Rita Hypnotized 2

61 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2016-06-06

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Rita is back for a second erotic hypnosis session.

There's a lot of awesome things going on in this video. However, some things in particular stand out.

First, we explore in to an in depth fantasy type of hypnotic suggestion, placing her in to a detailed scenario. This is more similar to what you'd see in a stage hypnosis show, while keeping it compatible and in place with my style of hypnosis and how I run my sessions.

Second, we have a very intense hypno-spanking experience. The spankings have a little more physical force behind them, but with a much stronger psychological impact via hypnotic suggestion. She has a very intense and emotional response to them.

This is also the first session filmed with my new video camera, a Canon Vixia HF G40 which is a recently updated version of the top of the line of their Prosumer cameras. As such, this session is one camera angle, uninterrupted. As such, there will be a few things such as the occasional quick jarring camera motion, or the noise of the lens zoom motor. However, the image quality is superior to any camera I've used in the past, and my familiarity with the subject and how she responds to being hypnotized by me allowed me to keep a pretty good eye on the framing.

We talk about her previous session with me, and I ask her what it was like for her. In her mind she felt that she was giving up complete control to me. We continue to explore this for a bit, and then I lead in to the hypnotic induction. I have her use a creative visualization with a count down. I'm not satisfied with the depth that it's taking her, so I switch to a creative visualization, mixed with an overload of working memory, and a trigger from before.

We spend some time deepening her trance state, and then I give her a fantasy to immerse herself in to. She is a demonstration doll for a class learning about the female body and it's sexuality. Her body is being used for educational purposes, and her mind is distant from it.

After her experience as a doll, we analyze it's effect on her and her perspective. I then channel the sensations form the experience in to a very hot and heavy kiss. We get a very strong response from her.

I then enjoy having her rub her body against my body, while asking her questions about how she feels about the orgasm triggers and the kiss after being a doll.


After her intense hypno-spanking experience, I bring Rita back in to her demonstration doll state. We are now demonstrating how a physical orgasm is brought about in the female subject. In the course of stimulating her, we find that too much direct stimulation becomes a little uncomfortable. I pull the stimulation back a little, making it a little more indirect, and this seems to be what she best responds to.

I spend a little time acclimating her pussy to my touch some more. However, I also know that she has a thing for mixing a little bit of pain with her pleasure. I then use her spank command on her pussy. This causes quite the reaction. I alternate between causing pleasure and pain on her pussy.

We wrap up the session with a series of suggestions that cause her to respond favorably to me.