Rita Hypnotized

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I begin the erotic hypnosis session with Rita by discussing with her how she was referred to me by another subject I had recently hypnotized. She's never been hypnotized before. We induce the trance state using the progressive relaxation induction. She's docile, passive and compliant, relaxing easily in to the process.

I begin the gauge the depth and characteristics of her trance state with the balloon test. We are getting a response out of her, and I lead in the installation of her pleasure trigger. I begin to condition her to respond favorably to me.

I begin to ask her questions to explore the nature and circumstances of her last orgasm. She is compliant in answering my questions, and we learn a little bit about her individual and personal sexual nature. I continue to trigger her pleasure hypnotically and start to link it to that personal sexual experience.

As I get to know Rita a little more through this experience with her, I see that she seems to live inside her own mind and that she feels things internally, but tries to maintain her outward composure. I continue to lay on the pleasure suggestions, and we see outward responses coming out.

I train her in some of my basic commands, attention, pose, present your breasts. She accepts the training and is responsive to my commands. We establish a comfort level with physical contact, and I give her a kinesthetic pleasure trigger associated with my touch. This causes an amplified reaction. Based upon this positive response, I decide to establish my access to her breast earlier than I normally would. She responds both favorably and enthusiastically. I stand behind her and fondle her breasts with both hands, suggesting that she's going to playfully move her ass to see if I am physically excited by her. I trigger her first orgasm through hypnosis and then have her embrace me demonstrating with her body how good she feels.

I have Rita stand at attention while I undo the buttons on her shirt. I ask her how she feels as she does so, and she tells me that she feels excited because she thinks that I am about to touch her breasts again. I ask her how it makes her feel when I touch her breasts, and she tells me that it's exciting, and that it makes her horny. I take my time revealing her creamy and wonderful breasts, helping myself to them as I desire with my hands.

I ask her if she considers herself to be sexually submissive. She immediately and decisively answers, yes. I ask her how submissive on a scale of one to ten, and she immediately answers 10. I establish contact with any part of her body. I then suggest a memory related suggestion to enhance her response to me, and then trigger pleasure and an emotional response to me kissing her breasts. I do so, reinforcing control over her pleasure and then her cum on command.

I have Rita adopt her pose on command. I then ask her how she feels about being hypnotized by me. She answers that it's relaxing but exciting. I have her breasts mostly out, and I stimulate her pussy through her clothes. As she feels this pleasure, I train her to embrace me on command as she would only embrace a lover.

I bring her out of the trance state briefly, suggesting a favorable response to looking in my eyes. I evaluate her responsiveness to triggered behavior while in her normal state, as well as her responsiveness to being touched by me. She continues to respond favorably. I take her back in to the trance state and continue to arouse and stimulate her, linking these feelings back to me. I train her to kiss me on command.

I trigger this kissing behavior, and trigger pleasure and orgasms. Then I suggest to her that she is having sex. I prepare her to cum on command, building up the intensity, and then right when I should trigger her cumming, I instead have her stand at attention and bring her out of the trance state.

We get her out of her top, and bra and shoes, and I give her a few moments to adjust her lipstick. I give her a triggered response to feel a sexual thrust inside her when I squeeze her ass. I trigger an extended orgasm, and introduce the idea of associating me with the word "Master" while she experiences this.

I have her stand at attention, and suggest that her ass is being tickled. She's responds to this, and I give her a tickle butt trigger.

I relax her and deepen her, continuing to suggest a favorable response to me. I then have her take off her skirt. I alternate between pleasure and tickles, playing with her some more.

I ask her if she enjoys being spanked for pleasure. She answers yes, so I do some hypno-spanking with her. She's responsive to it, and and I lay the hypno-spanking on very thick.

I spend a moment mixing hear pleasure with her obedience to me, and then I train her to kneel before me on command. I ask her how she feels, and she answers that she feels good and submissive. I then ask her if she enjoys orally pleasuring a man. She hesitates on the response, and I reassure her that I'm not going to cause her to do that today, I am just curious. She relaxes and answers yes, and then I take a few moments to have her imagine doing that with me, while suggesting pleasure.

I have her tell me about her first really good orgasm. She tells me about a dream that she had when she was young where she was having sex with her favorite rock star. I place her in to that memory and experience, with her perceiving me as that rock star, and then she goes nuts all over me. She's very outwardly expressive.

I take a few moments to relax and deepen her trance state, and have her count backwards. I walk away for a little bit and I suggest to her a desire to be close to me, to miss that proximity and presence. We take a good look at her body as she does this.

I ask her how she feels, and she says that she feels better, because I said pleasure and I came closer. I take her through a process to gauge her response to my hands moving down towards her pussy. I tese her and stimulate her, occasionally teasing her with a tickle butt command.

Her triggered behavior is now producing very strong outward expression, and I continue to cycle through them. I introduce a physical clenching in to the triggered orgasm response to see if that can amplify the effect in her.

I take rita through her early morning exercises, having her jog in place while naked, and then naked jumping jacks.

I have her kneel before me, and I take her in to a deepening. While she is responsive, I would prefer to have her in a deeper state. I take out my pocket watch and do an eye fixation induction on her. This yields the desired result. I then take her through a fractionalization process.

We take some time with her in her normal waking state, talking about what she's experienced so far. We can see that she's enjoying herself and having a good experience. There's a definitely curiosity and enthusiasm present in what she's projecting.

We revisit the hypno-spanking, and explore her memory and perception of what she experienced. I do more hypno-spanking with her, and I crank up the intensity of what she experiences from it. She looks in to my eyes, and I ask her how she feels when she looks in to my eyes. She tells me that she feels safe. I then lay on the extra intense hypno-spanking. I initially alternate it with the tickle butt, and then make it super intense. I ask her if it's too much, and she says yes, with an expression on her face that mirrors the sentiment.

I then continue to suggest her favorable response to me, and then suggest that she's having sex again. We begin the wrap up the session. However, I find that I'm not ready to finish playing with her. She's standing naked and hypnotized before me, and I enjoy moving her hand over her stomach, up to her breast, and enjoying the feeling of her breast in my hand. I give her further suggestions causing her to respond favorably to me.

As she gets dressed, I can't help but play with her a little bit more, with various partial states of dress games.