Rita with a Vibrator

37 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2018-07-28

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Rita with a Magic Wand
(Rita 4)

Rita is holding the Magic Wand, and we talk about her feelings about it and her first experience with the device. We arrange her on the bed, and get her out of her clothing. I then have her use the Magic Wand on herself so that we can get a feel of what it is like when she's just using it on herself.

Before getting started, I ask her a few questions regarding the length of time since her last orgasm and under what circumstances she had that orgasm. We learn that it's been about a week.

Rita proceeds to use the device on herself and we see an instant response. I see she's very quickly getting in to it, so I cut power to the device and trigger her trance state. I notice from looking at it and the sounds that the vibrator made against her that she's already wet.

I test for some of her cognitive conditioning and am pleased to see that there is no hesitation in her mind as she correctly answers the question regarding the word for me that exists in her mind.

I give her suggestions causing her to respond favorably towards me, sexy and flirty. I also suggest that she is not able to cum without permission. I let her continue using the vibrator a bit, before triggering her trance again and increasing her arousal. She's so aroused that she's just laying there, twitching, with an unpowered vibrator laying against her pussy. I continue to suggest a positive response to me. I continue to establish my dominance over her, although she is very submissive to me from her existing conditioning.

I have her take her free hand and fondle her breast. I have her touch herself in a way that feels good. I trigger her pleasure and continue arousing her. I remind her of how it feels when I touch her breast and establish that she wants to feel it. I touch her breast and she metls even deeper in to pleasure and arousal. I have her kiss me on command, and I have her show me how much she wants to use the vibrator as she kisses me. Even though it's off, she's still rubbing the vibrator for as much stimulation as possible.

I have her relax and she goes still, despite how horny she feels. I then suggest to her that at the count of three the vibrator will become a big red balloon floating upwards. She gets a surprised and wondrous look on her face, staring at it puzzled. I restore power to it and wake her up. She asks what happened, and I tell her to enjoy. She melts back in to the vibrator and enjoys it.

I play around with her for a bit, having her use the device, edging her closer and closer to that state where she really needs release and then turning the device in to a balloon, before triggering her pleasure and starting the process over again. I then have her count backwards with the expectation that she'll be allowed to cum at the end of the count, but I lock her on to the number five with both erotic and hilarious results. I give her a trigger that whenever I say the number 5 to her it takes her back to that state and moment.

I have her spread her legs open and give her a suggestion to look at me and secretly fantasize about me fucking her. I trigger her pleasure as she does this and enjoy her expression. I place her back in to the trance state and give her a physical trigger that when I touch my ear it does all this to her and more.

I see she's getting heated up so I have her masturbate before me. I then go and get a close look at her as she does so. Deeply in a trance I have her look me in the eyes, fantasizing about me while she masturbates. We're very close with the camera and this is essentially a Point Of View shot.

As she masturbates I explore her response to the idea of being hypnotized by me.

I give her the Magic Wand back and she goes nuts as she uses it. I talk to her and work the number five in to the conversation at every opportunity. I have her ask for permission 5 times and this leads to a very loud and intense climax.

I continue to hypnotically enhance her Magic Wand experience and between orgasms I have her tell me her perspective on combining the two.

End of session.