Rosalee Hypnotized 6

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My sixth session with Rosalee takes place roughly a year after her first. As I begin the hypnotic process with her, we review some of her feelings about hypnosis in general and her last session specifically. She's responsive to all of her previous triggers, and in anticipation for tonight's session, I'm wearing only a robe. I give her the stroke command while I feel her breast, as we talk for a few minutes. I'm satisfied with our conversation and I tell her to sleep.

We touch upon her mantra. She doesn't remember it, however, I rephrase it in the form of a question and see that she's internalized the concepts of the mantra it's self. I have her repeat it, and she's off a little. I seem to recall that being the case with her in the past, and is correctable, however that's not the focus of this session. While I enjoy my subjects repeating their mantra while I touch them, she's internalized it so strictly speaking it is no longer necessary.

I have her kiss me on command a few times, enjoying it and increasing the intensity of her response to that command and her enjoyment and enthusiasm of it.

She fantasizes about our sessions from time to time, and I have her tell me about your last fantasy. She answers that she fantasizes about my hypnotizing her and doing whatever I want with her and then she gets on her knees and sucks my cock. This is a reference to our third session together, which was the only time that I allowed her to pleasure me orally, although I have reinforced the idea and desire in her mind and her fantasies during subsequent sessions. I am pleased that she feels this way as I have decided to explore this further in tonight's session and have prepared for this by my choice in clothing.

I pull her top down revealing her breasts. I kiss her breast while she strokes me. I then have her kneel on the ground. I give her suggestions to cause her to respond favorably to me. I then have her rub her breasts against my cock.

I ask her if anyone else is expecting her to orgasm today, besides herself. She answers no. I ask her if that means if I didn't allow her to orgasm, and sent her home without permission to orgasm, would anyone beside her notice, to which she answers no. I ask her if I did this to her if she would be unable to get me out of her head all day, feeling horny, and she tells me that she wouldn't. I then open my robe and have her pleasure me with her mouth.

As she pleasures me, I give her various suggestions relating to her responding favorably to me, enjoying pleasuring me with her mouth, and her beliefs that other women that she knows should also pleasure me with their mouths if I want them to. I enjoy her enthusiasm for a bit, and then I have her stand at attention.

I lead her through a fantasy regarding her and a friend being under control and pleasuring me with their mouths, before they pleasure each other. As I have her imagine this while in a hypnotic trace she licks her lips.

Throughout this she has been frozen on a number count, I have her resume, but she's completely lost that train of thought. This is understandable as I've been pouring a lot of thoughts and ideas in to her mind. I have her resume counting, and we can see that she is incredibly turned on, to the point of shaking. The detail of her nipples also showing her aroused state.

I have her bend over and lean her ass against me and rub. I suggest that she feels me enter her. I give her a number of suggestions that will cause her to feel horny and to want to masturbate and think about me after our session, without permission to orgasm.

I then use her tickle butt command, before freezing her, posing her and feeling her body. She's quivering with arousal, and we look her up and down as I keep teasing her with her pleasure command. I then tease her with being able to orgasm if she masturbated, but she's frozen and can't. I remove the orgasm from her reach and release her from being frozen, allowing her to orgasm.

I have her stand at attention, and with a count down from 5 I have her forget about how horny she is, although she still feels it. Instead she is completely focused on my pleasure.

I have her embrace me. Then I use her stroke command. I have her reach inside my robe as she strokes. I ask her what she's doing and how she feels, and she answers that she's happy because she's freezing me. I have her kneel and pleasure me with her mouth. I turn and look at the camera and am not satisfied with the angle, so I tell her to freeze and go to adjust the camera. As I look at her, frozen mid-oral pleasure, her mouth is open, she's kneeling in a very curvy and sexy way, and her breasts are on display, working nicely with gravity at this angle. I stand before her and unfreeze her and she continues pleasuring me with her mouth without missing a beat.

I give her a command that when I say butterscotch, that she will suddenly want the taste of it, and that the taste comes from my cock. I suggest an added enthusiasm and intensity with this, beyond merely pleasuring me with her mouth.

I bring her out of the trance state for a bit and ask her how she feels and what she's thinking about. We see that she's in a very horny and sexy place. I ask her if she wants some butterscotch, and she has just enough time to say yes as she immediately goes for the butterscotch.

I rub her between her legs, and crank up the intensity of her pleasure using the way that I trained her to respond in our fifth session. I have her stroke me, while giving her suggestions of enjoyment and contentment concerning how she feels when she pleasures me.

I have her count back from 20 to 1, deepening her trance while I bring out a piece of furniture. I tease her with her tickle butt command while she counts, enjoying the movement of her breasts. It takes us a moment to get her and the couch framed right, but I am able to occupy that moment teasing her with more tickle butt command.

I have her stare in to the eyes of her master, and I ask her questions regarding her feelings towards sex with me. She answers in the enthusiastic affirmative. I invite her to enjoy butterscotch. The angle is a little awkward, so I pick her up and position her on the little bench. As I carry her, the mood strikes me, so I trigger a rapid fire series of orgasms. Although I intended to just leave her horny for me all day and all night, the moment just feels very appropriate.

Her mouth pleasuring me, legs spread on the the bench, I enjoy her enthusiasm, rewarding her with orgasms and various pleasure triggers as she enthusiastically pleases me. I then wake her up, trigger her orgasms as shel looks in to my eyes and then I rub her pussy which is spread open, wet and pink.

I have her described her thoughts and feels and stream of consciousness while I finger her and she strokes me. I then trigger an orgasm, and have her continue her stream of consciousness, rewarding her with another orgasm.

I do a fractionalization exercise with her, playing with her tits and fingering her a little bit during it. I then move to orgasms and cum triggers during the exercise.

I tease her with alternating cum commands and tickle butt commands. I start to blend the two triggers together, teasing her more.

I've created this association between butterscotch and her desire to go down on me. I've suggested that when she encounters it in the future, it's going to remind her of her desire to pleasure me. I have her imagine that she was in a grocery store in the ice cream isle. I ask her what flavor captures her attention first. She answers quickly and enthusiastically as expected.

I offer Rosalee some butterscotch and we discuss an item of feminist literature while she enjoys the butterscotch.

I use her orgasm trigger, while teasing her with her tickle butt command while she strokes me.

I slow her down and relax her in to a deeper trance. I give her suggestions to respond favorably to me, and then trigger pleasure and a tickle butt. Then I have her count backwards, deepening her trance some more.

In a deep and passive trance, I have her lift her hand and hold it up. I then tell her that in a moment she will feel lotion in her hand. When I place it in her hand she'll heat it up to body temperature. She does this passively.

I bring her out of the deep trance for a moment, and see her response to finding herself with a hand full of lotion. I then place her back in to the trance state and give her the stroke command.

I have her look in to my eyes, continuing to stimulate her pleasure as I continue to condition her to serve me. I deepen her trance, increasing the motivation she feels to what she is doing with her hand. I then give her a suggestion to what she is feeling in her pussy is connected to what she's doing with her hand as she gives me a really good hand job. As she's stroking my cock it's getting her off.

"Rosalee, what can I say. It almost seems to me that she could have an addiction to your magic on her. Besides being sensual and sexy, seems like she wants more. If there is another Rosalee in the future, I will be in line to purchase. Like Crystal White, the more I see, the more I want!"