Rosalee Hypnotized 2

68 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2016-05-25

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At the beginning of our second session I talk with Rosalee about our previous hypnosis experience. I also talk with her a bit about her tendency to orgasm. In the midst of this conversation I run her through various post hypnotic triggers, and then trigger her trance state.

I ask her about masturbating after our last session. She mentions that she first masturbated the night after our session. I have her revisit that experience and share it with me. She tells me that she straddled her Hitachi and had an orgasm very quickly. When I asked her what she was thinking about, she mentions that it was about having lots of orgasms with me that day.

I trigger her orgasm, and I notice that I'm physically aroused as a man. She's pressed against me, and I bring attention to her feeling my arousal as a man and viewing that as a compliment. I talk with her about her feelings about pleasuring a man with her mouth, and when I feel her breast she will tell me about her first time enjoying pleasuring a man with her mouth.

I give her suggestions to respond favorably to me. I then have her tell me about the first time that she masturbated when I caress her breast. She tells me about "humping" a basketball when she was very young. I give her a post hypnotic trigger, "hump" to feel and do the same thing with me on command.

I ask her if she remember feeling my hand near her pussy last time I hypnotized her. She tells me that it made her feel good. I lift her dress, and finger her through her panties. I suggest to her a powerful response to my touch that even through her panties it drives her wild. I ask her if there is a word associated with me in her mind, and she answers that I'm her Master. We explore her desire to be sexually submissive to me, amplifying them. I have her rub her ass against me while I'm fingering her through her panties. Then I have her describe what she is experiencing.

I relax her, sleepy in my arms. I have one hand on her pussy and the other on her tits. I give her suggestions to cause her to respond favorably to me, sprinkled with triggered orgasms. I then have her strip off her panties as quickly as she can, and then use her hump trigger.

As she humps me, I use her spank trigger a few times, and then have her cum on command before dropping her deep in to her trance. I give her a suggestion to feel a strong sense of submission to me when I spank her, and I give her a good swat. I then have her kiss me on command, then I have her show me how she fucks.

At the snap of my fingers she looks in to my eyes and tells me that she belongs to me. I have her kiss me on command, and then use her tickle butt trigger to cause her to giggle and bounce around. I have her stand at attention, and pull her boobs out of her top. I then have her count back from 30 to 1 going deeper with every number. I suggest that she will miss my absence while she counts down. In the middle I surprise her by freezing her. I have her spread her legs and finger her pussy. She's focused on the next number she must count, and we can hear how incredibly wet she is. I feel up her tits, and reinforce the idea in her mind that I make her wet. This is the first time that I've finger fucked her and she knows that it makes her feel real good. As she continues counting down, I suck on her tits a little, because I can. I then freeze her, have her spread her legs, and finger her wet pussy while I suck on her tits. She's thinking about what I'm doing, but I don't let her, I have her think about the next number she needs to count. This is driving her crazy, her body is responding very strongly to the stimulation. I let her pay attention to her pussy while she counts, and you can hear in her voice what she's feeling. After she finishes counting I use her hump command.

I ask her if she remembers me fingering her pussy. She answers yes. I then ask her if I have her consent to finger her pussy whenever I'd like. She answers yes. I promise her that she'll always enjoy it. I then mention to her that ever since she said that she enjoys giving oral pleasure, that I have considered what she would be like. I ask her if I have her consent to cause her to give me oral pleasure when and if I decide. She answers yes. I trigger her pleasure and then bring her to attention.

I suggest that it is time for her early morning exercise and have her jog in place until I make her cum. I give her a tickle butt and then trigger her kiss command. I increase the emphasis with her pleasure and her perception of me with the kiss command and then trigger it again, seeing a noticeable increase in her enthusiasm. I give her a tickle butt and then bring her to attention, giving her suggestions to cause her to respond favorably to me. I then have her do topless jumping jacks, surprising her with an orgasm and then feeling up her tits while she is lost in pleasure.

I have her turn around and grab her ankles. I finger her and then have her cum on my command. I bring her back to attention and use her hump trigger. I then cycle her through her various triggers. I have her cum repeatedly, while conditioning her to view my finger as being better than a Hitachi. I explore her feelings of cumming using the Hitachi, and other ways that she cums. I continue to lay on the idea that my fingers make her cum. I cause her to have feelings of love towards me, and I lay it on thick, increasing it more and more. She soaks this all up and I know that I have her now.

I relax her and give her a suggestion that any time I kiss her on the neck or check that she's going to feel these emotions again for me. I lay the seeds for her to feel these things in the future. I then give her a tickle butt and watch her squirm a bit. I then have her cum on command and drop her deep in to trance.

I have her stand at attention and brush her hair out of the way. I really like her boobs, so I play with them some more. I suggest to her that she just agrees that anything I want to do with her is a good idea. I continue to give her suggestions to respond favorably to me. I re-emphasize feelings of pleasure when I touch her breasts, and cumming when I squeeze them. I then have her stand at attention.

I have her stand at attention and count backwards, deepening her trance. I trigger her pleasure and then wake her up. I place her in a chair and ask her if she would like a glass of water. I quickly drop her in to trance and suggest to her that the next glass of water will be a powerful aphrodisiac that will cause her to want me more. She won't remember the command, but the feelings that she develops during this will stay with her. I then suggest that she will wake up and remember me telling her the funniest joke she's ever heard.

I ask her to talk about what it's like to be hypnotized, while she takes a few drinks of water. She gets horny and fidgety. I have her pleasure herself, but her orgasm response is blocked. I have her describe what she's feeling. I feel her up and then use her kiss trigger while she masturbates. I have her associate the pleasure that she feels while masturbating with the pleasure that she's feeling while kissing. I bring up that she mentioned that she likes having her pussy licked. I suggest that feeling mixes in. I then feed all this back in to her pleasure trigger. I put her back to sleep, and we can see the physical response of her pussy to the arousal and the masturbation. I then make her have to be quiet while she's feeling all this. I have her kiss me while she fingers her wet horny pussy. I let her get closer to the orgasm while she stares deep in to my eyes, repeating, "please let me cum Master." I drop her deep, while fingering her, then I have her stare in to my eyes and proclaim over and over, "I love you Master." I let her cum this way and you can see her melting in to me.

I bring her out of the trance and mention that I made her a little more quiet because of house cleaning coming by. I associate that feeling of love with me fingering her pussy. I use this on her and it's particularly amusing when I combine it with a tickle butt command.

I have Rosalee stand at attention and get the room back in to order, and re-position her. I give her the command to stroke my cock on command. She responds very favorably and enthusiastically. As she strokes my cock, I feel her up and give her suggestions to cause her to respond favorably to me. I give her suggestions responding to her having positive feelings towards my cock, and then I have her kiss me on command. I then give her the blowjob command, but I won't use it until our next session.

I bring her out of the trance and explore various triggers with her, asking how it makes her feel. I give her a tickle butt and she protests. I then suggest to her that she's about to take shower. She strips naked and goes through the motions of her shower. I play a prank on her and make the water cold. I then surprise her with orgasms. I use her stroke command and have her kiss me on command.