Rosalee Hypnotized 3

71 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2016-06-07

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I begin the third session with Rosalee by having her stand at attention before me, and then triggering her trace via post hypnotic suggestion. I spend some time relaxing her, taking her to a docile and obedient state of mind. I take her breast in my hand and start to squeeze it a little. She remains calm and tranquil. I ask her a few questions, relating to her most recent orgasm. She answers that she masturbated. I have her describe in great details how she masturbated and what she thought about. She does so, basically saying that she thought about getting fucked. I ask her how long it's been since she's been fucked, and she mentions that it's been three days. I arouse and tease her, knowing that she's horny and wants to be fucked. I continue having her link these thoughts and feelings to me. I very directly suggest to her that she wants to fuck me, and she accepts this suggestion.

I use her stroke trigger to have her stroke my cock, and then I use her kiss trigger. She gets very into it, and I surprise her with her tickle butt suggestion. I then use her hump trigger, and she starts dry humping me. I ask her what she wants to do, and she answers that she wants to suck on my cock. I've previously placed a command in her mind to suck my cock on command, although I haven't used it on her yet. I mention this to her, and then bring up that I'm going to give her a command to fuck on command at a later date. I then use her pose trigger and have her stand frozen that way, missing me and my touch and unable to do anything about it.

I continue to feel Rosalee up while suggesting to her that she is my sexual plaything. I ask her what she is, and she answers that she's my sexual plaything. I ask her how she feels about it, and she says that she loves it. I trigger her kiss command, and increase the passion and the intensity of it. She goes crazy kissing me. I then have her stand at attention before me, and I pull her boobs out. I ask her how it feels to be kissing me that way, cranking up the intensity, and she smiles and says that it's hot. I continue to explore her feelings of what I'm doing to her, then I have her kiss me on command again.

I use her tickle butt command and watch as she squirms by the tickles and bounce her boobs around. I give her the stroke command and continue to build up her attraction to and desire for my cock. She's very responsive to me, and I lay it on very thick. I suggest a very strong emotional attachment to me, and trigger another kiss while I feel her up. Her nipples are poking out and her kiss mirrors the ideas that I'm putting in her mind.

I have her stand at attention and we look her up and down slowly from behind. I trigger a few orgasms and we watch it's affect on her. I have her turn and face us, still at attention, and I continue to give her suggestions to cause her to respond favorably to me. I tell her that there is a word for me in her mind, and ask her what it is. She answers, "Master," and I reward her with an orgasm.

I have her spread her legs, and I finger her pussy. I have her talk about how it feels to her. I then give her a mantra, "touch my pussy, fuck my pussy, Master." I give her some time to soak this in while I finger her pussy. She starts to get wet as she repeats this mantra, so wet we can hear it. I trigger her kiss command while laying on these thoughts and feelings. I then bring her out of the trance and she is clearly having a good time. I ask her how she feels, and she tells me that she wants to touch my cock.I have her resume her mantra in this state of mind. I have her look me in the eyes and trigger another orgasm. She goes wild. I then give her a tickle butt command. She protests while she bounces around. I train her to ask me to stop the tickle butt with command. I reward her with an orgasm, and then have her kiss me on command.

I have Rosalee kneel before me, I place her back in the trance, having her count back going deeper and deeper with every number. While she counts I trigger her tickle butt and continue to train her to address me with respect. I continue to train her to respond favorably to me, and trigger that she should cum on on command. I then have her rub her bare tits on my cock. I have her undo my belt. I stop her and tease her. I ask her how she feels, and she answers that she wants more. I've been spending weeks preparing her for this, and now she is on knees, just waiting for me to trigger her command to give me oral pleasure. I continue to draw out the moment, having her stimulating my cock with her breasts, while she stares in to my eyes with a sense of love and devotion for her Master. I ask her how she feels, and she is very much fixated on my cock, she has a one track mind now. I tease her by introducing doubt as to whether or not I will allow her to do this, and then I give her the trigger to pleasure me with her mouth.

She very enthusiastically takes my cock in to her mouth and starts to blow me. I trigger her pleasure and orgasms while she does so. She has a good talent for it, and it feels enjoyable. I then have her stand at attention before me, before having her kneel before me again. I have her describe how it felt to get that command. I suggest to her that she will always be ready to suck my cock, and that she considers it to be a privilege. I then re-frame her understanding of performing oral sex on me as a completely submissive experience for her, where she is completely under my control.

She is in such a dreamy state of pleasure that her mind is off in la la land. I bring her back with the tickle butt command, continuing to train her to speak to me with respect. I then bring her out of the trance state, and she demonstrates that she is very much enjoying herself. I place her back in to the trance, and we spend a little time deepening her trance state. I then have her go over to the bed, laying on the middle of the bed with her arms to her side and her legs spread wide.

Once she is positioned on the bed, I have her tease her pussy while repeating over and over again, "I want to be fucked by you Master." Her pussy is pink and loose and you can see that she is clearly physically aroused. I block her orgasm and leave her to this, continuing to tease her and make her feel more horny. I get in to bed and have he look in to my eyes while she does this. As she keeps fingering her pussy, we can see that she has nicely painted nails, and then I trigger her tickle butt. She immediately asks with respect for it to stop, and I reward her, and then have her kiss me. I have her embrace me, and we get to see all her pink bits from the rear.

I place her back in to the trance, and tap in to her memories of being spanked so hard as a little girl that she cried. I then spank her with this response, causing her to feel more submissive to me with each spank. I have her get on her hands and knees, with her ass to the camera and her pussy hanging out, and I spank her again. Then I have her turn around, facing the camera on her hands and knees, and spank her again. After that, I finger her wet pussy, and then spank her a again. I trigger an orgasm, and then spank her ass some more. Then I prepare her to have her pussy spanked, building up the anticipation. I break the spanking flow with her tickle butt command and then trigger an orgasm and have her embrace me, before returning her to the bed.

I play with her some more on the bed, and then decide to have her pleasure me with her mouth.