Rosalee Hypnotized

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I ask Rosalee if she's ever been hypnotized before and she tells me that once she tried it socially, but she didn't think the person that she tried it with knew what he was doing.

Upon arrival, I notice that she has a kind of high energy thing going on. Her speaking is kind of quick, responses are fast, that sort of thing. There could be a lot of reasons for that, including nervousness, which is a perfectly understandable reaction since she is about to begin an erotic hypnosis session with a guy that she has just met for the first time in person.

I take her in to the induction process, and have her concentrate on her breathing. I listen to how she takes her breaths in response to my instructions. I observe if she is on her own clock, or if she is matching up to me. I use this process to slow her down a bit. I notice whether or not she is fully responsive to my instructions, or if she responds to the initial step, but then does her own thing for the remainder.

I continue to use the induction process to observe, synchronise, and focus Rosalee. I then begin the progressive relaxation exercise, continuing to do these things.

Following the progressive relaxation exercise, I do the balloon test with her, and this seems to have a response. However, she's also doing a little humming noise, which is a little strange, and indicates perhaps a desire to maintain some sort of control on her part. Since I want her to follow my rhythm and direction instead of her own, I take her hand and start to give her suggestions of arousal to see what affect it has on her, and to place her in to the mind set of following someone else. This allows me to maintain control through the induction process. The initial pleasure command has some effect on her, but it is not strongly expressed outwardly. When I release her arm, it drops heavy, loosely and passively down.

I train Rosalee to stand at attention on my command. Then I have her remove her shirt. I introduce the idea of the "good girl," reward suggestion. I continue to deepen her trance state, while slowly building the sensations of pleasure within her. I create a little pleasure feedback look in her mind along with suggestions to create more outward expression of the inward pleasure she is feeling.

I talk with her about her past experience enjoying using a vibrator for pleasure, and like those feelings and that idea to my pleasure command.

I give her a post hypnotic trigger to return to the trance state, bring her out of the trance state for a moment, then drop her back in. I resume suggestions of pleasure and arousal, getting an increased response.

I continue to be more graphic in the description of the feelings and sensations of pleasure that she imagines feeling, and we slowly build up her arousal.

I continue to lay on the erotic suggestions and imagery thickly, suggestion sensations of the best oral sex, her vibrator, and all sorts of kissing. I then switch gears to the unfairness of having her feet being tickled right now. She immediately starts giggling helplessly. I know I have her where I want her at this point, and I switch back to erotic pleasure. I give her a "tickle butt" and watch her bounce around.

I give her a very direct suggestion that I'm in control of her deepest sexual pleasures, and that she's drawn to my voice and responding to it in the way that a woman does when she really enjoys a man sexually.

I bounce back and forth between tickles and pleasure, and give her the suggestion that the harder she tries to fight being tickled, the more ticklish she becomes. I link this sense of learned helplessness from the tickles, to the sexual response.

I get her more giggly and silly, noticing that the tickles make her shake her boobies, then I have her shake her bobbies a lot. She is responding instantly and completely to my instructions and directions, and then I drop her deeper in to the trance. I'm noticing no resistance or independence, she is now instantly and completely responsive to me.

I do a short deepening, and then train her to present her breasts on command. I continue to reinforce her compliance and arousal. I then surprise her with her first orgasm trigger, which has a rather profound effect on her. I then shift gears in to a tickle butt, and she frustratedly tells me that I ruined it as she squirms and giggles. I'm not worried, because I know that I can make her orgasm on command now, and that there will be no shortage of them over the session.

I have her present her breasts, and then trigger an orgasm, which causes her to squeeze and play with her boobs as she feels the pleasure.

Now that I have my finger on the trigger of her orgasms, I start the process of having her associate them with me. I give her a submissive phrase to repeat, however, there is still a little resistance on her part, and she alters her phrase. I repeat this process, and get the same result. I continue to suggest power over her and lay it on more thick, but I still get the same result. I then use the tickle command to get the desired response, but at this point it occurs to me that perhaps she is misinterpreting my instruction as I seem to be pretty firmly in control. I have her cum on my command to put this to the test, and then drop her in to a deeper trance state after. Her body language is very yielding to me at this point.

I train her to pose on command, and trigger an orgasm while she is frozen in to position.

I suggest that she associates my physical touch anywhere on her body with a feeling of pleasure like that of touching an erogenous zone. I then take her through the various commands that I have trained in to her. I have her hold her pose while I trigger more pleasure. Then, in an interesting show of triggered responsiveness, when I tell her that my voice demands her attention, she moves out of the pose she was holding in to her attention position.

I am very pleased at how well she is trained 16 minutes in to our session.

I give Rosalee a few orgasms, localized in different parts of her body. Then I give train her to embrace me as she would a lover, on command. She does so, initially loosely and at a distance.

In my arms, I decide to give her a suggestion that when I count backwards from 5 to 1, she's going to find something change in her mind that will cause her to feel infatuated with me, seduced by me. I ask her if she understands, and she nods her head yes in a way that seems that she is eager to carry out this suggestion. I then distract her with the tickle butt command, I have her cum on command and then count backwards.

She's now pressed up against me more firmly and it feels pretty nice. I continue to reinforce the power that my commands have over her body, and then trigger a climax on command. All of this seems to affect her strongly as she thrusts her hips against me while making a sexual, guttural noise, in response. Now that I have this response and connection to her, I have her stand at attention.

I bring her out of the trance for a few moments, and ask her how she feels and what being hypnotized is like. Then I use a few of her triggers and ask her how she feels as she's responding to them. I place her back in to the trance, and have her embrace me. I ask her how she feels as she does this, and then I trigger more pleasure. She lets out a content sigh.

Rosalee is hypnotized, horny, and wrapped around me. I decided to spend some time playing with her ass. She already has a conditioned sensitivity in her ass via her tickle butt command. I spend some time associating pleasure with my touch on her ass, building up to her responding to my touch on her ass with the sexual equivalent of the tickle butt command. I then ask her if she's ever been spanked for pleasure before, and if she enjoys it. She answers that she does, so I do some light touch hypno-spanking with her.

At this point she is holding on to me very tightly, with all of her curves pressed firmly against my body. I'm responding to this in the way that men do, and I suggest to her that she will always treat this from me as a compliment. I then trigger more pleasure, which causes her to press even deeper in to me.

I have her stand at attention, and then do a 20 count deepener backwards. I suggest that she will look forward to hearing my voice again. I freeze her mid count, suggesting increased favorable responses to me. After she finishes counting, I take her through her triggered responses, and then crank up her arousal via suggestion.

Deeply hypnotized, attracted to me, responsive to her triggered commands, horny and feeling pleasure, I continue to increase the arousal that Rosalee is feeling. I have her stand at attention before me, instructing her to take off her lingerie when I snap my fingers. This will render her naked before me. I use her tickle butt command, which makes her bounce around while she giggles uncontrollably. Then I snap my fingers.

I reward her for getting completely naked with an orgasm. I continue to suggest that she responds favorably to me and what I make her feel. I then give her a command that causes her to feel pleasure when I touch her breasts, and to cum when I give it a light squeeze. I prime her for this, and get her curious and excited for me to do so. I then help myself to feeling up her tit, and very much enjoy how firm and round it feels in my hand. She has an immediate pleasure response, her mouth dropping open in to an "o" shape as she makes the sounds of pleasure. I give it a little squeeze and she response with even more pleasure.

I help myself to her breasts, as she quivers in pleasure. I trigger more pleasure and orgasms. I then suggest that she feels that I have a dominance over her, before triggering her tickle butt. I have her stand at attention, and use her command to present her breasts. I place my hand on her belly, just a little ways above her pussy, and trigger more pleasure. I then ask her how she feels, and if she would recommend being hypnotized by me. She answers both questions very positively.

While I feel up Rosalee's breast, I have her tell me more details about her previous experience with hypnosis. At first she can't really remember, it was so long ago. However, it had a definite sexual aspect to it. She mentions that she enjoyed it, but that she didn't feel that she was completely in the mind set. I use her triggers and enjoy seeing her respond to them.

I train her to kiss me, automatically and with passion, on command. She does so, and I reward her with an orgasm. I have successfully used hypnosis to seduce Rosalee, and she acknowledges this. On a scale of 1 to 10, she feels that I've seduced her to an 8. I have her kiss me again, and reward her with an orgasm. I use her triggers and increase her subjective feeling of having been seduced to a 9. I use more of her triggers, and then reinforce the idea of her responding favorably to me. I then associate her mind with the idea that I'm a long lost lover that she wants very much. I feed these ideas in to her embrace and kiss command, and then raise her feeling of experiencing seduction to a 20. At the snap of my fingers, she very passionately wraps herself around me and gives me a very intense kiss. I ask her how she feels, and she tells me that she feels good. I then break the mood with her tickle butt command, and watch her bounce and squirm.

I take her back in to a trance and have her stand at attention before me. I place my hand at the top of her chest and then slowly move my hand down the front of her body, gauging her response. Eventually I make it down to her pussy area. She responds favorably, and now I begin to gain access to her pussy. She's enjoying this a great deal as I stimulate her. I continue to establish dominance through her triggers, and then have her kiss me and feel pleasure.

Legs spread apart, hands behind her head, I suggest to her that she feels a vibration in her nipples. I trigger her arousal and her pleasure, and then I stimulate her pussy with my hand with a light rhythmic tapping motion. I ask her about her experience of using a vibrator. Then I spread the lips of her labia a little, and ask her how it feels. She likes it. I give her tickle commands and watch her bounce around. I release her from the posture she is in and have her embrace me.

We talk briefly about spanking for pleasure, and I do hypno-spanking with her. My contact is light, but when I suggest that she's going to have the most intense spank, we see her ass muscle jerk and jump with that light hypno-spank. I give her a tickle butt command and feel her squirm and press her body against me while I grab her ass. Then I give her some rapid hypno-spanks, I grab her ass and have her cum on command. She grunts and presses in to me instantly. I know that I have her in a very physically sexual place, and I drop her in to the trance state. She relaxes and goes limp in my arms, and I reinforce her positive reaction to me. I introduce the idea to her that she will submit to me completely, and she accepts this idea without resistance. I trigger an orgasm to reward her. I introduce the idea that she feels a sense of love and affection for me, and then I trigger another kiss. She is all over me with an even greater intensity and passion.

I bring her out of the trance state and interact with her, noticing how she is responding to me compared to the beginning of the session. She's putty in my hands, and I use her various pleasure triggers to watch how she responds mentally to her triggered behavior.

I place Rosalee back in to the trance state and suggest to her that we are having intercourse. I enjoy seeing what she is like while having sex. I suggest a feeling of sexual intimacy with me. Then I grab her ass and trigger increasingly powerful orgasms. In the midst of this I use her tickle butt command, and then bring it back to a massive climax.

I suggest that she's about to feel the best sexual pleasure that she's ever felt in her life. I start to masturbate her pussy. She enjoys this a great deal. I temporarily block her orgasm and tell her that when I move my hand, her hand will fly to her pussy. I have her stare in to my eyes while she masturbates. I ask her if she orgasms easily, and she answers that she doesn't. As I explore her thoughts, I come across the fact that she enjoys sucking cock. We explore this a bit, and I have her fantasize about sucking my cock while she masturbates. I trigger the release of her pleasure. I trigger her kiss command a few times, but tease her by not immediately letting her kiss me.

I begin to prepare to bring Rosalee out of the trance state. As I stroke her breasts, I give her some positive suggestions about the experience, and post experience. I then suggest that when I remove my hands from her breasts, she will sing the alphabet song with complete seriousness, and have an orgasm when she reaches the letter Z. I bring Rosalee out of the trance state and we wrap up the session. I mention that she has enjoyable breasts, and then I have her present her breasts, allowing her to stroke her own breasts to orgasm. I give her a tickle butt, and then trigger her pleasure. I explore her thoughts and perspective a little more before letting her get dressed. Although I can't resist playing with her just a little more while she gets dressed. I give her some masturbation fantasy material and trigger an orgasm in reverse.