to her mind. I continue to stimulate her and play with her. I then give her the "touch my pussy, fuck my pussy, Master," mantra while I finger her pussy. I then give her a stroke command, while she repeats her mantra.

Chapter Twelve:

I have Olivia sit down and touch herself. I have her show me her special trick to get off, but I throw in a monkey wrench. I trigger her pleasure and finish her off for the session. However, I give her a spank command and it affects her profoundly. I review her feelings and response to being hypnotized, and then I bring her out of the trance state. [End of session]