Rosalee With A Vibrator

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Rosalee With a Vibrator
(Rosalee 7)

We begin our session when I preset Rosalee with her Hitachi Magic Wand. She has a pre-existing history with the device, so we discuss that a little. Then I ask her about her last orgasm and the circumstances surrounding it.

Rosalee is throughly conditioned through previous sessions, so I use her trance trigger. I then run my hands over her, triggering her arousal, feeling her up and setting the mood. I check for some of the cognitive conditioning, specific words and ideas and associations. The specifics of some of these don't persist, but this is consistent with her psychology based on previous experiences. Tactile associations and triggers are all in tact, along with behavioral conditioning, as we'll see a very good example of later in the session.

I give her a suggestion blocking her orgasms without my permission tonight as she's already very conditioned to orgasm with the use of the Magic Wand and I want the session to last for some length of time.

I bring her out of the trance and we continue along the session without drawing attention to the trance state. I have Rosalee unbox the Magic Wand, and we enjoy a little humor regarding the instruction manual that she's never looked in to.

I have her get naked and I instruct her to use the device on herself so that we can establish a baseline of her behavior with the vibrator. However, she's very recently had an orgasm, and I can see that she's still a bit of a ways out in terms of her sexual arousal. I trigger her trance state and decide to turn up the heat a little. I feel her up and give her a cognitive suggestion. I then move my hand down between her legs and ask her what words pop in to mind. She immediately responds with sex. Although this is not specific phraseology of previous sessions, there's clearly a strong tactile association. I'm satisfied with this.

I bring her out of the trance state, de-emphasizing it to her conscious mind, suggesting that her earlier masturbation didn't take place and her current state of sexual arousal is at that level. This has the desired effect and we see her get much more in to the use of her device.

She gets in to the use of the Magic Wand and then without warning I cut it's power, triggering her trance state and relaxing her. I then trigger her arousal, relax her and trigger her arousal again. I ask her if she considers herself throughly conditioned to respond to my voice. She answers yes, immediately and with no hesitation. As she lays there with her legs spread and her finger tips lightly resting on her pussy lips, where moments ago she had her favorite toy stimulating her, I revisit her pleasure trigger and use it on her a few times. I ask her if she enjoys being restrained. She answers yes.

I instruct her to finger her clit, while I begin to place her other wrist in to a pair of Quickie Cuffs, a silicone restraint. I bring her out of the trance state with instructions to continue rubbing her pussy. As I explain the Quickie Cuffs to her I can see that her attention is somewhat divided. She wants to have an orgasm, and I can see that she's heated up, but I'm just not yet satisfied with how desperate she is to have that release, so I continue to stimulate her arousal.

I place her back in to the trance state, restrain her hand that was stroking her pussy, and leave it unattended for a few moments. I then bring her out of the trance state as I stroke her pussy. I resume the use of the device on her, teasing her, reminding her of our extended orgasm denial session (Rosalee 5) and giving her a trigger from that session which has an effect on her.

I then drop her in to the trance and relax her. I have her count backwards, taking her mind away from her pussy and her horniness. I close her legs and bind her ankles with self adhesive Pleasure Tape. The Magic Wand is resting on her thighs against her pusssy and I turn it on to make sure it has an effect on her in this position. It interferes with her countdown and I a satisfied. I leave the vibrator on, but suggest that her pussy feels very far away and this has a noticeable affect on her counting, relieving the difficulty while still manually stimulating her flesh. I bind her thighs with the Pleasure Tape.

As she is now bound and restrained and the vibrator is relentlessly stimulating her pussy I see her counting getting difficult again. I use this opportunity to trigger her kissing command to associate these things with kissing me. I take her breast in my hand and ask her who she obeys, she seems to have lost the power of speech. I command her to answer and she immediately blurts out "yes Master." Now I am satisfied with her level of submission and arousal. I have her look in to my eyes with a strong emotional association on top of all the arousal.

I take the camera off the tripod and we get a closer look at her bound and naked body. She starts to get to the tipping point where she really wants to cum, but through suggestion I've blocked that response. At this point she begins to beg.

I'm starting to get physically aroused at this point and her feet are squirming just inches from me. As we've already established quite a bit of physical intimacy in the past, I decide not to let this motion go to waste and instruct her to stimulate me with her feet. I then tease her and toy with her using her pleasure triggers and then suggesting increased sensitivity in her pussy.

In the intensity of her physical arousal and need for sexual release combined with her submission and suggestibility, I give her a number of suggestions relating to her having a very positive and favorable response to me. I then give her a secret visual trigger to trigger all these things along with her desire to sexually want and please me.

I place her back in the trance state and instruct her to enjoy the pleasure to that she's so very close to cumming. I suggest that she's fucking the vibrator. I ask her how she feels and she tells me that she just wants to cum. I ask her if she can and she says she can not. I have her kiss me and I run my hands over her. I ask her who she obeys, and she answers that she obeys me. I trigger her orgasm on command and this hits her strongly. I then have her look me in the eyes, I use her secret visual trigger and I trigger a few more orgasm responses.

She's now much more relaxed, although I keep her physically stimulated. I relax her a bit before suggesting that she pays attention to her pussy and that she's close to orgasming again. I suggest that she's a lightweight right now and that even on the low setting it's making her squirm. I bring her to the point where she wants another orgasm, then I switch the device back to high setting.

I have her count down as she gets closer to that orgasm that she wants. I change in to my robe. I use her freeze command and all of her movement stops, even though there is a Magic Wand on high buzzing away on her pussy. I use her butterscotch trigger from our previous session and she responds to it instantly as this behavioral trigger has firmly taken hold in her mind.

I use her pleasure and orgasm triggers as she enjoys the butterscotch. I have her spread her legs and notice that she's very wet. I stroke her pussy and give her an assortment of orgasm triggers.

She's in a very relaxed and dreamy, happy place. I ask her who wants butterscotch and she answers that she does. I climb in to bed and let me have all the butterscotch she wants. She enthusiastically enjoys the butterscotch and I put sexy thoughts in to her mind as she does so.

I reward her with orgasm triggers, and then I have her count backwards and relax in to a trance state. Mid count I trigger a climax and bring her back to normal consciousness. I present a similar device and we get her opinion as a Magic Wand connoisseur. We explore it and compare and contrast it with the Magic Wand.

We bring the session to a wrap, but she's still naked and we're still hanging around, so I turn my camera back on. We talk about the toys a little more, and then I decide to be silly and suggest that the device causes her to cluck like a chicken when used on a women. Furthermore it makes them crow like a rooster when they have an orgasm. This makes her shy and a little embarrassed, but I can't help but toy with her a little. I then place her in to a trance and have her submit to it's effects while un-ironically singing Old Macdonald Had A Farm.

In the last moments of the session I surprise her with a tickle butt trigger which gets an instant and automatic response.

[end of session]