Olivia and Rosalee Hypnotized

71 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2020-10-13

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Chapter 1:

We begin the session by discussing Olivia and Rosalee's recollections from previous session.

Chapter 2:

I begin the hypnotic process with Olivia and Rosalee, stimulating and drawing out their pleasure as I place them in to hypnosis. I place an idea in their mind of being in the future in what would essentially be a hypnosis orgy controlled by me, they both get a look on their face that shows that they like this idea.

Chapter 3:

I have the girls count backwards from 40 to 1, synchronizing and deepening their trance states. I freeze them mid count and then trigger their tickle butts. I spend a little time deepening their trance, while at the same time suggesting their favorable response to my voice. I restrict their orgasms to my command for the session.

Chapter 4:

I have both girls place their hands flat on their thighs. Then I have them do the balloon test. As their hands go up, I suggest they feel more horny, directed towards me, and just want to fuck me on the spot. I reinforce a submissive compliance to me. Then I pick up their arms and test how relaxed their bodies are. I spend some time reinforcing my physical dominance over Olivia's breasts and pussy.

Chapter 5:

I have the girls watch my pocket watch, deepening their trance state, and making their eye lids so heavy they become stuck tight.

Chapter 6:

I feel up and kiss Rosalee and then Olivia, triggering orgasms.

Chapter 7:

I suggest that the girls' tops are very itchy and scratchy. I let them struggle with this for a short bit, before suggesting that they take off their tops. I then trigger an orgasm.

Chapter 8:

I have the girls reach up and feel and bring an energy to their breasts, then give them a squeeze and enjoy them. I reinforce the idea that obedience is pleasure.

Chapter 9:

I stick Rosalee and Olivia's hands to each other's bodies. Then I stick them to themselves. Then to further complicate their predicament, I suggest that their feet are being tickled. I make their fingers feel very sexy and their breasts feel sensitive to pleasure. I trigger an orgasm while they are stuck, and modify how the orgasm affects them this way.

Chapter 10:

I release their arms one at a time, triggering orgasms and pleasure along the way. Then I have each of them alternate between kissing and cumming for me.

Chapter 11:

I have them kiss each other on command. I trigger an orgasm in the midst of it, then bring them out of the trance state suddenly.

Chapter 12:

I have the girls repeat, "I'm hypnotized, I'm ready to obey," over and over again in unison. I give Rosalee her butterscotch command, and stimulate Olivia's pleasure. I ask Olivia to tell me what just happened, then I have her look at Rosalee carrying out that command. I then give Olivia her butterscotch command, while Rosalee takes off her shorts and masturbates. I then reward Olivia with pleasure and have her take off her shorts and masturbate.

Chapter 13

I have Olivia join Rosalee in masturbating.

Chapter 14

I give Olivia a peppermint command, which causes her to give Rosalee oral pleasure. As Olivia carries out her task, I initially complicate matters with a tickle butt command. Then I trigger their orgasms and then make Rosalee helpless to the pleasure as I give Olivia the peppermint command.

Chapter 15

I have the girls rise to their feet and then I turn them in to hypnotic mannequins, posing them at my whim. Then I trigger their pleasure and orgasms with them unable to move.

Chapter 16

I take Olivia and Rosalee over to the bed to continue their erotic hypnosis session


Chapter 17

I have Rosalee masturbate while Olivia tells me about the first sexual experience that she had with a woman. I then have Rosalee talk about her first sexual experience with a woman. I take them through my orgasmic progressive relaxation exercise, then I then have them act out their respective experiences.

[ End of Session ]