Rosalee Hypnotized 4

58 minutes High Def Video (1280x720) - Release date: 2016-06-30

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The fourth erotic hypnosis session with Rosalee concludes my first extended experience with her. In four sessions, I have taken her from her first hypnotic trance to a state of conditioned submission and sexual obedience. She's a very enthusiastic subject, and embraces her programming and conditioning. After a brief conversation about her experience, I take her in to the trance with an eye fixation induction using my pocket watch. She's already conditioned to respond to me hypnotically, but I take my time with the induction anyway.

In a deep trance, she has no real will of her own, and isn't really aware of her body. She's very relaxed, and I notice how floppy her arms are. I begin to feel up her breasts and hypnotically stimulate her pleasure. She's sleepy and relaxed, but I continue to push her buttons sexually and arouse her. She gets very horny and then spreads her legs on my command. When she opens her legs, we see that she's not wearing panties. Her dress rides up and her pussy is on display. We reaffirm that I'm in control of her pleasure, and that she perceives me as her master. I rub her pussy and have her kiss me on command. However, I do not trigger her orgasm, instead I continue to arouse her.

Sleepy and relaxed, with her legs open and her pussy on display, I take her through a progressive relaxation exercise. As I do this, I periodically trigger her pleasure, without providing the release. I take her deeper in to the trance state than before, continuing to give her suggestions to cause her to respond favorably to me.

Rosalee is passive and docile, sleepy and relaxed. I pull her dress top down and bring out her large boobs. I feel her boobs, and then rub her pussy a little more. I ask her how it feels, and she says that it's intense and feels very good, that my hand belongs there. I finger her pussy, driving her crazy, and hypnotically stimulate her pleasure. Then drop her deep in to trance, and continue the progressive relaxation exercise. I suggest that the pleasure hits her faster when I touch her pussy, and spend some time triggering this, then putting her to sleep, over and over again, training her. She responds very well to this conditioning, getting very wet.

I have her look deep in to my eyes as I finger her pussy. She gets a priceless expression on her face, and I deny her the orgasm. She wants to cum, but she knows I decide when she gets to cum.

Her pussy is wide open and wet and available. I suggest to her that she wants me to fuck her. Then I suggest to her that she feels me fucking her. She's completely in the fantasy, and we see her pussy responding accordingly. I have her admit that she has been fantasizing about me fucking her when she masturbates, and then I wake her up confused for a second, before dropping her deep again, continuing the progressive relaxation exercise.

I am aroused by her, and use her stroke command to have her rub my cock. I have her think about sucking on my cock, and she responds very positively to that. I give her suggestions relating to wanting to feel my cock in her pussy, and that I'm in control over deciding when and if that happens. I ask her how that makes her feel, and she tells me that she likes it.

I finger her pussy and watch her squirm, still not permitting her to have an orgasm. I tease her, increasing her desire to cum. I have her remember how difficult it was for her to cum before meeting me. She tells me that it took super long for others to get her off, but that she could do it quickly. I then have her masturbate, making it impossible for her to cum. I leave her this way for a while, missing my voice missing my presence.

I ask her how she feels, and she tells me that she feels angry because she can't cum. At the snap of my fingers I have her anger switch to gratitude to me. I continue to suggest her desire to please me and to pleasure me. I then have her kiss me as she masturbates.

Still denied the orgasm, I have her relax and count backwards, and then surprise her with a tickle butt command, watching her squirm. I tease her more and drop her deep in to the trance. I give her the balloon test and watch her hands float up as she's helplessly horny and tranced out. I then trigger a sense of euphoria and arousal. I then suggest there's balloons on her feet and it moves her in to a very precarious position. I then trigger her tickle butt, and then drop her deep. She's so horny that she's squirming, and I have her think about giving me a blowjob.

In celebration of the Fourth of July I instruct her to sing "America The Beautiful." She can't really remember it, and we watch as she melts down trying to carry out the instruction. I use that moment to trigger multiple orgasms, and then her tickle butt. I rub her pussy, and then hypno-spank her pussy.

I stick her hand to her breast and watch her struggle with the predicament. I then stick her hand to various parts of her body, punctuating it with orgasms and her tickle butt command.

Now I spin her hands around and suggest that she can't stop them. I bring her out of the trance to watch her response. She asks me why I'm making her do weird things. She mentions that she has to keep track of several things. I bombard her with more stimulus, triggering pleasure and orgasms and sexual climaxes, while giving her a math problem to carry out. When I trigger her tickle butt and a climax, I see that I've overloaded her for a moment. When I use her sleep command, it's such a relief, and I program that feeling in to her in general in response to my trigger. She's sleepy and relaxed, and I decide to finger her a little and have her kiss me while I trigger sexual climaxes. I feed some suggestions in to her to amplify the emotional aspect of the experience and her favorable response to me. I give her a second to catch her breath. We test her math skills, and then have her reflect upon the experience. I talk with her a bit about working memory and how it relates to phone numbers. It takes a few tries for me to get my facts straight, as I'm distracted by the hypnotized and obedient ball of horny girl in front of me. I then tease her with a few more playful suggestions that cause her to squirm and bounce her big boobies.

I trigger feelings of being tickled and then spin her arms around and toy with her. I stick one of her hands to her boobs, while keeping the other hand spinning, and it looks like she's jerking off like a guy, so I decided to suggest to her that she's jerking off and feeling up her tit. I trigger an orgasm, and then have her pinch her nipples hard while she cums.

I continue to enjoy her for the remainder of the session, helping myself to her body freely and teasing her with silly hypnotic suggestions.