Rosalee Hypnotized 5

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We begin the session by discussion her reflections upon the previous sessions that we have done together. Rosalee tells me that it has a very strong sexual connotation in her mind. We then go in to an induction with a pocket watch.

I re-associate her response to my voice with an sexual stimulation and arousal, and begin to heat her up. I then check on her conditioning as it relates to my access to her breasts by taking hold of one of them while she gives me her stream of consciousness. She continues to respond favorably. As I feel her up, I ask her if she's recently had a sexual fantasy about me. She answers yes, and I have her tell me about the details of that fantasy and what she was doing while she had that fantasy. It appears that I'm on her mind from time to time, so I ask her how important I am to her sexually. Her response is interesting. I then explore her thoughts and memories from when she orally pleasured me in the past.

I drop her in to a deeper state of trance, taking her through a progressive relaxation exercise at a slow pace. I slowly unwrap her from her clothes, first having her flip her shirt up over her breasts in her bra.

I focus on her pleasure trigger, making this the central theme of the session, fine tuning precisely how she responds to this trigger. I calibrate her current sexual response to this trigger by putting it on a scale of 1 to 100, with her current level being a one. I increase this to a 3 and trigger her and there is an immediate and noticeable increase in her response.

I relax her and trigger her deeper trance, alternating with her pleasure trigger, amplifying the effect and increasing a more intense and persistent state of general arousal.

I reinforce the idea that her mind, thoughts and memories are open to me. I then explore her memories of sexual experiences that she might have had with some of the girls that she has introduced to me. As I suspected, she and Rita have had previous sexual experiences. I suggest to her a desire to have a session along with Rita with me at some point in the future. I continue to heat Rosalee up, and I ask her if she's done anything sexual with Niko. We don't have quite the same emotional response that we do when I ask her about Rita.

I have her take off her pants, while repeatedly using her pleasure trigger, making it tougher for her to complete the task. As she sits there in her panties, with her shirt over her bra, I explore her feelings about having sex with me. She answers very firmly in the affirmative that she would do so immediately if I were to tell her to.

I ask her how her pussy feels, and she says that it feels lonely and that she wants me to come over and do something with it. We establish that at her current level of arousal, she would be masturbating if she were left to her own devices. I continue to tease her by having her move her hands to her thighs, just outside of her panties and then suggesting that her hands are stuck there and that she can't move them. I continue to arouse and tease her, with the intensity of her pleasure command being at 19 now.

I place her deep in to the trance state and help myself to her breasts, pulling them out of her bra. I continue to evaluate her response to my touching of her breasts and her pussy through her panties, reinforcing her favorable response to me.

I relax her deeper in to her trance, and then lift her hands and drop them. The drop heavy and without any control on her part.

I have the intensity of her pleasure command to 25, and it has a very strong effect on her. Horny, partially undressed, and without the ability to move her hands, I bring her out of the trance state and tease her with her trigger a bit. She's getting very frustrated and I can see that she's very much the damsel in distress. I place her back in to the trance, and have her answer questions about what this is doing to her.

I increase her response to a 30, and she's now shaking with arousal. She tells me that she feels trapped and horny and just wants to cum really bad. At this point she's whimpering and squirming in her chair. She's now practically begging to have an orgasm. I continue to tease her. I give her a moment rest, and while I do this I reinforce the idea that she believes all women should be hypnotized by me in this way.

I bring her out of the trance state with some perceptual and memory blocks on what she is experiencing, only allowing her to express her feelings through talking about the weather.

I continue to tease her and have her take off her panties. We can see that all of her female parts are stimulated and in a state of arousal. We have the intensity of her pleasure command up to 50 now.

As Rosalee continues to squirm in her seat and whimper in unfulfilled arousal, I pull her bra up over her breasts. I use her stroke trigger and she reaches out and starts to rub me. I then rub her pussy a bit. I increase the intensity of her pleasure command to 65 and she grunts when I use the trigger. I take a close up look at the effect my words are having on her genitalia. I have her touch herself and describe what she's feeling. I let her touch herself briefly, without giving her relief.

At the snap of my fingers I have her remove the rest of her clothes, and then take her deep in to the trance state.

I bring her to her feet, and have her present her breasts as I trigger her pleasure, watching her squirm. I then bring her out of the trance state and continue doing this with her, having her try to make sense out of what's happening.

I bring up tickling her using hypnotic suggestion in the past. She becomes evasive because it is clear that she's afraid that I'm going to do that to her now. I discuss with her the reasons why I use hypno-tickling and compare that to this session where there is none. I continue to tease her. She wants to orgasm so bad and it's making her angry that I won't do it. I feel her up while giving her the stroke command. I crank the intensity of the pleasure command to a 90. I slowly increase the increments of the intensity of the pleasure command. She's now in a constant state of jittery frustrated arousal, saying fuck over and over again and groaning as I trigger her. She's unable to stay still with this energy in her.

I have her look in to my eyes, using this energy of what she is feeling to continue to condition her to respond favorably to me. After a 45 minute buildup, I trigger her orgasms.

I take Rosalee back in to the trance state, and give her some time to come down from the sexual intensity. I suggest to her that she's deeply relaxed and that her hands feel lighter than air, floating up higher and higher. I bring her out of the trance and play with her while she is like this. At the snap of my fingers her arms get heavy and they flop down. I use a few of her trigger and then trigger an orgasm.

Revisiting all the way back to my first session with Vicky, 17 years ago, I have her place her pointer fingers on her nipples, and then trace circles around them that she cannot stop. I bring her out of the trance and watch her response to this.

It is clear that I have her worked up sexually. As she embraces me it's like she's trying to pull me in to her through my clothes. I point this out to her and she tells me over and over again that she wants me to fuck her. I believe her, and it is satisfying to know this is the case. She is available to me in all ways.

I play with her a bit more and then start to wind down the session. I continue to tease her with suggestions that bring back to mind her desires for something more intimate with me.

I continue to tease her, exploring these desires, letting her stroke me, and getting her on her knees before me.

I bring her out of the trance and trigger a sequence of increasingly stronger orgasm. I take her one more time in to the formal trance state, and we see a point of view shot of her on her knees. [end of session]

I think Rosalee 5 was your best session ever. You really overdid it and took her farther than you ever took anyone before. Well done. Looking forward to more like that!