Rita Hypnotized 3

45 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2016-06-29

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Rita is back for her third erotic hypnosis session. I talk with her a bit about her experience being hypnotized by me and what it's like for her. I then take out my pocket watch and begin an eye fixation induction to take her in to the hypnotic trance state. As she watches the watch, we have a good close up look at her face, her expression, and her eyes getting heavy and closing.

I begin the initial triggering of her feelings of pleasure and arousal. Rita gets a dreamy smile on her face as this happens. I have her imagine this feeling of pleasure in each of her individual body parts, as she melts in to it, imagining all the sensations.

I have her count backwards from 20 to 1, clearing her mind and becoming passive. As she does so, I unbutton her shirt, and reveal her creamy breasts in her bra. At seven, I freeze her, filling her mind only with the next number she needs to count. I pull her bra below her breasts and feel her up, suggesting that she is more turned on. I suggest that her breasts feel extra sensitive to my touch. I give her suggestions that cause her to respond favorably to me. Then I give her a suggestion that when I squeeze her breast she will make a sound that will reveal that she has been fantasizing about me hypnotizing her in a big way. I then have her finish counting.

Using hypnosis, I have her think back to her first use of a vibrator sexually, and have her relate this experience to me.

I have her take off her skirt and spread her legs. I have her back in her memory of using her first vibrator and suggest to her that the pressure she is about to feel on her pussy is the vibrator. I then rub her pussy. When I ask her what's on her pussy, she answers that it's the rabbit (the vibrator). I have her subconscious mind associate the pleasure she felt with my touch. I suggest to her that tonight she is only going to cum with my permission. I have her fantasize about looking in to the eyes of her master, then I have her open her eyes while I'm rubbing her pussy. Her eyes have a tranced out look as she stares in to mine, and I establish more dominance over her sexually as I deny her the orgasm that she wants so much. I then drop her deep in to trance.

I ask her to tell me how aroused she feels on a scale of 1 to 10. She immediately answers 10. I ask her if there is anything that she wants to experience right now. She answers that she wants to use a vibrator and have an orgasm. I touch her in various places, with increasing intimacy, asking her to tell me how my touch feels. Over her belly, she mentions that it feels a little ticklish, so I give her a tickle butt trigger, and she starts giggling. She responds favorably to my touch anywhere on her body, cumulating with access to her pussy. I then prepare her for my hand being moved away, and suggesting that she wants it back. She becomes frustrated because she wants the rabbit again, and she starts to associate it with my touch. I ask her to show me where she wants to feel it, and she pulls her panties aside. I instruct her to try to get herself off, but she can't. The hornier she gets the more she misses the rabbit. I let her heat up and squirm for a bit as she spreads her legs wide on my command.

I ask her how she feels, and she's starting to pout a little. I continue to stimulate and arouse her, then I have her lift her hands above her head. I continue to tease her. I point out to her that every other time I've hypnotized her I've made her orgasm again and again, however this time I haven't let her orgasm at all. I ask her how this makes her feel, and she says frustrated. I have her kiss me on command, and then I bring her out of the trance state. I continue tease her and ask her how she feels, then I drop her back in to the trance.

I continue to give her suggestions to cause her to respond favorably to me. I'm now rubbing her pussy, and I have her acknowledge that she can't help herself. I tell her that her response to the next trigger I give her will indicate her need for her next orgasm. I give her the kiss trigger, and she kisses me very passionately. I feed all of this back in to the kiss trigger, and achieve the desired result. I then drop her deeper, denying her the orgasm. I touch her pussy again, training her to respond intensely and immediately to my touch. I then give her the kiss command, and she responds quickly and enthusiastically. I continue to give her suggestions to increase her responses to my kiss command. Once I am satisfied that she is responding to my touch on her pussy and the kiss command as intense as possible, I give her a tickle butt trigger and have her stand at attention.

After I have her remove her panties, I finger her pussy some more. She's clearly very horny now.

I ask her if she's every orally pleasured a man with her mouth. She answers that she has. I give her an indirect suggestion implying that I could have her do anything I want right now. She starts to come out of the trance a little, and I spend a little time ymouth, and she tells me about one where a boyfriend was training her to suck his cock. I tap in to this memory and start to link it to me.

We shift gears to a vibrator exercise with a Hitachi. I tell her that any time I say "happy Fourth of July," that she will stand up and hold the Hitachi up in the air like she's the Statue of Liberty. She gets in to it, and then I use the trigger on her. I ask her how it makes her feel, and she tells me that she wants to cum. I then give her a trigger, "pussy time," that will cause her to sit down, spread her legs and use her vibrator. I then tease her with these commands, frustrating her and denying her orgasm more and more. I give her a few quick spanks while she stands there holding her vibrator up in the air. I keep teasing her, and she tells me that she really wants to cum.

I stop her for a moment and have her kiss me on command. Then I finger her pussy and continue to establish dominance over her, her pleasure, and her sexual response. She begs me to let her cum. I then bring her out of the trance, and her confusion is adorable. She's so frustrated, and I continue to tease her.

I trigger her orgasm and I see it start up, but I ruin it by wishing her a happy Fourth of July. She grunts and groans in frustration. It's adorable, and I do this to her again. I then have her look deep in to my eyes and bring herself to orgasm.